Mommyish Poll: Do You Think Victoria Beckham Actually Made These Elaborate Easter Cupcakes?

victoria beckhamMother of four Victoria Beckham is sure on a baking and cooking bend, as not too long ago she tweeted a picture of her culinary work for International Food Day at her son’s school. The mother apparently prepared a tray of sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, and pineapples, telling followers that she “just finished cooking!” The style icon recently tweeted yet another picture of her kitchen efforts — this time some elaborate Easter cupcakes. And in the grand mommy tradition of surveying that time-honored bake sale table, I’m just going to ask one question: do you think that she made them?

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing to suggest that a pricey post-baby workout routine and a fashion empire prevents any mother from knowing her way around a rolling pin. And if anyone could surprise us with a flare for fancy, baked from scratch Easter cupcakes, it very well could be Ms. Beckham. Having said that, if she opted for a box of mix like a lot of exhausted mothers I know, that certainly counts too.

To be fair, the mother did not claim to have made these pastel creations per se, simply tweeting:

“Easter cup cakes with Romeo and Harper! So cute! X vb.”

But the question remains if those paper eggs and rabbits were applied with Victoria’s finely manicured hand.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.


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  • Stephanie

    Yes. I bet the little toothpick tchotchke is store bought, but other than that, they just have a bunch of random sprinkles/candy on them… not too hard…

  • Cee

    Say whatever you want about Victoria Beckham, but she is a good mom. She has always said she would do anything for her kids. Before her daughter was born she said she would go play soccer with her husband and sons. She strikes me as a good, involved and caring mother. While her eating a cupcake can be up for debate, I do think she made them and probably had the older ones decorate.

  • Kayla

    Of course she could have made those – they are not elaborate.

  • Katie

    It dosent take a genius to bake cupcakes. Im pretty sure she made them.

  • bl

    Does it matter? This kind of nitpicking is what causes moms to stress out about bringing food to school or serving at parties. If people do homemade, they worry that they don’t look nice enough. If they buy, they worry they look too nice and will be judged for not doing homemade. And if they get someone else to bake them, they worry about getting caught passing them off as their own. When really, her kids are enjoying cute Easter cupcakes no matter how they got made.

    • Another Steph

      Amen sister! I get so pissed with articles like that because this site is always going on about ‘ending the mommy wars’. All this speculation seems really nasty. Who cares if she made them from scratch or from a box? She’s not entering the Mum Who Makes the Best Ever Cupcakes from Scratch Award, she’s just sharing a moment she had with her son and daughter.

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