Morning Feeding: iPads For Babies Are A Great Idea If You Like To Throw Money Away

Need more proof that today’s parents have lost their minds? I’ve got four words for you. Babies are using iPads (The Stir)

Marissa Alexander: a reverse Trayvon Martin? (DoubleX)

Hilary Duff opens up about sleepless nights with a newborn (Celeb Baby Laundry)

How kids with autism show affection (

John Edwards called Rielle Hunter a “crazy slut” (YourTango)

Lisa Frank, revealed (The Frisky)

Ways to not lose your 43 pounds of baby weight (The Hairpin)

You may already own the anti-aging pill (YouBeauty)

Infertility devastated my friend (HuffPo Women)

One mom’s play date rules for her kids (Babble)

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