Jessica Simpson And Her ‘Slutty Brownies’ Are Part Of The ‘Slutty’ Problem

Jessica SimpsonNot many expect Jessica Simpson to be paradigm of aspirational motherhood and well thought-out parenting choices. She’s a celebrity for one, so the strikes are already against her, and she’s a shameless self-promoter who will hawk everything from her nude pregnant belly to her post-baby weight loss to make a dime. But in addition to her problematic quotes about steering clear of eating disorders as a branding decison (not say, for her health), Jessica recently “waddled” Jay Leno where she said that she is craving “slutty brownies” — an authentic recipe that contains cookie dough, Oreo cookies, and brownie mix.

When Jay Leno asked why the “heavenly” dessert warranted the term, Jessica Simpson said that she didn’t know, and then said, “I guess a lot goes into it.” [tagbox tag="slut-shaming"]

She may have caused a couple of giggles from the audience, but there’s not much funny about the use of the word “slut” to suggest lots of sexual partners. Some women do find the term an empowering one and to someone like Jessica Simpson, I’m sure also harmless and facetious. But these playful and seemingly innocent cracks at terms like “slut” are what fuel larger debates about derogatory slander towards women and girls, much of which is still socially acceptable.

Laughing off words that have been culturally steeped in anti-woman sentiment, like “slut” and “whore” just make it all the more funny and acceptable for someone to call your own daughter, or you a “slut” — and for a variety of reasons that aren’t even sexual. Permitting any sort of humor surrounding this slander does an incredible disservice to everyone’s daughters and mothers who will ultimately be called a “slut” for something as simple as having an unpopular opinion.

It may just be a brownie recipe, but Jessica’s sexual innuendos coupled with “slutty” continues a cultural problem we still have with degrading women and girls based on sexual behavior.

(See Jessica’s comment at around the 22:40 mark)

(photo: WENN)

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  • CW

    She probably heard the term “food p*rn” and got it mixed up in that ditzy brain of hers. Didn’t she become notorious for seriously thinking tuna fish was poultry because the can reads “Chicken of the Sea”?

    • Skankerella

      Wow. I see the message of this piece is completely lost on you. On all the commenters, really.

      You’re no better than Ms. Simpson when you talk this way. You’re worse, in fact.

    • melee

      and you probably beleive reality t.v is REAL…

  • slutty michelle

    Omg lighten up! Your life must be so awful that u hate so hard! I googled that recipe and it looks darn good.

  • Slut

    Good grief, you have to be the dumbest writer ever. You try to act PC, then make the waddled comment. That makes you worse than Rush Limbaugh. A slut is a position of choice. Being fat when pregnant is just natural, and healthy for the baby.

    • Koa Beck

      In the interview, Jessica describes herself as “waddling at this point.”

    • Slutty Steph

      Yep, and for someone who so shrilly and continuously laments the indignities done to the sisterhood, your first two sentences are disgustingly hypocritical.

    • missminute

      Dead wrong – being healily overweight while pregnant is significantly bad for you and the baby, leading to diabetes and other illness in both you and the child, and opens your child to future obesity. This myth has been dispelled.

    • Not slutty or judgmental

      Agreed, this attempt at pc/feminist writing seems ironic since the article speaks of a pregnant woman “waddling” and writes with disdain against another woman, whom the writer mocks by stating “not many expect to be the paradigm of aspirational motherhood”, before the mother has even given birth.
      Ms. Beck, I hope you saddled that high horse you rode in on. Lighten up.

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  • Laurie

    I think you make some great points. As women, we need to support and help one another, and not be driven by guilt and shame. Think of how much better off society would be if we show a little more love and acceptance towards each other. Thanks for this article.

  • erika

    women have stepped up and owned the term “b*tch”. it has lost its power. maybe we need to turn the term “slut” into a joke, use it for fun, take away the harm, and stand up and own our sexual choices! teach our daughters (when its appropriate) to do the same. teaching abstinence works for about 5% of the population, so we need to teach responsibility. i dont regret my number, i only regret some of the persons behind it. my mother taught my that my sexuality was my own, my descisions and my responsibility, and no one can hurt me by calling me a slut, because I KNOW im not.

    • Slutty Steph

      Here’s the thing – slut is a word that has a meaning. It means, ‘someone who has a large number of sexual partners’. I know the religious nut jobs will disagree with me, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing, nor does it make someone a bad person. Plus, you know, the old double standard where it’s okay for guys.

      I used to call myself a slut back when I was a single girl because… I was. Like you say, I was in charge of my sexuality and I choose to exercise it. I don’t regret it, I don’t feel bad about it, and I won’t ever let anyone make me feel bad about it.

      Of course, I would never, ever call someone else a slut. I get that not everyone views the word the same way that I do. But I would like to see women reclaim it.

    • Another Steph

      In fact, slut claiming is the perfect antidote to slut shaming

  • Maggie

    Jessica Simpson is part of every problem,ever, Just awful in general.

  • Marie

    So you put Jessica down as a parent BEFORE SHE’S EVEN HAD HER BABY

  • Marie

    In your first sentence you put Jessica down as a mother BEFORE SHE’S EVEN HAD HER BABY. And yet you want her to empower women by not joking around about the word slut. Seriously? This is why I can’t take anything Mommyish posts seriously.

  • melee

    I just watched the Jay Leno video, and the brownies she mentioned are called “slutty Brownies” not because she named them, but that’s what they are called. It seems to me that your just hating on Jessica, unless i’m wrong is this an “I HATE JESSICA SIMPSON” blog? if so you should just love yourself and then maybe you wouldn’t care about silly words that really dont mean a thing unless you let it.

  • Stephanie W

    Wow. That’s the name of the recipe. There are also Knock You Naked Brownies. I’ve hear they’re slutty because they are very easy! I just think you need to get over it.

  • Rose

    Lighten up! We’re all adults here and this whole article is just taking it all a bit too seriously. I love slutty brownies and they are “they’re called Slutty Brownies because they’re oh so easy, and more than a little bit filthy.” She didn’t name them that and I personally see no problem calling them that.

  • H

    I don’t know if you are aware but the recipe was invented by British blogger Rose Thomas of the highly successful blog she wrote the recipe because they are “easy to make and filthy”

    Jessica was having a bit of fun and laughing at her weight an her stereotypes. Leave her alone.

    • fran

      Rose did NOT invent this recipe – they were on Kevin&Amanda months before Rose saw them on Pinterest and decided to claim them.