Miracle Baby Born Without Intestines Gets One More Miracle

romania babySome may say that every baby is in some way a miracle, but multiple organ transplants and the perseverance of premature newborns reveal that some babies might be a little bit more of a miracle than others. Little Andrei is such a baby as he was born without intestines and has managed to live for eight months. But now, some time later, his poor parents have secured a lifesaving surgery — for free!

Described as having “twig-thin limbs” by msnbc, the now 8-month old baby was not expected to live beyond a few days following his birth. Still weighing less than an average newborn, Andrei reportedly has no visible muscles or fat and has spent most of his days in an incubator. His parents live in an impoverished part of Romania, rarely make the trek to visit him, and do not have the funds for a surgery that is not even available in Europe. The nurses are apparently so besotted with the infant that some have even played the lottery in the hopes of winning enough money for an intestinal transplant.

At present, the little baby only has four inches of intestine. He should have three yards. Without his surgery, deemed “urgent” by one doctor, the baby would probably live only a couple of more months.

However, Harvard University and some Boston hospitals have swooped in to save the day as Dr. Catalin Cirstoveanu, head of the neonatal unit at Bucharest’s Marie Curie children’s hospital, has offered to fly the baby overseas at the request of his parents. This opportunity for Andrei is also a particularly brilliant shade of wonderful in that Romanian culture is apparently notorious for medical bribes, an avenue to care that his parents no longer have to confront.

But between Dr. Cirstoveanu and an outpour of funds from people in Europe and the United States, it looks like Andrei is going to be all right. For a baby with reportedly very few options, his family and the medical staff are now looking at quite a few.

(photo: msnbc.msn.com)

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  • ash

    I will pray for you my little friend.

  • Luke

    Everyone please keep little Andrei in your thoughts and prayers.

  • jillanne

    God Bless this little one. I will pray for him, too. How wonderful for all the outside support he is getting! And how wonderful that the nurses are so besotten with him! He is a dear heart!

  • Chidi

    Little Andrei you are born into this World to prove that God is a wonder worker,may you live as long as God is on his throne.

    • britt


    • chanceofrainne

      if god is such a wonder worker why didnt it give this baby some intestines

    • Alfred Bundy

      The truly blind and clueless amaze me. Just amaze me.

    • chanceofrainne

      and that was definitely not an explanation of why a god whose eye is supposedly on the sparrow would allow an innocent baby to suffer like this. But I guess it’s too busy watching sparrows and minding Tim Tebow’s football career to worry about things like suffering children.

    • TickmeOff

      Why would God allow idiots like you to be here? I feel very sorry for you. You’ll find out too late that you were wrong, and then you’ll see just how powerful God’s promises really are, but you’ll burn in hell and won’t ever get out. Good luck with that.

    • chanceofrainne

      LOOOOL that’s very Jesusy of you; I’m sure the prophet of peace and love you claim to revere would be super proud of you for that statement. I got a surprise for you: You better hope I’m right. Because if you are, I’m not the only person in this conversation headed for a hot spot.

    • corrector

      Telling an adult that he/she will burn in hell because they don’t think the way you do is about the same as telling them that Santa Claus isn’t bringing any presents this year. The answer to all of your “Why would God…?” questions have any easy answer, the God defined by Abrahamic religions never existed.

    • Junie

      He empowered man with the knowledge of technology to help this baby so he won’t suffer.

    • BongCastaneda

      To prove evil is evil, that in a world that has fallen away from his plan and is separate from Him, these things will happen…

    • chanceofrainne

      Oh, I see. So you believe that a benevolent and loving god is making an innocent child suffer because of the sins of the rest of the world, when he already supposedly sent his son to die in order that all of those sins should be forgiven. That makes total sense. If you’re a psychopath.

    • TickmeOff

      no you have it backwards. God did not choose the evil in this world. MAN did. And, God did not break his promise of what would happen when man turned his back on God. God CANNOT interfere because His promises are true. It’s our own fault.

    • chanceofrainne

      Do provide me with the part of the Bible that says that.

    • abigail

      but he can interfere when you pray for something and it happens? i’m sorry — what?

      to stop “man-made evil” is interference because it what happens when “man turns their back on god”, even if the other person is a christian/a good person/innocent. it’s our own fault, really?

      but to stop man-made financial problems by answering someone’s prayer for a job promotion is… ? what? because i hear and see people say stuff like that all the time. “i got a good grade on my test! my prayers were answered!”

      so god’s going to take time out of his busy-ass day to make sure the weather is good this weekend and to answer petty prayers of christians, but he’s going to shrug off someone getting hurt because we signed up for it, making mistakes with the free will that was given to us?

      if my friends get shot and killed in a spree shooting, it’s “in his plan”? and this is not a hyperbole, by the way. this is something that happened and something someone had the balls to tell me.

    • Christian

      With respect to BongCastaneda, I must give a different answer to chanceofrainne’s question.

      It is very true that bad things happen in our world. But – bad things do not happen because God makes them happen. They happen because we have free will and because He allows them to happen. And because no-one in this mortal world is given a perfect body. We are not created to live in this world forever. And we are also not created to live in this world for equal lengths of time. It is painful, but it is painful because we love greatly. And that is one, of countless, proofs of God’s love, that we can love each other greatly, through His great love.

      And why does God allow bad things to happen? He allows it because it serves the greater good, and sometimes in a way or ways that only God can understand. We, as His creations, do not need to understand how what God has willed serves the greater good, we need only know that it -always- does. And further, God “makes” no-one suffer in this world, not ever. But – suffering is allowed to happen – that is true. So why is any suffering allowed to happen if there is a loving God? Because He gives everyone free will and yes, also because sometimes – even if it is beyond our understanding – even suffering _can_ and _does_ sometimes serve the greater good. Only, sometimes in _ways_ that are beyond any human grasp.

    • chanceofrainne

      “God works in mysterious ways”? Classic. Well, here’s my response to that: If I had the means and opportunity, I would stop a person from raping a child. That’s the difference between me and your mysterious god. Think on that.

  • Wils

    While I am happy this child will be helped, how many times do these kids NOT thrive, and end up with severe problems ALL THEIR LIVES. I hate to be THAT GUY but yanno…really? I am glad that this little one has another chance but on the other hand I feel that the parents are far too selfish for their own good. Go ahead, flame me, troll me, whine to your mommies about my thought process. I am glad they helped this one kid but from what I have read, most of the tiny sick babies cannot live long even with help. I find it deplorable that we torture those babies to force them to live when we can’t even take care of the already existing babies.

    • Doves Love

      Sadly, you are right! Far too many babies do not make it, not matter what extreme measures are taken to save them. It is heart breaking to see them suffer

    • patti

      You have a valid point,however, we can make a change by donating to international feeding groups,that are legitimate. Joyce Meyer, and James Robison both have helped many children and families. The parents are not selfish, no where did it state that. To assume…… well you know. I am sure they love the boy and do not know what to do. Could you let your child die?

    • fourscoreandseven

      If I believed in heaven, YES, I could easily allow my sick child to die!!!
      However, if my faith was “lip service only” then, no, I would fight to keep him alive since I did not believe in heaven.

    • TickmeOff

      whether you believe in Heaven or not doesn’t change the fact that it’s real. People tend to forget that. “Oh, you don’t believe? well then you don’t have to go to hell!”

    • britt

      SO we just give up? Throw in the towel and let this baby, a gift from God and a miricale just die. You never know what the outcome might be. So why not fight for the life and give it a chance.

    • chanceofrainne

      Personally, I don’t consider massive pain and suffering, as well as emotional trauma for all concerned and the looming spectre of millions of dollars in medical costs over the course of the child’s life to be a “gift”.

    • fourscoreandseven

      It should not be a “miracle” to be able to spell “miracle.”
      HOW do you explain that half of all “babies” are “miscarried” or aborted in the womb? Did G-d just happen to “hate” all those other “miracles” so he refused to allow them to be born? How do you know which are “miracles” and which are “abortions?”
      What about the “monsters” who have no faces? Or no brains? Or lacking internal organs? More miracles? Or, more chances for doctors to experiment? What about those who have terminal illnesses and NO MONEY? What about those miracles? Or, is YOURS a god of money and access??? It appears that your god is one of technology who forgets those without email and cell phones.

    • tandee

      What you don’t realize is that we are all entities of intelligence that have no
      beginning or end who were firstly incorporated into spirit bodies. As spirit
      beings, we went through phases of development similar to what we experience as physical beings, advancing from infancy to adulthood. At an appropriate time in our development we were then incorporated into physical bodies, for a mortal experience with the specific purpose of being refined.

      Ultimately, the height of joy to which we can attain is proportionate to the depth of sorrow we will have experienced or with which we can empathize. Prior to entering mortality, we negotiated intelligently the experiences we would have so as to give us the best opportunities for self improvement and joy.

      Mortality is a culling experience, as well as a learning experience, where people have opportunities to show caring and empathy to assist our brothers and sisters along life’s path. Greater responsibilities and opportunities await those who of their own accord work for the betterment of others.

      The culling requires volunteers who may have what we view as horrific experiences, and indeed they are, but those who endured them will be esteemed as heroes and greatly rewarded, for they were instrumental in exposing the underlying evil natures of those who abused them, and thus prevented manifest evil from overwhelming good within the spheres of existence that we will enjoy upon the completion of this experience, since those culprits will be judged and thereafter confined permanently, where they will have no more ability to perpetrate harm.

      Others, such as this child, volunteered to provide opportunities for their fellow man to manifest as heroes by inspiring them to do great things for them due to
      their great empathy and compassion; they will also be greatly compensated for
      their sacrifices, along with their benefactors.

      Upon the separation of our spirits from our bodies on death, there will be another phase of experience and learning where all will have opportunities to learn essential principles preparatory to the next phase of existence, which will begin at Christ’s coming.

      The next phase involves the restoration of our physical bodies, which will then be perfected and permanently bonded to the spiritual bodies that we have had for eons, and it will never experience physical pain again. Having experienced pains and sufferings in the relative hour of our mortality, however, appreciation for that fact will be immeasurably heighted. We will then dwell with these restored bodies on this earth among the best people who have represented humanity for a thousand years. Those who died in their infancy or childhood will be restored into the arms of righteous parents to be raised into their physical adulthood. Those who suffered at the hands of their parents will be adopted into the homes of loving people to have this experience.

      Post Judgment, the activities that we will be involved in at that time will be entirely dependent upon and commensurate with our conduct in mortality as well as the immediate post mortal phase of existence.

    • Margaret Mills

      Been reading Sylvia Browne books?

    • tandee

      Never heard of her.

    • Kristin Haskins


  • jane

    I think it is wonderful that this baby will be helped. How can the parents be so cruel as not to even come and visit and hold their poor baby. I hope this child is helped and lives a long and happy life. Maybe he would do better with adoptive parents in this case. What a shame

    • Annie

      Jane honey, they’re not being cruel. The quote from the article says: ‘His parents live in an impoverished part of Romania, rarely make the trek to visit him,’ They are very poor people and can’t afford to travel. Obviously, the hospital isn’t just around the corner. I’m sure the mom would be there everyday if it were possible.

    • patti

      when parents are not able to be with the child it usually is for one of the following. They were not able to get visas, money not available, pls do not judge them. Many times in Romania the poor are so poor they live with parents grandparents, cousins, and distant relatives. The conditions are deplorable to say the least. Instead wish them well. Pray if that is your desire, donate, help arrange an angel flight… positive things are important

    • britt

      Don’t be so quick to judge. I in fact a year ago was in romania. They are very poor and have to slave everyday just to get a meal. We don’t fully know the situation. for all we know this baby could be several miles from their home. most ppl there don’t even own a car.

  • Julie

    Been thinking about and tweeting and emailing about this baby Andrei since I first read the story in the newspaper in early April. The surgery might be risky but its a risk he’s going to have to take to have any chance at all.
    Hang in there little guy!
    your friend,

  • Annie

    Dont worry Andrei . I will pray for You :) love you lot :)

  • Greg

    I hope you are put out of your future misery. I know you will be pained holding this deformation with you. I really hope you die but for your own sake. I hate suffering and that’s how your life will play out. It’s the truth. God is not real and society is evil. In this world it’s better to be unaware. Ignorance is bliss. Intelligence is worrysome

    • tank

      You Idiot!!!!!

    • patti

      how dare you wish the child dies. This child is a gift from Heaven. Maybe he was born to teach us all how to love, how to trust. YOu are not God. You do not know if the child will suffer…. Is death better? If so how. Denying God is your issue not mine. I hope you learn true love.

    • Deb

      You are an idiot!!! God is real and that tiny baby touched folks all over the world!!! Can you say that about yourself??

    • chanceofrainne

      If god is so real why didn’t it give this baby some intestines.

    • BongCastaneda

      So your blaming the bad things in this world on God?
      Remember that God was challenged by an enemy..
      God has to prove the enemy a liar and is evil.
      SInce God himslef was accused of what this enemy is guilty of. so God will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Evil is indeed evil and all of creation itself will ask God to permanently rid creation of Evil.

    • chanceofrainne

      You sit there in a comment thread above and tell me that the reason this child is born with this kind of pain and suffering and misery is because the rest of the world is sinful, and then you have the audacity to lecture me about evil? I see evil, and it’s in you and your psychopathic god.

    • hopeforhumanity

      Rest, it is futile to hate on the faith of another; they mean you no harm. Why do you feel the need to attack? They are just happy that another life was saved and they have faith that it will continue to get better and progress until all lives can be saved. Whether you call it God or not, it is ignorant to argue by the peaceful ideals that govern someone’s life.
      May you be blessed all your days, and find the love and wisdom in your heart, that we are all searching for.
      Rejoice in the good times, or live forever in the bad ones. Either way, you won’t change the circumstances that are out of your control.

    • chanceofrainne

      LOL I don’t hate anybody’s faith. I hate the way people use their faith as a bludgeon against others who don’t share it. There’s a difference. And please, do me the favor of not proverbing at me. I don’t need your empty words of bullshit encouragement; I have my own and they’re much more effective.

    • hopeforhumanity

      Idiot? Why do you speak unkindly of your brother? Does your keyboard make you less of a Christian? Remember that the greatest commandment is Love…Love this person whether they live in doubt or faith, or you will have to explain to the big guy why you didn’t.

    • Kit

      Greg your life must be a state of constant bliss.

    • britt

      What is wrong with you? Are you that miserable in your own life that you have to come on here and make that evil and immature of a comment. You need help. Save your ignorant comments for your cold hearted self.

  • Tammy

    God Bless You Sweetie…Praying for a miracle<3…and lots of love and attention for you baby boy<3

  • Sherry

    If you all really want to help, send money before you even start praying.
    He’s a medical miracle, not a miracle of prayers.


    • patti

      the article said money was pouring in. Medical care is costly. Are you God how do you know what a miracle is. My young cousin is awaiting the same surgery. She has a one year old. She almost died… Prayer is a gift use it wisely.

    • http://www.facebook.com/EmilyMcClanahan2 Emily McClanahan

      WOW -^Idiot

    • chanceofrainne

      Yes, yes you are.

  • Deb

    Unfortunately he did not make it. He passed away around May 10, 2012.

  • urfate626

    A group of us are trying to raise funds for Dilla Anargia Adilla along with looking for a Neurosurgeon from the states willing to asses and maybe operate her since no local doctors will touch her. :(
    Our link for donation is below and just so you know, we are real people truly trying to find a way to help Dilla. I am just a reader, like you, disturbed by her condition and doing whatever it takes to get Dilla the help she needs. Everyone deserves a chance in life, so does she. Whether it is a small or large, it will make a difference! Her mother is waiting for a miracle, let’s be that miracle. Thank you, Jennhttp://igg.me/p/186201?a=955546

    • fourscoreandseven

      RESEARCH doctors just LOVE to get their hands on human experiments!!!!

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  • http://twitter.com/boblevel boblevel

    It is interesting how on the one hand a “miracle” has occurred, yet on the other, money and medical technology are needed to aide the “miracle”. Many thousands of other children died in 3rd world countries today without the technology. Did ‘God’ just not deem them worthy?

    • carolyn83

      Can’t you just be happy for this little boy instead of focusing on the negative? So his story captured their hearts; what’s so bad about that? Instead of looking for all the injustice in humnaity, look at the good—these ppl didnt have to step in and help—they did it bc they wanted to. That encourages my faith in humanity and it should yours as well. as a parent I can empathize with them…can’t iamgine not seeing my sick kid bc I can”t afford it. I’m assuming you’re not a parent just a political protestor.

    • chanceofrainne

      What’s bad about that is that idiot sheep are holding this child and its suffering up as a shining example of something wonderful their supposed god has managed – but the fact of the matter is that if their god has done anything at all, it was to cause a child to be born with a crippling and debilitating condition that will have a massive cost in time, money, and pain over the course of that child’s life.

    • Sakeeta Rosen

      You hit the nail on the head. These people are just sheep, and them saying this had anything to do with god is ridiculous. The original poster has a very valid point, if god is responsible then hes just horrible.

    • Junie

      Where the Heck do you think the power & knowledge to create this Technology comes from? We were ‘Created’ with special gifts & knowledge’ that we share and teach others.

    • chanceofrainne

      LOL right okay that’s why there’s so much physics and advanced calculus in the bible. youuuuuu betcha

    • fourscoreandseven

      carolyn: The rules of engagement for debate include defending your point of view WITHOUT attacking others for their point of view. That is called “ad hominem attacks” and are grounds for instant disqualification. DEFEND YOUR POINT OF VIEW but allow others to have their points of view without attacking them!!!!

      “Can’t you just be happy” and “focusing on the negative” and “what’s so bad about that” and “looking for all the injustice” and “look at the good” and “it should yours as well” and “you’re not a parent just a political protestor” are ALL ad hominem attacks!!! NO ONE IS DOING THAT TO YOU and you have an obligation to treat others as you are treated.
      Defending my position does not include attacking yours! And, the opposite holds true. If I do not intimate that you are “wrong” or “stupid” or “cruel” then you have an obligation to do the same and not infer that others are “wrong” or “stupid” or “cruel” by not agreeing with you!!! Stick to the topic and quit attacking others.

    • chanceofrainne

      LOL you are asking a lot from someone who has never bothered to learn anything except what she is carefully spoon-fed at her church on Sunday mornings. I’d lay even money she’s never even read the bible for herself all the way through. Probably gets bored at the begats.

    • greengoose

      Bob, Sir; The parents of the children of these third world countries do not choose to serve the right God for health, security, wealth, and well being , do not blame God for your failures, blame yourself for failing to serve God.

  • Jchavez

    Im so happy there is still some very good people in this world with big hearts …If you can give the help do it..You will be compisated at the end of your journey.

  • Joshua Thirteen

    This is wonderful. People are amazingly generous when confronted with a specific case, if only we could all generalize that to the needy as a group, but as somebody said the death of one is a tragedy the death of a thousand is a statistic.

  • Steph

    I can’t believe I read the comments. As someone with chronic illness, pain and medical issues out the wazoo there can be wonderful reasons to live, despite stuff like this. I have an amazing hubby and a few great friends and family that make my life worth living, despite living it in pain. Sometimes kids that have to deal with medical crap their whole life and pain, end up being some of the most bright, happy inspiring kids/adults. All is not lost. You’re in my thoughts little Andrei.

    • Sakeeta Rosen

      I completely agree with you. I have really bad IBS and doctors think I may have Crones disease. I have chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, depression, and other things wrong with me. But I have an amazing baby girl, an awesome mother, and a loving boyfriend. I’m highly intelligent and have been my entire life. I’m beautiful and I am extremely talented.

      Having all our issues doesn’t make life pointless or impossible, it just means its a little more challenging. But also more rewarding.

  • Rosemary

    Plz Ladies n Gentleman plz stop offending God, what matters now is that this wonderful baby will have the freedom to be alive like you and me

  • Jim Vet

    I’m not the brightest butter knife in the drawer” just for a moment lets leave God out of it,
    As I said I’m not real bright about some aspects on why things are at times” By the read the family comes from an impoverished area, place’ That in self can mean a number of

    of things included not mentioned” so it is unclear” as a Vietnam Vet; I seen first hand the effects of agent orange; what it did, does; & photo’s of some of the places where it was used still doing what it was created for; Also a few of those I knew who died from the crap after it entered there system: I really don’t know: Take La Paze Bolivia” when I was there years ago: The high country road leading south out of that place was lined with markers of the dead baby’s children: Much to do with the Environment” a typical
    scratch almost surly lead to gang green: a rat hole of a place in many area’s:

    Here again: lets say no fault of the parents; what about the area
    they live in: My thinking could it be do to man made bio that disrupted there DNA that brought about the baby’s not forming correctly” Vary disturbing
    read about the baby:
    The first time ever hearing about such things was back in Syracuse UV medical center
    years ago” baby’s being born with terrible conditions: Love canal comes to mind”

    deadly toxic Chemical dump sit with new homes built
    over the place: For the most the people didn’t know nor understand:Caused a number of health issues, cancer; NY state bucked it & all the time they knew; slim ball of people who do such to other people:

    an other comes to mind the Toxic ground water; again Chemical dump sit in to the drinking water; we all heard of the gal who took up the cause; North of River side CA
    years ago;

    The Columbia River water: & Yakima river” highly polluted: Even Canada is dumping crap in to the upper end north of Washington state;
    I be willing to bet a few bucks those parents have been exposed to some thing vary bad that brought about the baby’s condition; BUT I could be vary wrong:

    Like I said:I duno nothing: it just comes to mind:

    I’m done: