Morning Feeding: Teen Who Lost Everything In Tsunami Gets His Prized Possession Back, One Year Later

It’s the ball Misaki’s third-grade class gave him when he moved schools. His friends signed it with words of encouragement, kind of like a yearbook (The Stir)

Girls, Animals — What’s the difference? (DoubleX)

Drew Barrymore is having a girl! (Celeb Baby Laundry)

A guide to spring vegetables (

What you don’t know about infertility (YourTango)

Mike “The Situation” has a girlfriend (The Frisky)

Housekeeping: here we are again (The Hairpin)

The obesity diagnosis is different than we thought (YouBeauty)

An upside to the “war on women” (HuffPo Women)

21 vegan cooking accidents (Babble)

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