Triple True Life Mommy Fail: Driving With A Baby In The Lap And Two More Unbuckled Kids — While Texting

driving with a babyGoodness knows that mothers and fathers makes mistake somewhere along the trajectory of childrearing. If you’ve never accidentally left your children’s shoes on top of your car and driven off or perhaps locked your keys in the car with the kids, then you just aren’t parenting. But aside from the routine guilt and anguish that can sometimes consume women for forgetting to collect their children from school or perhaps just those lunches on the counter, a recent real life mother should have more than mere mommy points deducted.

CBS news reports that 29-year-old Shawndeeia Bowen was hurdling along the 405 freeway in California with her three children when another driver on the road noticed that she was texting — with her unbuckled 1-year-old on her lap! The unidentified “tipster” then called 911 and police where there waiting for Bowen when she eventually turned off the freeway. Officers not only discovered that she was, in fact, sharing her steering wheel with her baby but that her two other children, a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old, were not fastened into their car seats. Neither child was wearing a seat belt.

The mother’s reasoning demonstrates a very believable scenario but extremely poor judgement:

“Her excuse was that, while she was driving on the 91 Freeway near Compton, the 1-year-old started crying and in an effort to comfort the 1-year-old, she pulled the 1-year-old to the front seat,”  [Lt. Stephen] D’anjou added.

Bowen was arrested on site for child endangerment and her three kids have been placed in protective custody. She has also most likely been shamed out of every mommy club and play group in the western hemisphere.

(photo: Andy Dean Photography/

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  • The Mommy Psychologist

    I saw this clip on the news last night, too. I had to rewind it because I was like, “they didn’t really just say that the baby was on her lap, did they?” Yep. They did. Whoa. And on the 405!!

    “The child psychologist who thought she had all the answers to parenting until she became one herself.”

  • amy

    as someone who spent the first 20 years of my life in southern california – the 405 is NOT somewhere you should be driving and not paying attention! obviously – you should pay attention all the time, every time when behind the wheel. but the 405? i’ve been cruising along at 70mph when traffic comes to a DEAD STOP out of nowhere! the tragedy that would’ve occurred if that had happened while this ‘mother’ was driving with one on her lap and two others unbuckled…. oh man!