STFU Parents: The Art Of The ‘Momedy’

There’s a certain brand of mom humor – much like there are certain brands of mom jeans – and it’s a little hard to describe. Mom comedy, or “momedy,” ranges from genuinely funny to stab-you-in-the-eye cringe-worthy humor, but the one thing every type of momedy Facebook update has in common is that the joke ultimately only appeals to parents. A non-parent such as myself might get a kick out of a bit of momedy from time to time, but for the most part, the reaction is part laugh, part groan from people without children.

That’s not to say that I don’t think parents are extremely funny. Many parents have been celebrated by winning Gold Stars on the blog, and I appreciate good humor no matter who’s making the jokes. But momedy is a separate category altogether. It’s the delusional idea that your kids are hysterically funny, or that you as a mom are enviably hip for “saying what other moms don’t.” Sometimes the joke really is funny, but it just isn’t appropriate for Facebook. Like I said, it’s not easy to put my finger on exactly what momedy is, but like a Supreme Court Justice attempting to define obscenity, I know momedy when I see it.

1. Kids Say The Darndest Things


It’s one thing to relay something your child said if it’s actually funny. Children are, by nature, funny creatures because they’re still getting their bearings on language, humor, and the world at large. They have little reason not to say exactly what comes to mind, and oftentimes that results in something funny. But it’s not always funny, and the best moments for parents to post about on Facebook are typically one-liners. If the joke comes out in the form of a paragraph, and the construction of that paragraph includes typing phonetically typing in baby talk, I can almost guarantee that it will not read as HILARIOUS to anyone but grandparents and people like K., who, let’s face it, might not be the most discerning of audiences. Choose wisely which “snippets” to post, because your kids will come up with about 20,000 more as soon as they learn to talk.

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  • emr

    “Andrea’s decorum must have been expelled from her butt…” HAHAHA
    That is all.

    • Sharky

      I copied that exact quote so I could post it as my favorite! :)

      This was a funny post… and not because of the Momedy!

  • Frances

    I was 100% with you until the last one. It definitely gave me a little giggle, and it’s probably something I would do. I wouldn’t post it on FB though, so I see your point.

  • Lulu

    agree none of this stuff is funny, especially not the whole phenom of quoting your kid back to people..that’s kind of like retelling a skit from SNL, total failure.
    but also, it feels like the people who post this stuff and find it hilarious also might find other “comedy” hilarious that I would not, like say, domestic laugh track sitcoms and jeff foxworthy, but i’m generalizing, I know.
    there’s just a “type,” as you obviously can see.

    that type being “not funny person”

    • C.

      I tend to disagree. I like Jeff Foxworthy (I know, I know… it’s shameful) but I still find the examples in this article to be just awful.

    • C.

      What I mean to say is, I think it may be a result of spending too much time around your kids… tends to make a person a little loopy.

  • wilter

    i am super bummed that this post is in six pieces. i get that it’s more ad impressions, but i’m going to stop reading this column if it requires five click-throughs.

    • Claire

      Agreed! It is annoying to read articles where I have to click next after each paragraph.

    • Toaster

      Yeah, it’s particularly annoying on a mobile device.

    • Stephen

      Is that what has become of the world? Refusing to read because you have to click a few times. My god we have turned into a race of pure laziness.

    • Claire

      It is annoying when the time it takes me to read the single paragraph is shorter than the time it takes to load the next page. I usually have little time to read, and I like to read in a continuous stream. Is this what has become of the world – that our attention spans are so short we need breaks after single paragraphs?

  • Katie

    I will never understand posting pictures of your kid on the toilet. How about a little respect for your child’s privacy?

    • simple simon

      My mother posts pictures of my daughter on FB and refuses to remove them even when I ask. Perhaps I should give her a link to this so that she can rethink the humor in her posting.

      Do we need a STFUGrandparents page?!

    • simple simon

      I meant that my mother posts pictures of my daughter on the toilet to FB. Oops!

    • Claire

      Simon, you can report the picture on facebook (click on “options”, under the pic) and get fb to remove it for harassment or something.

  • Claire

    Since I live on the other side of the planet I’ve created a “Daily Cabhán” whatsapp group for my closest family who want to get updates of my son – Cabhán – every day. This is where I post random pics of him, “funny” anecdotes and sayings, and other (in the grand scheme of things) irrelevant milestones… cause sometimes you just really want to tell someone that your child went to the potty for the first time. And since it’s just about only the grannies that care about that, I can still send them their daily dose of proud grandparent without subjecting the rest of my facebook feed – including my work colleagues – to the horror. I don’t think it’s a bad plan.

    Pics and sayings only go on facebook if they’re really good.

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  • Amanda Z.

    I could never ever do any of this to my sweet baby boy. Why would you take your child’s innocence and publicly make fun of it??

    I did, however, take a picture of my son after his bath dancing naked on the coffee table – but I would NEVER post that picture on facebook! I showed it to grandma :)

  • Snapfish

    I don’t think it’s true that childless people don’t find this stuff funny but parents do. Well, obviously some parents do, but not ALL parents lose their sanity or sense of discernment about what is funny or appropriate to share. I dunno, when you start off the article with “the joke ultimately only appeals to parents” that seems to me to be promoting the polarization between parents and non-parents. Many parents already think us non-parents hate children and can’t possibly comprehend anything whatsoever about parenting, and believe that STFUP is all about non-parents meanly making fun of children and all parents. It’s not a big deal but I guess I just didn’t see why you had to say that childless people don’t get this humour – there has to be parents who don’t get it either! (Please for the love of god or sterilize me now)

    • Dr_Know

      Umm that quote just indicates that it appeals to no one other than parents not that it appeals to ALL parents.


  • Suburban Kamikaze

    The real comedy doesn’t begin until the teenage years. And even then, it could just be the wine talking.


  • Mary Renee Reuter

    #3 had me dying. Why oh why would someone alert everyone they know with a computer that they farted!?

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