Amanda Bynes DUI Proves That The Effects Of Child Stardom Are Hard To Escape

Amanda Bynes DUIAmanda Bynes, the formerly comedic tween on 90s show All That and early 2000s starlet in She’s The Man, seemed to be one of few young ladies her age in the limelight without a documented drug habit, a Playboy spread, or a DUI — until now. The once upon a time squeaky clean kid totally pulled a Lindsay Lohan (complete with glamor girl mug shot) and got busted for a DUI last night proving once again that if you’re a child star, trouble with the law is always lurking — even if you’re 26 years old.

Amanda, who celebrated her 26th birthday only a few days ago, “collided” with a cop car in the early morning hours of three a.m. at a Los Angeles intersection. When the policeman hopped out of his scraped car to investigate the incident, he found Bynes to be under the influence of alcohol. People reported that she was arrested on sight with a $5,000 bail and at this time of this posting, still remains behind bars. No one was injured and there was “minor paint transfer damage” to both cars.

It’s not like Los Angeles is ever barren of sloppy 20-somethings making ill-advised decisions at three in the morning. But her particular and literal run-in with the law suggests that for a former child star, the odds of crime-free young adulthood just aren’t that high.


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  • Katie

    I dont think being a child star is a guarantee for issues with the law… ive had 3 DUIs and I was never famous.

  • D

    While driving under the influence is one of the most irresponsible things a person can do and they deserve punishment — seriously, I don’t think it was stardom that created this incident. Believe it or not, it is my suspicion that famous people have identities and make decision outside of their celebrity. It’s not as if Amanda Bynes has a novel-length rap sheet, or even the level of fame she once enjoyed.

    • Somnilee

      Yeah, I really think this is searching for a point a little too emphatically, it’s more “Amanda Bynes has grown up and made stupid mistakes like many other twenty-somethings”.

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  • The Mommy Psychologist

    The picture cracks me up. It looks like a head shot rather than a mug shot. Best looking girl in jail that night!

    “The child psychologist who thought she had all the answers to parenting until she became one herself.”