‘One Million Moms’ Can Suck It: JCPenney Debuts Gay Father’s Day Ad

GayDadsPenneyUPDATE: One Million Moms has condemned the ad for “promoting sin.”

When did JCPenney get so cool? Okay, so it’s hardly my number one destination for fashion, but I’m loving what they stand for these days. Back in February, the retailer chose Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson, much to the dismay of One Million Moms, who freaked out because Ellen is – gasp! – gay.

Yesterday the company unveiled a new Father’s Day ad that pretty much spits in the face of homophobes everywhere. It features a same-sex couple – real-life dads Todd Koch and Cooper Smith – playing with their  kids Claire and Mason, along with the copy: “First Pals: What makes Dad so cool? He’s the swim coach, tent maker, best friend, bike fixer and hug giver – all rolled into one. Or two.”

What I love about this ad is how it proves there’s no longer just one definition of family. It’s nice to see such a major retailer with progressive values, though I do yearn for the day when a move like this one won’t be viewed as anything out of the ordinary. But kudos to JCPenney for such a meaningful ad.

I’m hoping their new-found attitude will spill over to all sections of the company because, as we’ve written about before, some of their previous ads – and merchandise – have been flat-out sexist. (Remember their “I’m Too Pretty to Do Homework So My Brother Has to Do It For Me” T-shirts for girls? Urgh.)

Anyway, One Million Moms will be condemning JCPenney to hell any minute now because, as you can see from their latest Father’s Day ad, the kids featured are clearly deprived. [Insert sarcasm here.] In case you’re wondering why I’m hating on OMM, it’s because their latest crusades alone have been ridiculous, including Marvel’s recent gay marriage storyline and the same-sex kiss featured in Urban Outfitters’ April 2012 catalog. Good for JCPenney for not giving a shit what they think, and good for JCPenney for helping to depict the new normal.

(Photo: joemygod.blogspot.com)

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  • Somnilee

    Lovely advert.
    The thing that always gets me about OMM, and I can never articulate this will so sorry if it doesn’t make sense, is that all their protests are about people pushing “an agenda” on their children. But what they stand for, only depicting heterosexual couples is as much if not MORE of an agenda, because these sorts of ads are actually recognizing diversity and celebrating it. Their view is more biased than the one they’d like to prevent.

    • Shawna Cohen

      I couldn’t agree more. Somnilee! It’s ironic, isn’t it? [*Urgh*]

  • Jori

    I love the JCP ads with Ellen. I don’t shop there but I love the ads.

  • Another Steph

    I, too, yearn for the days when these types of ads won’t seem out of the ordinary, and sometimes I feel a bit… whatever commenting on them, because it kind of feels like condescending back patting. However, with vocal minority oppoonents like OMM, we really do need to express our approval to try and drown out their voices.

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  • John

    This is disgusting. I am ashamed to own stock in this company. Are they so anti-religion as to promote something like this? Let these people do what they want but do not promote it to the masses as being “normal”.

    • Morgan

      John, I really don’t understand how this is anti-religion. Not every religion has beef with homosexuality, and the ad makes no religious commentary whatsoever.

    • Angela the Pious

      I agree John. This is why I am boycotting Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Applebees and most other chain restaurants that serve shellfish. The bible clearly says that eating shellfish is a sin. I’m sure you already know this as a God-fearing man, but how can we just stand by while nation-wide restaurant chains promote their sinful shrimp scampi or boiled lobster? THE BIBLE SAYS EATING SHELLFISH IS A SIN!

    • Ask Icker


    • Amy

      Your religious convictions are completely irrelevant to anyone other than you. We reject them. They are invalid.

    • Ask Icker

      Wrong, Amy. You’re irrelevant, and Penney’s plight illustrates what a small minority the perverts are. Chick-Fil-A is fluorishing and Penney’s is going out of business, because there are just too many normal-thinking people in the country.

  • k. Sands

    I love how you all completely ignore the fact that half or so (depending on what poll you look at) of the population doesn’t agree with your assessment of how great Homosexuality is (and they are not all religious). What amazes me that you just ignore the facts that nature did not intend this behavior or homosexuals could procreate. If they choose to live this way that is fine but when you start pushing it as equal to heterosexual-human-creating-coupling you are completely ignoring nature. It is also not fair to put children in the situation with two parents of the same sex, you are putting them at an immediate disadvantage. If they start out with a mom and a dad and then change, so be it, but at least they had a choice. If they start out without the male and female role models how do they learn to understand and be with the opposite sex? It is well documented in most psychiatric books prior to homosexuality becoming political that the lack of father in a home (most often the parent left out of the home in a divorce situation) precipitates homosexuality in both the male and female humans. The rise in homosexuality is just the logical offspring of divorce so I guess society has already proven my point. Just don’t call those who disagree with you as illogical you are the ones who are being so.

    • Ipsedixit

      K. Sands – studies say otherwise. Children in same sex households are doing pretty well. But don’t let facts get in the way.

  • Bill Mack

    I am a senior. senior citizen. The hateful coments about the JCP Gay ads are coming from the same Religious Bigots who condemed the Service men who came home from world war 2 with Japanese Wives. I saw many houses egged and their neighbors making hateful remarks to the men who had fought and some lost their lives defending the Bigots. I was always taught by my parents to love they neighbor. Not many years ago African Americans could not gamble in the Casinos in Reno but whites could go to the Black Casinos and gamble. That is just anothe scenario of Bigotry. Same small minds and same unedicated people.

    • Donna

      You can’t see me, Bill Mack, but right now I am standing and giving you a round of applause. Bravo sir!

    • Ask Icker

      Perversion isn’t race, sheila.

  • Jim

    If anyone thinks JCP is “Brave” for doing this ad all they have to do is look at how their stock has done the past 52 weeks. It has gone from a high of $43 to a low of $23. JCP’s new strategy has been a dismal failure. So the people in marketing are willing to try anything, and realize it can’t be any worse than what has been going on lately.

  • sean

    As a single gay man who has been trying to adopt for 5+ years, all I can say when I see that picture is how insanely ENVIOUS I am of that family. Best of luck them and kudos to JCP.

    • Ask Icker

      I hope you never get your pervert hands on a child.

    • Hayley

      I hope you never get your bigoted and hateful hands son a child you asshole. C:

  • Ask Icker

    You gays may love Penney’s and I’m sure all of you frequent it often. But look at their numbers. They’re going out of business because normal people are eschewing their stores, so take that, perverts!

  • Hayley

    JCPenny rocks even more!