Determined Mom Remains Upside Down For 75 Days — In Labor — To Give Preemies A Shot At Life

laborIn what appears to be a new documented trend of superhero mothers remaining in uncomfortable positions to save their unborn babies, a Polish mommy successfully saved two out of three. Joanna Krzysztonek began to go into labor with her triplets, and after one was born prematurely and died, she was determined to save the others. Even if it meant staying in labor for 75 days — nearly upside down.

The mother now says that she wasn’t “bothered” by remaining in the awkward position for two and a half months if it meant her other two babies could survive. Doctors were able to ease her contractions following the birth of the first babe who passed away, but Joanna was just thrilled that the other two had even a shot at life:

“I sighed with relief that there was a chance to keep the pregnancy and to give the babies a chance to be born successfully.”

With that upside down position and medical assistance, Joanna’s two babies remained inside her for 32 weeks. And in mid-February, she welcomed a baby girl named Iga and boy named Ignacy. The twins are currently in incubators and are expected to survive. Reuters reports that Joanna had some problems regaining her balance following the ordeal. Nevertheless, she visits her infants every day. But after being nearly upside down for 75 days, I can’t imagine why this incredible mother wouldn’t.

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  • The Mommy Psychologist

    Wow. I’m constantly amazed at the things we will do for our children. Even before they are here and we have me them in person. We will do anything. A mother’s love is like nothing else on the planet.

    “The child psychologist who thought she had all the answers to parenting until she became one herself.”

  • Nadine Morris

    wow! this almost sounds like the stuff of urban legend (the technique), but I do not doubt a mother’s determination and will. beautiful!

  • Wils

    This is so freaking stupid that there aren’t even words for it. How much you want to bet this mom will ditch those kids into daycare the first chance she gets. Why not adopt babies that need homes instead of this ridiculousness! Geez, women are getting dumber every day.

    • i hate Wils

      are you serious? she went through the most painful thing for a very long time. she must’ve really loved them. why would she waste her time giving birth to them if she was going to just get rid of them? you are the retard, not her. i hope you die.

    • WilsLover

      You are the funniest guy I have seen in years! I am trying to decide if I think you are a real person or not…if you are real!!! Man, if you are real I bet you are a BLAST at parties!
      Headline: Peace and Prosperity the World Over!
      Wils reply: The sun will consume the whole planet one day.
      Headline: All Cancers Cured!
      Wils reply: Death is inevitable.
      Headline: Fusion Breakthrough! Energy Woes Solved!
      Wils reply: This will all end in tears.

      You’re funny, dude!

  • Wils

    These babies will never have normal lives. They will have breathing and developmental problems their entire existence on earth. I suppose THAT is fine with everyone. :/

    You guys, have a fun day with all your silliness. I learned a long time ago that kids are worth everything, but then I see too many “moms” throwing their kids into day care when they could stay home with them. That is so important. After knowing people throw their kids into daycare like that, I began learning that most of em are idiots.

    • jpr11011

      I have several problems as the result of fetal hypoxia (a condition that usually affects preemies, but I was a 39 weeker, so it was just really bad luck in my case). I have ADD and NLD. Both went undiagnosed for years, and I suffered terribly for it. I have never been medicated for either. I am ambisinister- both my hands are as skilled as a right-hander’s left. I have low muscle tone and probably always will. I also have a bone marrow issue which means I have a good chance of developing autoimmune problems. I already have 2 autoimmune conditions. I also have an arrhythmia.

      That being said- I love my life :) I have found meaning and purpose. I will be able to have a “normal” life. I am applying to “normal” colleges, even one Ivy, this fall (wish me luck!). I will have a normal career. I will live a normal lifespan. I will be able to have biological kids.

      Before you cast judgment on whether or not someone’s life will be normal or livable, get to know someone who experienced fetal distress and lives with the effects of it. You will find that while many struggle through different issues, most of us are just as normal as you are. Before you decide what is silly, and what is normal, know your subject.

      I usually do not go off like this, but I could not remain silent on this issue as I saw comments like these. I for one am glad I survived my hypoxia.

    • Mamarae

      In todays society it is extremely hard to maintain a home with one income. When my 1st daughter was born I HAD to go back to work when she was only 5 weeks old. My husband and I worked opposite shifts so she was with a sitter only a few hours a day. At the age of 2 I took on a full time day job which put her in full-time daycare where I was employed. I wanted to be home with her, but bills had to be paid, diapers bought etc. To condemn a woman for putting her children into daycare so she can work and provide for them is not only ridiculous but immature.

    • nicole

      Not every baby born early has issues. I delivered my daughter at 31 weeks and she was perfect health wise, she was just small! Not all mom’s are idiots either!

    • Patricia

      You mean to tell me that there are horrible human beings who pout children on this earth and then leave them in a clean environment with trained professionals to work so said horrible human being can feed their children??

      I am SHOCKED. Thanks for sharing, I will make damn sure to alert the authorities about this… this… child abuse!

      Oh, and btw, “normal” is another word for “judgmental prick”. So I guess you’re very normal.

    • WilsLover

      I think SOMEONE is angry that mommy put them in day care!
      It’s ok, Wils. Just look, you turned out fine…oh

    • Charla Rhoderick

      Actually most babies at that gestation will grow up to be completely fine! My son was born at 31 weeks and is a completely healthy, normal one year old. And it’s not your place to judge a woman for putting her kids in day care and you don’t know that this woman will or won’t. You’re calling people idiots when in fact you sir aren’t very intellegent yourself.

    • Alia Volkening-Wolfe

      How will they never have normal lives?!? I had a baby at 32 weeks and he is perfectly healthy! There is absoulutly nothing wrong with my son

  • Penny Gladish-Lovely

    Go Mamma! Mom love is sacrificial. I had 33 week preemie after being on hospitial bed rest. He turned 15 years old today.He is a normal kid after having RDS, asthma, and some digestive problems due to getting a light cace of NEC. He is a normal teen WILS!

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  • D

    Do all that to save your babies then give them such horrid names!!!!

    • JennyY

      Hey, D, you are an idiot. This woman lives in Poland and both names are very common and spelled correctly. Just FYI: Poland is a country in Europe (“Europe” is not the United Kingdom). Moron!

  • me

    I dont really think this was the best choice but I understand why she did it. Whatever a mother feels the baby feels and when you are upside down it messes with your breathing which can minimize the oxygen the babies get. When your in the hospital they tell you to lay on your left side for that very reason. Only time will tell if the children will have any problems but I pray they are healthy happy babies. I had two premature children myself and was on best rest for 6 months with one of them and I would have did it for 9 if it met saving my daughter.. She was born at 35 weeks and is a happy 2 year old and my son is a happy healthy chunky 9 month old.