Kid From TIME Magazine’s Breastfeeding Cover Is Totally Screwed

are you mom enough?Okay, I’m just going to say it: that mother on the cover of TIME magazine’s crazy new cover is hot. Women wished they looked like her and men, well, I’m disgusted but not surprised to read comments out there on the world wide web along the lines of, “I’d suck that tit” and “Damn, I wish I were him.” (Gross.)

For those wondering, the cover model is 26-year-old Jamie Lynne Grumet. She’s not a model by trade, mind you, though she certainly looks the part. I actually have no clue what she does for a living, but according to TIME‘s “Behind The Scenes” blurbage, she’s a mother from Los Angeles who subscribes to attachment parenting (and she’s actually one of the subjects in Kate Pickert‘s cover story). As Grumet explains, “I grew up this way and never thought about raising my kids different.”

One of those kids is 3-year-old Aramhe turns 4 next month – who’s shown drinking milk from his mother’s breast. I feel terribly for this kid! Why? Because he is totally screwed. This photo will be around forever, and one day he’s going to be a teenager and his life will be hell. He will no longer be just the kid with the hot mom, but rather the kid who was photographed sucking on his mother’s breast at age 3 for all the world to see.

For the record, this is had nothing to do with attachment parenting or a woman’s right to breastfeed her child ’til she sees fit (that’s a whole other discussion). This is about a 3-year-old boy who, at his age, can’t comprehend what his appearing on the cover of TIME magazine will mean for him one day. And it ain’t pretty! He will be teased and ridiculed to no end. It doesn’t matter if Grumet finds it beautiful, and it doesn’t matter if Aram himself grows up one day to find it beautiful; he will one day be a teenager, and he will pray to god that nobody grabs hold of this cover (but oh, somebody will).

I know, I know, all that really matters is that Aram is loved, which he is so clearly is. But, hey, don’t tell me this won’t come back to haunt him one day. As one Twitterer so eloquently put it, “If you’d like to see America’s next great serial killer. He’s on the cover of @TIME magazine.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!

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  • Sarah

    Hopefully, by the time Aram is a teen, people won’t be so ignorant about breastfeeding. Hopefully the world he lives in is tolerant of parents who make the best decisions they can for their children. And hopefully, the people of the future mind their own business!

    Dear teenage Aram, if you are being ridiculed by people who saw this picture of you being nourished as a child, please ignore them and hang around people who have more decorum. However, since your parents are so invested in your development, I’m sure you have become a happy and self-assured young man. Any silly teasing will just sound like the ignorance it is.

    • Marissa

      AMEN!! I can’t believe the judgement in this article. When will people get it through their heads that breasts are for nourishing your baby NOT strictly sex.

    • Andrea

      Let me ask you something Sarah: have you ever bather your child? Or any child you have maybe babysat? Of course you have. And you washed him/her everywhere including ears, under the arms, his bottom, and his genitals. That’s how you bathe a child because they need your help with that until they can do it on their own, right? And it is perfectly natural and not a sexual thing to wash your kids butt.

      But if the kid is say, 10 years old? Is it natural then? What about 16? Would you at that point say it borders on incestuous?

      Sure, breastfeeding a baby is NATURAL and it is probably the best nourishment your child can have. At some point however, it becomes just WRONG. And I think at almost 4 years old it has crossed that line.

      NO ONE is saying that breastfeeding is being sexualized. What we ARE saying is that at some point even the most natural mother to child functions become unnatural.

    • Andrea

      Let me ask you something Sarah: have you ever bather a child? Of course you have. And when you bathe a child, you have wash their ears, under their arms, their butts and their front. Right? Because a child needs your help with those functions.

      However, AT SOME POINT, I’m sure you stopped doing that. What age would that be? Not sure. Would 10 be too old? I think if someone found out that I was bathing my kid when she/he is 16 they would call authorities on me.

      At some point every natural mother to child function becomes wrong. We bathe our children until they are old enough to to it themselves. We breastfeed our children until they are old enough to take nourishment on their own.

      At some point, things become UNNATURAL. And I am pretty sure this picture proves it.

    • Angie

      Well, whether we want the world to look at things one way and not another we cannot control others. So yes this child will probably be bullied, teased, mocked, whatever for many years. Yeah sure it is natural blah blah blah.

      My son is bullied for his name, constantly. He is a preteen and a certain movie series made his name combination (first and middle names) a horrid thing. How was I to know a book would be written when he was 5, then becomes a hit series of books, then popular (awful) movies?? Yet my son is bullied every day over his name.
      I can actually claim innocence here-how was I to know naming him after my grandfather and a name his father and I loved would cause this bullying? Classic names actually….but how can this mother? She allowed them to SHOW this on a huge magazine!! Irresponsible is what it is. You are entitled to your beliefs. Just keep them at home if they are like this, please for the kid. Not saying she is wrong, not my place.

  • Katia

    I dont think its goin to be that bad for him either ! He’ll likely be at a school in a
    Neighborhood with kids with similar parents. It’s not like theyre going to drop him into the bible belt unprotected. I would not have the patience to bf so long. It was not traumatic for my kids to be weaned around 18 mo ! But maybe it is harder for other kids?

    • Michelle

      “Drop him into the bible belt unprotected”
      Seriously? I lived in a small town in the bible belt during college (very infamous evangelical pastor’s church in the town) and majority of the moms breastfed and did so in public, covered or not.

  • Shannon

    OMG He will be so screwed for doing something completely natural and healthy that human beings have done since the beginning of time. Poor child. Way to feed naughty connotations into something completely nurturing and loving while also blanket judging others who have different parental practices than yourself. I find parents who put flipper fake teeth and fake tans on their children much more disturbing. Or how about ones who poke holes in their babies ears for decoration… yea that is cute and normal. Breasting? Oh no, what is the world coming to? lol

  • Terry

    The author is an idiot! And obviously knows nothing about raising a kid. Same for ANYONE who agrees, I pray non of you have kids of your own if you think something like this will make that kid become a serial killer. Yes, one day, MAYBE, someone he knows at school will find it and tease him, but the odds of THAT aside, it takes more than a photo to turn one into a killer. All you have to do is have some sense to know this! Look it up, its a proven fact. As for the photo, the author should be ashamed, but so far, idiocy is ok in America.

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  • Diane

    Ha ha.
    Look, I have some ‘lactivist’ leanings and I’m one of those people who breastfeeding until their child was two. I think hooray for this family and glad it makes them happy!
    BUT there is something about their defiant expressions and the child with a mouthful of boob… I can totally see teenaged arams friends giving it to him.

  • Jaye

    I agree with the author- kids can be cruel.

    I will also go out on a limb here and say I don’t think it was responsible parenting to put the kid on the cover in the first place. Children deserve privacy, too, and shouldn’t have to give that up just because mommy wants to be on the cover of a magazine. If that’s what mommy wanted, she should have posed alone, but that wouldn’t sell as well. =/

  • Lucinda F.

    Well said Andrea.

    If these other women are so “natural” they should have observed other mammals. At one point, mommy weans the calf or colt, kicking it away should it try to nurse. They then get their nutrients from other sources, watching how mom does it. I totally disagree with this. But people eat placenta too so who knows.

  • Jonas

    What is most offensive about this image is its purposeful sexualisation. The message of breastfeeding is utterly lost, and was, indeed, never intended. There is no connection between mother and son – both engage with the camera, rather than with each other – and the mother’s pose is highly sexualised, totally at odds with the true nature of breastfeeding. The child is much too old and this image borders on suggestions of paedophilia. This is why there is such outrage about the image. It should be banned. The child will, sadly, suffer for this in the future.

    • Tee

      very eloquently put.

    • Vini

      So true! and as Tee said, very eloquently put.

    • CK

      Very true!

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  • WhiteRabbit

    I am sorry but there is nothing natural about a 4 year old breast feeding. And if the adult mother wants 15 minutes of fame she can make that decision for herself. I for one think she and Time magazine should be tried for child endangerment and exploitation of a minor.

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  • Lastango
  • Marge

    I am beyond words angry about the sensationalized piece in Time.
    Talk about a War On Women. Yes, Time. I’m woman enough, even though I didn’t breast feed my child till they could walk, talk and go to school. I remember the good old days when Time was a respectable magazine that didn’t have to shock people into buying their crappy magazine.

    For the record, that poor child doesn’t know any better, but he shouldn’t be photographed sucking on his mother’s breast. The mom wanted her picture on the cover of Time, and Time wanted to sell magazines. But that child needs someone to look out for him.

  • The Mommy Psychologist

    Apparently, no one was reading Time which is exactly why the editors published it. It was like dumping gasoline all over a simmering fire and then throwing a match on it. We all know what you get. A hell of an explosion. And we all proved we were lemmings. Meanwhile, all of the marketing executives and editors are high fiving each other backstage. I talk about the end of my role as a lemming here:

  • Gary

    lets see, she’s 26 and he’s 3. In Hollywood, they could be married and she’d just be known as a cougar.

  • K.

    I don’t care about the breastfeeding issue or attachment parenting or any of that (I subscribe to the “live and let live” parenting method). I also am not preemptively concerned for the kid’s future and the picture floating around ten years from now.

    I DO, however, wonder if the experience of doing the photoshoot itself was good for the kid because I think it would have made something that was normal and natural for HIM to suddenly become an activity he’s self-aware about. Can you imagine?
    “Oh, Aram, could you please look this way?”
    “Oh, Aram, we really need you to suck on mommy’s breast right now…Yeah, I know you’re full but…”
    “Oh, Aram, could you please not have your hand on mommy’s breast while you’re feeding? That’s it.”

    I shudder more at the experience of taking the picture than the picture itself.

  • ugh

    Its just like that whole debacle last year where the parents were exploiting their children to brag about how they “didn’t have genders”. The poor kids have no choice, and are thrust into the spotlight by people who desperately want attention, but need to whore their kids out to do it.