5 Girl-Power Cartoons That Defy Gender Stereotypes

Young JusticeWhen I think about cartoons for girls, it’s easy to imagine lots of princesses and fairies. The traditional examples of girlhood on television normally involve little ponies or supportive sidekicks. When it comes to strong and intelligent cartoon characters, I often find my daughter asking, “Mom, are there any girls in this show?” It’s not that she can’t watch strong boys, it’s that she wants someone to relate to.

That’s why the newest slate of cartoons has had me so excited for my independent little lady. While some shows really should consider calling it quits, there are a few new programs that my daughter and I really enjoy watching together. I can sit there with my arm around my daughter for our half hour pre-bath screen-time and not wish that I had ear plugs. It’s astonishing.

These shows work for various age ranges but they all have smart girl role models who can kick a little butt. No matter how old your strong-minded girl is, she’ll find a character to relate to. Watching these shows reminds me a little of She-Ra from my childhood and how excited I was to see a strong girl who defeated bad guys.

What cartoon characters do your little girls look up to? And what cartoon do you secretly find yourself excited to watch with them every week?

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  • Peebles

    The best example, I feel, is Adventure Time. Princess Bubblegum is a strong, smart, independent character who holds a position of power.

  • G.S.

    My favorite is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Most well-rounded cast of female characters I’ve seen in a while. The writers on it are absolutely brilliant with it, and even though it LOOKS ridiculously girly, the characters are strong, diverse, well-written and have development over the course of the series.

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  • 3LAN

    I agree G.S. and my absolute favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle, who I relate to in many MANY ways.

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