The Top 5 Worst Mom And Daughter BFFs

Being your daughter’s best friend is tenuous ground. Although some swear by the parenting pratice, others firmly attest that the only time they’ll party with their little girl is at her wedding. But while parents go back and forth with regard to what benefits their child best, mom and daughter BFFs are consistently cropping up in pop culture, from reality TV to Hollywood. Perhaps it’s matching ensembles, mother-daughter trips the club, or just bonding between audition takes.

The usual suspects, like Dina Lohan, sometimes not surprisingly double as momagers, seeking to profit off their daughter’s every move. But others, like Drew Barrymore‘s mother Jaid Barrymore, were just along for the partying ride.

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  • Erica

    Studio “64″? Did I miss something?

  • Person

    You make it sound like it was that June woman’s idea to dress like her daughter on Anderson, which would be crazy. But it was the show’s idea, and all the pageant mothers did it to prove some point. Now I’m not saying she still wasn’t weird, but she wasn’t wacky enough to show up in matching ball gowns.

  • Chris Moore

    The mother in that picture above is a sad, sad example of how not to raise your children. She needs psychiatric help.