Sorry Alicia Silverstone, Your Toddler Shouldn’t Be At Coachella

alicia silverstone bear coachellaAlicia Silverstone and her parenting techniques are back in the news! No, she’s not giving her son Bear cat baths using her own tongue. But she is bringing him along to the second weekend of Coachella.

Listen, I wasn’t bothered by the whole baby bird, premastication nonsense. It’s not a practice that I would choose to re-create with my own children. But if the actress wants to pre-chew her child’s food, who am I to judge? Baby bird feeding seems a little yucky, but definitely not harmful.

Taking a toddler to Coachella? That’s kind of a different story. I don’t care how adorable he looks in his noise-cancelling headphones.

Let’s think about the biggest story to come out of Coachella this year. In case you missed it, Rihanna tweeted a picture of herself possibly doing coke off a bald man’s head. And I guess we should include that Snoop Dogg performed with a hologram of Tupac.

This is a rock concert. A two-week-long, wild and crazy rock concert, filled with people making questionable choices. Even if Silverstone and her husband are stone-cold sober the entire time, there will be plenty of people around them who aren’t. And those people might not be considerate about the infant in someone’s arms.

I refuse to believe that this mother does not have access to any form of childcare. And with her obvious financial security, I think she could afford to have someone watch her son while she and her husband went and lived it up at a rock concert. I’m not saying that moms should all stay indoors and sing along to The Wiggles. By all means, go out and have fun.

But Coachella is not an appropriate place for a young child to be. This is the cause of a million internet rants about horrible parents who take their children to R-rated movies and expensive restaurants. It pretends that every occasion, no matter how much drug use is associated with it, can be fitting for children. They can’t, by the way. No matter how much you love children and no matter how well-behaved they are, they don’t need to be included in everything, all the time.

A huge music festival is one of those times when the kids should stay home.

(Photo: JustJared)

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  • Marie

    You need to get over yourself in a big way.

  • heather-marque

    1. coachella is not a two week long rock music festrival. it is 2 weekends. 2. it seems rather obvious you have not been to a music festival, a sense of community and oneness with your fellow man st prevalent there that is rather lacking in ordinary society, which is a wonderful thing to expose a child to.

  • Laura

    I wouldn’t take my child to Coachella but not for the reasons that you listed. I wouldn’t take my child because I would have more fun with my husband just the two of us hanging out, listening to music than I would chasing around a toddler the whole time.

    • LiteBrite

      That’s where I’m at too on this. After paying whatever money to go to the festival, I wouldn’t want to spend the time chasing my son around. Plus, we’d probably have to leave way earlier than I’d want to.

      Our city does music-in-the-park type stuff on weekdays, and I’ve taken him to that. Last summer there was a reggae concert I took him to, and as we walked in the heavy smell of weed filled the air. My son said, “Ooooo, it smells like coffee!” Yeah, coffee. Right.

  • Mom to two

    Really? I’d take my kids!! I once took a toddler to a Dead show and it was a great time! I think you need to settle down.

  • Another Steph

    Yeah, what the other commenters said. Do you think that Rihanna was standing the middle of the crowd snorting coke? And I really don’t understand the Snoop Dogg part, sure I think it was in poor taste but how is it a parenting issue?

    • suchende

      She was rolling a joint on a guy’s head at an evening event. Either way I seriously doubt Bear got a contact high. And whether stoners at a music fest are “considerate” or not, it’s pretty hysterical to imagine that they pose a threat to toddlers under their parents’ careful supervision.

    • Kj

      Exactly. And to make the inflammatory assumption that it’s coke is made me roll my eyes. It’s clearly weed, it’s just that the flash and the instagram filter made it look white.

      I’m getting the unfortunate sense that the writer has a problem with a “sweet innocent blond child” being anywhere “dirty” or “urban”. I assume that’s not true and I’m misinterpreting.

      Your fear kind of makes you look ignorant, though, at the very least.

  • Katie

    Ive never known a music festival to let a child in… that what is odd to me.

    Look, im with Lindsay, not the smartest move, every music festival ive ever been to (and believe me, there have been a lot) has been filled with drug-influenced, drunk patrons, have been packed, loud and a tight squeeze. Not the best place for a child.

    • Another Steph

      We’ve got a huge music festival culture in Australia so it’s not unusual at all over here to see children running around or babies in parents arms.

    • Katie

      …I am Australian, and ive never seen kids at a music festival.

    • Another Steph

      Have you been to Splendour? Blues and Roots? Woodford? Maybe not the day festivals like Big Day Out, but I’ve seen loads of kids at the weekend festivals.

      PS Happy ANZAC Day!

    • Katie

      Happy Anzac day to you too.

      Yeah, I was at Splenour last year, Admittedly I havent been to Blues and Roots in some time, but never seen any kids.

    • Another Steph

      Fair enough, maybe I’m just unfortunate enough to go at the same time as all the parents who want to take their kids. I’ve seen an awful lot at festivals.

  • The Mommy Psychologist

    You might be over reacting a tad. First, it’s Alicia Silverstone so she wan’t just mingling with the masses. Also, your information about Coachella isn’t correct. My husband and I both play music and love music. Our son loves music as well. We’ve taken him to lots of concerts since he was a year old with the same headphones that her son is wearing (they work great, by the way). He loves it. Yes, there are drugs and crazy partying, but you stay on the sidelines and do your own thing.

    “The child psychologist who thought she had all the answers to parenting until she became one herself.”

  • Frances

    I usually love everything Lindsay Cross writes, but this is crazy. I’ve been to Coachella and it is NOT the 24/7 drug fest she describes it as. Of course there is drug use, but that is usually off to the sides and not obvious at all. The area where they have it is huge and there is plenty of space to do your own thing without being anywhere near anything questionable. The last time I went to Coachella I saw plenty of kids there, usually being kept away from the masses and just enjoying the music.

    I also agree with one of the other comments about Alicia Silverstone being a celebrity, so she probably wasn’t exposed to the crowds as much as you might think. From my experience celebrities usually end up penned in their own little private areas with body guards and security, unless they choose to wander around.

  • caroline gd

    Sorry. I don’t see anything wrong with this. Good for Alicia Silverstone for having a life and including her son in it. It’s clearly daytime in the photo, she’s not surrounded by hoards of people, and both mother and child look like they’re having a great time!

  • sara

    You’re one of those judgy mommies, aren’t you?

  • Brandy

    Wow, judge much?

    You do realize that there were kids (yes, even infants!) at Woodstock, right?!? Come on, Ms. Cross, do you honestly believe she is going to bring her toddler to a party where people are doing coke just because she is at Coachella? If that type of extracurricular activity is acceptable to her, I highly doubt Coachella would be his first exposure.

    I second Marie’s comment, you need to get over yourself in a big way.

  • Tiffany Gray

    Geez. You are a serious “mean girl”. Leave that sweet & soulful mama alone; you have way too much time on your hands!

  • meg

    sorry to say, i call bullcrap. it’s not as if she were alone with the kid…her husband was there. not saying she needs a big strong man to take care of her and the kid but having backup is always helpful! they kept him out of the sun, covered his ears, and stayed sober in his presence…i see no problem!

  • Melanie

    Posting a judgemental blog about a celebrity is easy, but think about how obnoxious it would be to walk up to a mother at a music festival or anywhere else and tell her you disagree with her parenting choices. We should be providing help, support and valuable insight to other parents and not tearing them down. Every person has their own path to travel, and their own set of challenges whether they are famous or not.
    I personally think you’re exaggerating the evils of music festivals, and don’t agree with the whole celebrity Mom policing obsession. It looks like her son is happy and healthy and wearing good ear protection. What more do you want? I suggest finding a more serious cause to get passionate about.

  • K.

    Really–is a toddler even going to remember Coachella?

    And isn’t THAT the cruel tragedy of this story?

    • Another Steph

      Well in all fairness, most of the adults there won’t remember it either :)

  • Sara

    Nothing wrong with it – Have you been to a music festival before?????? Totally kid friendly. Wow – what a bizarre post. You must be related to the woman who accused me of child abuse for bringing my son to one….WHERE THERE IS KIDS PROGRAMMING.

  • pollywoggoo

    I just bumped into this when researching earmuffs for kids. As someone who has had backstage access to Coachella for the past 8 years, I can assure you that backstage isn’t the den of iniquity that you portray it to be. It’s actually really lovely and set up to cater to the music and industry professionals at work there, many with their families in tow.

    Behavior such as Rihanna’s (and Lohan’s and Hilton’s, etc) is actually looked down upon by those of us who have been longtime attendees. They are moronic, overly-wealthy-for-no-good-reason posers whose 30 minutes should be up by now.

    Is the Sahara (dance) tent crazy and somewhat drug-fueled? Sure… but the rest of the festival is actually quite beautiful, spacious, and filled with copious dramatic overscale, electronic, kinetic, flaming, and sonic artwork, plus other attractions like a beautiful 5 story ferris wheel.

    You should also be aware that alcohol consumption is limited to three different areas and you cannot bring alcohol to any of the stages or on the field.

    I, too, went on weekend two and actually saw Ms. Silverstone during Radiohead… her child was not with her as she chatted with the couple next to us right before she departed mid-way through the set. Likely the child was with his nanny back at whatever lodging they had rented for the night.

    If Ms. Silverstone had seemed at all like she was being irresponsible, I’d be the first to agree. However, *some* music festivals (note: not all) can be enjoyed with a toddler.

  • Kelly …

    What a stupid, pointless, judgmental article. I bet the author’s kids wish Alicia Silverstone was their mommy.

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