No Court Of Public Opinion Here: Documents Suggest That Zimmerman ‘Profiled’ And Pursued Trayvon Martin

George ZimmermanWhen special prosecutor Angela Corey announced second degree murder charges for George Zimmerman, one of the first questions from reporters in the televised press conference was if she had obtained any evidence to warrant this charge. Although Corey refused to answer the question, recently released court documents reveal that those charges are anchored in the assertion that Zimmerman did not only “profile” Trayvon Martin, but pursued him as well, provoking the physical confrontation.

Msnbc reports:

In the two-page affidavit, which was filed with the court Thursday afternoon, investigators for special prosecutor Angela Corey said Zimmerman “confronted Martin and a struggle ensued.” Zimmerman has claimed he shot in self-defense Feb. 26 in Sanford after Martin knocked him to the ground and began beating him about the face.

A judge apparently found this reason enough to move forward with those second degree murder charges on “probable cause.” Zimmerman has entered a not guilty plea but could face a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted.

The court documents reveal that — contrary to the opinion that the police are charging Zimmerman in the court of “the public” — there is evidence to this scenario. Evidence that would have otherwise not been uncovered had the case been left to the local police.


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  • K.

    You didn’t mention the “Stand Your Ground” law that the police invoked as to the reason they didn’t arrest Zimmerman, but it’s something that I wondered about reading your article.

    I assume Trayvon Martin has the same right to “stand his ground” as does Zimmerman. Which then begs the question, in the scenario (yes, allegedly at this point) in which Zimmerman is the active pursuer, then IF Martin did respond to Zimmerman in a confrontational manner, and knocked him to the ground, then wouldn’t Martin also be protected as acting in “self-defense” under “SYG”? Obviously, he wouldn’t be protected for beating up Zimmerman if the guy was on the ground (if Martin actually did that, in which case there should be physical evidence), but I dunno. If you pursue someone and threaten them and then a “scuffle” ensues, how can one determine who is aggressing and who is “standing their ground”?

    • Koa Beck

      Excellent point. “Stand Your Ground” seems fraught with problems and gray areas.

  • Lastango

    Actually, serious legal experts are ripping the indictment of Zimmerman to shreds. Alan Dershowitz is just one example:

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