Suri’s Little Woman-ness Confirmed With Coffee Cup, Spectacular Manicure, And Lipstick

Suri CruiseLittle Suri Cruise gets a lot of flack. If it’s not her high heels, it’s that bright red lipstick that has everyone concerned. And given the tabloid’s obsession with the 6-year-old, it’s only a matter of time before the press starts grotesquely picking apart her body along with her wardrobe choices. But despite whatever narrative Us Weekly and the like wants to spin about Suri being a little fashionista or a diva, a recent photo of the little girl does confirm that she’s definitely not your average child.

With a baby doll in one hand and perhaps a babyccino in the other, Suri is off running those kindergarten errands with a spectacular floral manicure. Put in her some skinny jeans to match those silver flats and she could very well be an actress evading the pap, the larger man with the Blackberry behind her perhaps a bodyguard. Nothing announces ladyhood like a latte, a mani/pedi, and some bright red lipstick.

Suri may be a child, but that downward stare of determination as she balances her beverage conveys more than her mere six years. Granted, in her case, that’s six years of recognizing and eluding the men and women with big zoom lenses. Just another instance of kids growing up quickly in that Hollywood limelight, I suppose.


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  • Katie

    Im continually perplexed by what you guys call babyccinos, because what she’s holding aint one, its WAY too big and you cant drink it, you eat it with a spoon.

  • dcr1

    Oh stop everyone, Suri Cruise is my girl she’s a perfectionist when it comes to her manner of dress like a lot of little girls, i remember my sister and brother inlaw having this conversation, my neice was five, her crying, my brother inlaw saying hon she dosen’t want to wear those shoes with that outfit my sister looking at me straightfaced then shouting back she’s five, but when i laughed, she saying what the hell pick my battles and sending her for the shoes my neice felt matched the outfit, she’s now 16, a member of the honour society three years straight, honor roll since she started school very mannerly and loving and class president two years in a row, Suri is as normal as they come, its not lipstick more like lip colored gloss the fact that she’s carrying that doll shows she hasn’t lost site of her childhood fall back.

  • LV

    So you’re concerned about the media overanalyzing and tearing apart the wardrobe/makeup choices and body of a six-year-old girl.

    And yet you write an article whose headline associates that six-year-old girl with an extremely well-known movie about a prostitute.


    • Koa Beck

      Hey LV. Thanks for reading. I’m afraid I honestly don’t know what film you’re referring to. And I can assure you that I no way was hoping to do a cutesy 6-year-old prostitute play on words.

    • jocie

      @Koa- I think she’s referring to the Julia Roberts film, Pretty Woman. However, there is a movie called Little Women, based on the novel of the same name. However, that movie is a coming of age tale for the group of sisters and has nothing to do with prostitutes. Whoopsies…darn those details. : )

      Suri cruise is the bomb. That girl looks fierce all the time and who cares, right? Mom and dad can afford to give her the life of a princess. Good for them!

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  • denise
    • Katie

      Now this is why im getting so confused, thank you for that, haha.

      For the past 10-15yrs, in Australia, a babyccino has been this:

      A teeny tiny little cup of milk froth, with chocolate powder (sometimes sprinkles, depending on the place) and sometimes with some marshmallows. You can eat it with a spoon, you cant really drink it.

      And 99% of the time, its free with any drink purchase.

      I was so confused by the backlash of them on here, because I was sitting here going “Are people seriously this morally opposed to a free mini cup of milk froth with chocolate powder sprinkled on top? Wow, I must be living under a rock”

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