Mother’s Day Fail: Send Us Your ‘Worst Mother’s Day’ Stories!

mother's dayMother’s Day may be the one commercially-sanctioned day a year that everyone in the Western world is supposed to acknowledge the never-ending work and contributions of the lady who gave them life. But in our experience, that acknowledgement with brunches, cards, flowers, and candy boxes is usually more trouble than it’s worth. You know precisely what we mean. For every outing that is supposed to celebrate mom, you’ll no doubt find a woman up on her feet: washing dishes from a Mother’s Day breakfast, preparing an elaborate meal, or cleaning her entire house for company on a day that is supposed to be all about her. Mother’s Day blows, and it’s about time mothers admitted it. So, let’s start with you.

The big family Mother’s Day lunch that you cleaned up after? The Mother’s Day mommy-daughter trip that resulted in a blow-out fight? The Mother’s Day that you bent over backwards for your mother-in-law instead of your own mother? We’d love to hear all about it.

Send your “Worst Mother’s Day” stories of about 600 words to entries[AT] We’ll publish our favorites next week leading up to the dreaded occasion itself. So be sure to check back to see if your Mother’s Day woes were shared with all.

Happy loading of the dishwasher.


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  • Hailey

    Last year my husband completely forgot about Mothers Day and made plans to be gone the entire weekend. Since my kids were all under the age of 4 no one remembered me (my mother is gone). Instead of sitting around feeling sad I decided to take the kids to the Childrens Museum. I got everybody ready and just as we were walking out the door I got a call from my husband’s friend. Apparently, my husband had a bad stomach bug. I went and got him, and was taking care of him when MIL called to thank him for the flowers I had sent. When I told her he was too ill to talk she yelled at me for keeping her from her son on Mothers Day and hung up on me.

    This year my husband told me that he definitely remembers that Mothers Day is coming up, and that he wants to surprise me. I told him that he is also responsible for doing something for MIL. I’m certain that this year is going to be much better.

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  • Jillian

    My husband has a sad habit of making me a coupon book for shit he was going to do anyway.

    “This coupon good for one law mowing!” (that’s not code for anything better)
    “This coupon good for one new fence!” Oh, like the one I’ve been saving for all year? That one?

    • Lindsay Cross

      Hehe. I just laughed at loud at the lawn mowing not being code for anything better. It got a little awkward when my four year old wanted to know what was so funny.

  • moonkitty

    My mom lives out of state, so every mother’s day I’m expect to spend it with my MIL, her mom, my SIL and a few of my husband’s aunts at a stuffy, formal brunch. I’d rather be at the beach. I hate mother’s day.

  • Colleen

    Last year, I moved into my new house Mother’s Day weekend, with my parents helping to move all my stuff and clean at the new place. I really sucked as a daughter last year.

    This year, I have to work. So, I suck as a daughter again this year.

    I think most of the rest of the year, I show my appreciation. I hope so, anyways.

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