Queen Epically Scraps 300 Years Of Sex Discrimination, Says Middleton’s Daughter Will Be Queen

England may still have official royalty, but apparently that doesn’t mean that they have any intention of staying in the dark ages — especially with regards to equality of the sexes. The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, announced that the passing of the crown will no longer automatically go to a male child but rather the eldest regardless of sex. Which means that being Kate Middleton‘s daughter just came with a whole new sense of entitlement.

At the State Opening of Parliament, the Queen confirmed that a bill will be introduced into Parliament to end the “male preference primogeniture,” permitting only a son to be considered the first in succession. The epic decision, which tosses out Monarchy rules dating back to 1688, could mean big things should Kate Middleton’s first child be a little girl. No longer would such a daughter constantly have to be looking over her shoulder, fearful that her mother might deliver a son and jack up her chances at taking a seat at that throne.

A source at Downing street reportedly told Express:

“This is something the Prime Minister does feel is very important. It seems so outdated now that this discrimination still exists. Given the country’s history of wonderful Queens, this is part of our constitution that needs to be changed. We are working closely with Buckingham Palace on this.”

Exceptions to this male preference have existed in instances in which sons were not born, such as when the Queen herself assumed power at the age of 25. But after ruling for five decades, the Queen has ensured that her future great- granddaughter will not have her crown compromised just because of a little brother.

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  • Griffy

    I’m very glad for the equality of the sexes on this issue, but I’m not so sure the Queen’s great-granddaughter could be considered ‘lucky’, or that she would otherwise have been anxious about her ‘chance at that throne’. I simply cannot imagine wanting to be the Queen of England, and it is not a job that I would wish on anybody. I think the pressures of always appearing and behaving perfectly and with proper royal reserve must blow, and blow hard. That said, though, if the job must be done, clearly it can be done every bit as well by a Queen as by a King. Huzzah for equal preference primogeniture!

  • Katie


    i can now sleep much more soundly at night knowing this…
    oh wait, im not English…dang it, sleep interuppted……


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