The Doubtful Michael Jackson Paternity Revisited: Bodyguard Claims His Sperm Conceived ‘Blanket’

There’s been all kind of talk regarding the actual biological origins of Michael Jackson‘s children. We all know Debbie Rowe carried two of the three kids, including Paris Jackson. But the sperm being actually that of Michael has been met with some skepticism over the years for a slew of reasons. Prepare for a 2012 sperm fiasco, nearly three years since the pop icon passed away, as a former bodyguard named Matt Fiddes claims his spermies actually conceived the youngest Jackson child: Prince Michael II or “Blanket.”

Fiddes recently told the press that Michael admitted that he had used Fiddes’ sperm after asking him for it 2001. According to Fiddes, Michael asked him for a donation after requesting an “athletic” child (?!). Fiddes, a martial arts master, complied, turning down Jackson’s lucrative offer and handing over his sperm for free. A year later, Blanket was born, and Michael admitted to that the bodyguard that he had indeed used his sperm:

“I sat there and asked the question: ‘Is Blanket my child?” He said: ‘He’s my child, Matt, but I used your sperm to produce him.”’

Fiddes reportedly asserted that he was Blanket’s biological father in 2010 but  hit the very large protective brick wall that is the children’s guardian, Katherine Jackson. The grandmother has reportedly kept Fiddes from seeing the 10-year-old, reportedly worried about money and Jackson’s estate.

However, Fiddes maintains that he doesn’t want to replace Blanket’s real father, but still wants access:

Michael is their father and I do not want that to change, but I want the children back in my life. The only way that’s going to happen is through legal action. I think Blanket is mine but I want final proof.”

And that proof includes the legal avenues, complete with DNA testing and formal visitation rights. Who knows if somewhere between strolls in the Neverland Ranch and those infamous children sleepovers, Jackson even bothered to have Fiddes sign any paperwork relinquishing any legal rights. If there is any validity to this claim, perhaps the two — in Michael’s noted child-like manner — just pinkie swore, exchanged lollipops, and called the transaction a BFF pact.


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  • Olatunde Aroloye

    Let’s say Matt Fiddes broke in the house, cut himself on a window of Blanket’s bedroom, or something- the Police would have proved he was his biological father, before the glazier could even measure the frame!

    But when he just wants to prove that he is his father, it has to go into a 22-round Royal Rumble!

    I never heard before that Michael II wasn’t Michael’s biological child- I never followed that stuff. I would never have suspected it from looking at his pictures, because he doesn’t even look like Matt in the pictures I’ve seen. This was the kid that was dangled???

    The American Entertainment scene is just mind-boggling- is why I refrain from getting into it. It’s just Weapons of Mass-Distraction.

  • B

    you can’t write. this sucks.