New Government Policy Could Leave ‘Deadbeat Dads’ Completely Destitute

Deadbeat dads aren’t really a sympathetic group. It’s hard to feel bad for parents who don’t take care of their kids. Especially if you’ve been the one missing the child support checks and tucking your little one in alone every night, the specter of those lost parents probably doesn’t give you much grief.

And yet, there’s a new government policy that might make even though the most hardened of hearts feel sorry for parents behind on their support payments.

Beginning in March, the US Treasury Department will start to pay benefits electronically. Yay, less paper checks and more efficiency. Sounds pretty simple, right?

Well here’s the issue for deadbeat dads who owe thousands in back support but are living off government programs. (Sounds like a small group, but it’s estimated that we’re talking about 275,000 people.) When a person owes child support, the State has the right to freeze that person’s bank account and take all the money deposited into it to pay back the debt. This situation is different from other debts where a collector can only garnish a third of a person’s wage or income.

Prior to the government’s paperless program, those with back support could receive a check in the mail, cash it at a grocery store and then only pay a portion of that check back to the state for their past-due support. As long as the debtors were paying a minimum amount every month, they’re government checks for things like Social Security or Disability would continue to come.

Beginning in March, these people won’t be able to collect any income at all. The check will will go directly into their frozen account and pay towards their child support, leaving them with nothing. Many of these parents rely on government assistance as their only means of income. Essentially, these people will be left destitute.

Now once again, it’s hard to feel sorry for someone who is living off the government and refusing to pay to help their children. I mean, these are extremely unsympathetic subjects here. And at the same time, we’re talking about human beings who will have nothing.

To further complicate matters, the Associated Press reports that many of these child support payments won’t actually be making their way to mothers and children. For the group of people effected by this change, their children are often fully grown and well beyond support payments. However, if a single mother has to claim welfare because her child’s father isn’t contributing, the cost of that assistance can be billed to the deadbeat dad.

Example time, because I find these situations so tricky. If a young single woman got pregnant without insurance and the father of her child wasn’t helping, she could apply for Medicaid. The State would cover the costs of her pregnancy and delivery. However, once the baby was born, the State would bill the father of the child for a portion of the costs. If he didn’t repay the State, they could freeze his bank accounts, creating the situation we’re talking about. In this way, the man could be losing all of his income to pay back a debt that wouldn’t go to his actual family.

Even some government officials are worried about the possible consequences of this move on parents who owe support. Department of Health and Human Services spokesman Ken Wolfe says, ”Child support enforcement – getting that money and passing it on to parents and children – is a measure to fight poverty, and it doesn’t make sense to accomplish that by impoverishing somebody else.”

This move to electronic transfers is expected to save the US Government $1 billion over the next ten years. It’s hard to imagine that they’ll forgo this modernization to protect a small group of people who owe debt to the government and to their families. But it’s possible that this will change the way that states collect and dispense child support payments, which is a conversation that could surely get a lot of attention.

What do you think? Should the government worry about these dads who thousands of dollars to their children? Should we feel sympathy for these often apathetic individuals? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Eileen

    I think the “deadbeat dads” who really earn our ire are the ones who have money, but don’t support their kids. These sound like men who have almost nothing, and don’t share their almost nothing with their kids – not the most admirable people, certainly, but also not the picture of the wealthy ex-husband who raised his kids to age ten or so, then ran off and refused to contribute anything to their well-being.

    • Lindsay Cross

      That’s a very fair point. And personally, when I think of the term “deadbeat,” I think it involves a lot more than money. I would be okay with an ex who couldn’t afford to help out if they tried to take an active role in their child’s life. Phone calls don’t cost a whole lot.

    • Tara

      Very True! it’s not all about money

    • Mia

      “Phone calls don’t cost a whole lot.”

      I had that argument with my own deadbeat (and very financially secure) father for the last 15 years. And I say “had” because I finally gave up and disowned the asshole last year. Best thing I ever did.

  • Andrea

    Still not feeling it. This measure will save us the taxpayers a lot of money…I don’t feel a whole lot of sympathy because it will negatively impact a small group of people who have already shown themselves to be, at best, pathetic.

  • Lilac

    Growing up my dad was a deadbeat. We had nothing while he took trips overseas and horded his paycheck all to himself and to his mistress. I could care less if these deadbeats end up with nothing. Most of them probably do under the table jobs anyway and get paid in cash so the never report it anyhow.

    • Tara


  • Ashley

    My son’s father has not made a payment since 2008. He is on ‘government aid’ so they can not enforce payments. He quit his job in 2008 because his checks were being garnished and has been unemployed since. The system claims they can’t enforce these payments, in fact he can have $0 modification on his payments for as long as he is aided. This is total and complete BS. I work full time and can’t get government assistance or housing assistance, yet he and his wife both sit at home getting aid (my tax dollars). They are making it too easy for them to get away with avoiding their responsibility. And just so people don’t think I am focused on money, in addition to the last payment being in Sept. 2008, he last saw his son in February 2009.

  • Derek

    Not a good look at all. Now we will have to deal with the crime rate increasing from not only unemployed people but now desperate people. Every decision has a consequence but is this decision necessary?? it’s not like the money’s going to the family or the children sound like another way to line there own pockets!!!!

  • Kacie

    Why are my comments about mothers who cheat the system not showing up?

  • Kacie

    I’m getting really annoyed; why are my comments being censored?

    • Lindsay Cross

      Kacie, I’m so sorry that our comments system filtered your posts. I’ve gone in and manually approved your comment and I’ll get with our IT team this morning to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Again, I really apologize for the frustration. Thank you for reading and for adding to the conversation.

  • K

    This law wouldn’t just apply to deadbeat dads who don’t pay anything; it would affect those who lose their jobs or owe acreage due to years’ long custody battles. My fiance owes over $10,000 in acreage even though he has 50/50 residency and custody, but the court decided to take almost half his wages since she won’t get a job, has had another child with her new boyfriend whom she won’t marry because it would lower her child support and state assistance, and is pregnant with ANOTHER child she has told people she is having on purpose to get more money and qualify for section 8. She also took my fiance off the health insurance and put her new boyfriend on it, but my fiance has to pay for the insurance that covers her and the new boyfriend and can’t qualify for his own insurance or pay for it since they take so much. Oh, and she gets food stamps for the kids, but my fiance can’t since the state only allows one parent to qualify even if residency is split. This law needs to change.

    • Kacie


  • Kacie

    Thank you Lindsay!

  • Clericsdaughter

    Well, Judge Judy will be pleased. But this article is right to point out how complex the situation is, and how there is no clear moral imperative. We’ve already seen in the comments section how both fathers and mothers game the system.

    • Hellen Pedro

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  • Miranda W

    Don’t forget about the deadbeat moms out there folks. My husband has full custody of his 4 kids from his previous marriage. YES, I SAID A MAN HAS FULL CUSTODY OF HIS 4 KIDS!!! In less that a year the deadbeat mom has racked up over $20,000 in non paid support. Deadbeats aren’t just the dads anymore.

    • Lynne Thomas

      A dead beat is the legal term for any parent male or female who refuses to pay court ordered child support in Canada or the U.S.A.

  • pam

    what about the deadbeats who claim they are disabled, work under the table, hide behind there wives income and claim her parents take up the rest of the responsibility. mean while he cheats on his wife and gets a younger woman pregnant. does not report his income. oh and the best part is he lied and said he had a vasectomy to all three woman…. he has never had to pay a dime cause of his so called disability. oh and then to make matters worse just look at the laws and courts here in nova scotia…. designed to leave kids without while deadbeats drink and smoke there money away and are allowed to own assets such as a house and car to suport the family they had after there first child was abandoned completely, and the extra assets such as cottages and four wheelers are tucked saftly under a friend, family member or boses name where it cant be proven or touched. so tell me why a man who dry walls under the table has a wife, a girlfriend and an ex all with his children, who owns land, a home oh and a fourwheeler in someone elses name can claim to be blind and get away with it….. oh dont blame the mother herer cause trying to prove this to help my son with mild autism, and severe asthma landed a cop on my doorstep telling me i was harrassing him cause someone else used my car and pulled into his driveway and his friends claimed they saw me….. all so he can avoid people knowing the child is his cause thats what he told people for the last 11 yrs….. welll i was completely faithfull i am now very aware of the influence he has had on his son and know his lies and fraudulent ways are harder on the child then growing up without a dad….. i am proud to raise such a wonderfull child on my own and proud to say it will be a cold day in hell before i let this man around the child now, so government agencies need to stop looking at the he said she said bull crap and start looking at whats best for the child…. every father should be made to have a paturnity test….. paid for by the government and pending resaults the father should have to pay the government back….. if nothing else the child would at least have access to his family haritage and be able to get medical history, if a man fathers a child he should have to pay half of every penny spent on that child. why not inforce laws so that if a man abandons his child he losees access to all his children…. sounds harsh but these men hide behind there wives and girlfriends, ertc….. if they had to face the truth they would be more willing to turn these deadbeats in….. until my son has proof who he is and not have to grow up wondering which parent is telling the truth, there is no justice done for the fatherless child, if government would pay for this there would be a lot less mothers on assistance, and a lot more fathers paying for the kids and maby if fathers were confronted about thier lies society would be a little more honest reliable and respected….. PROOF!!!! the answer to a childs true needs…. lets teach our children how to love, not how to hurt…….

    • T

      Do you really think anyone is going to read all of this?

    • QueenDemi305

      i did …. Maybe you should too .

    • Melissa

      I know exactly what you are saying. My childrens father collects SSI and works under the table, but yet he can’t contribute to his children. Not only is he a deadbeat, he’s PATHETIC!

    • Laura

      I live in Nova Scotia as well. My ex has been hiding from the courts and his children for almost 2 years. I am being made by our government to run around in circles to gain child support for my children. All the while he is living with another woman and he child playing house with them less them 2 minutes up the road from us, and not helping support his kids or even has gone as far as no seeing them for over a year. I now have to apply to the courts and ask for child support and talk to him about him no longer having rights to see the children now as he doesn’t bother anyway…….. I feel sod defeated over this, its not fair to my children…… what do I do.

    • Dani

      Exactly the same situation here. Deadbeat was secretly on SSI when I met him but all I saw was him going to work. Got paid under the table I later found out. Poked holes in condems to get me pregnant probably since I had a good job, new car and owned my home. Lost it all when I was ill from pregnancy. During that time he got another woman pregnant and has had several more kids. I have since lived in low income housing, rode public transportation or walked, been unemployed when son’s autism counselling schedule conflicted with work, received foodstamps, etc. Once while standing at the bus stop in the rain with my feverish baby boy the deadbeat stopped at the redlight in front of me in his shiny new car then drove off. If law does not get this parasite through other means, castration should become mandatory. Society pays, literally, and children and the responsible parent both pay emotionally.

  • T

    Oh man I love these kinds of sites where you don’t have to make a whole account to comment.Anyway I don’t think there is anyone who would feel sorry for a deadbeat dad.They can complain all they want about how little they have,but it is more important that the kids have what they need instead of the deadbeat dad.Kids don’t ask to come into this world.The parents bring them here.Therfore both parents should take care of them physically and financially.I just saw a story online today about a single mo,of 3 adult kids,who received a check for over $93,000 in back c/s.There was a whole team of people who finally found the deadbeat,froze his account and took every dime.This was such a wonderfull story! I did kind of wonder if any of it went back to welfare,since she was probably on it,but maybe they didn’t try to take any of it considering the circumstances.Oh and I hate how some women claimed that they took care of 2 or 3 kids by themselfs with no higher education.So, I don’t know for sure if she was on it,but if so that means taxpayers paid for the upbringing of 3 kids up until adult hood.That’s a lot of money.

  • Suzi

    Just found out today my X receives food stamps. He already works under the table and deals only in cash and therefore has no checking account to garnish. So no hope for me. He owes in excess of 50k. He told our child that he only has to go to jail once a year and the bail is no problem (only around $500). So he has it made, he officially knows how to beat the system and loves flaunting this. There is not a thing I can do. :(

    So the new law won’t help me I’m afraid.

  • Tara

    No we should not feel sorry for them!! My ex who also works under the table receives public assistance! So while i’m trying not to lose my house, my car is broke down due to fuel pump because i’m always running out of gas that i just can’t afford! so i walk 4 miles to work every night (i work 3rd shift) and back home every morning you can be rest assured that he is eating well and living under section 8 with practically free rent!! Did i mention that our daughter has very bad asthma and that i can’t afford medical insurance so i used to ask mom to please half her meds with my daughter? My mom died Aug 16th 2012 so no more mom to cry to and no meds for my daughter. When she’s at school i pray that she will not have an asthma attack because she is not allowed to take meds at school due to not having a Dr’s form, Even writing this i just cry….. my life is hopeless…. as long as he receives help he will never have to help:(

  • Melissa

    I can not feel sorry for a deadbeat parent that doesn’t want to contribute to their child/children needs. I’m a single mother of three children under the age of 18. I have to work my knuckles to the bone while their father decides to collect SSI so he doesn’t have to pay child support. This is totally unfair to the child/children and the parent that is doing it ALL by them self. I feel that this has become a epidemic across the United States where deadbeat dads collect SSI to avoid helping take care of their child/children. If they would change the law on this, there would be less single moms having to collect welfare or depend on other resources for help. It’s BOTH parents responsibility to provide for the child/children, not ONE parent and/or the governments. I feel sorry for the child/children that is being deprived.

  • Akira Kakashi

    I personally dont agree with child support much less this. Who’s place is it to determine the quality of anothers life? Not the government or anyone else but the individual thats who, nobody is god nor should they act like it! Dont get it twisted i dont think that not taking care of your children is right at all. But i think deadbeats that arent paying for theyre children and not taking care of them are already paying the ultimate price, not getting lifes most beautiful gift to have and raise a child! So why make them pay more? The world isnt as black and white as people think and lets face it, not everybodys cut out to be a parent. If a parent regardless of male or female isnt fit for it and never will be its better to for them to not be present in the childs life for it will potentially harm theyre development dramatically! I was raised by a single mom who was a maniac and should not have ever had children, she was abusive in every manner imaginable thats why i say and know from experience some people shouldnt be parents, even if by mistake. I say if theyre such deadbeats its in the best interest for the other parent and child to not have them in their lives.

  • notadeadbeatdad

    I was arrested 11.23.12 for license suspension because of past
    due child support. I was never informed that my license was suspended as I
    moved and the address on the notice was my old address and the officer said these notices are “do not
    forward” therefore I was not notified of the suspension of my license and did
    not choose to drive knowing my license was suspended. My car was impounded even though my wife was
    in the vehicle with me, the car insurance and registration is in both of our
    names however the officer indicated it was mandatory that they impound our

    The accumulation of past due child support was due to
    unemployment periods throughout the years, economy being bad etc… not because I
    chose not to pay child support. Each and every job I have had the full amount
    of child support was taken. If I am not working there is no money to be had by
    anyone, this would be the case even if we were not divorced. I have a new family
    to take care of and I want to work but I am no longer able to do so. The
    children in question here are in their 20’s employed, married and on their own so
    it is not a matter of survival. I have
    had 2 hospital stays for congestive heart failure and diabetes and am now 100%
    disabled. I have not worked in 2 years and am waiting for social security
    disability to be approved. Since I became disabled I have lost my job, lost my
    insurance and have to self-pay for medication in the hundreds of dollars a
    month and make monthly payments to my physician as I require continuous care
    and do not have any insurance.

    It should be noted
    that I did call child support enforcement when my disability began and was told
    nothing could be done, pay now the full monthly amount due or arrearages would
    continue to accrue. Upon calling again on Monday and asking again to be put on
    some kind of payment plan I was told now this was possible but only if I put a
    large ($1500.00) down payment which is impossible at this time.

    Why do they not work with you in circumstances of this
    nature I am not a deadbeat Dad. I have every intention to pay what I owe.

  • LuvinLifeinCT

    I do not feel sorry for deadbeat parents who don’t contribute to their child/children needs. I’m also a single mother of three children under the age of 18. I have to work my knuckles to the bone while their father has managed to qualify for SSI (Crohn’s disease) while working for cash under the table driving a taxi. So he doesn’t have to pay child support. This is totally unfair to the child/children and the parent that is doing it ALL by themselves.

    This seems like an epidemic across the United States because deadbeat dads somehow manage to “qualify” for SSI to avoid paying for the care of their child/children, while continuing to hold down lucrative employment. Reporting these people to Social Security or the IRS does no good (tried that). I feel for the children being deprived.

    • Name

      I do not see this happening at all,perhaps SSA changed their mind. My sons dad refuses to pay child support.He gets SSI so DCSE can not enforce the order. I was hoping that he would just man up but NO luck.Since receiving SSI he has purchased several cars and does everything that he pleases, not to mention that he lives with his mother so he has no bills other than those car bills. What the heck can I do to make him pay,perhaps I must file a civil suit for a judgement of some sort. I am trying to this this proper way as even called his pastor to perhaps encourage him to do right,still no sucess. What else can I do please help!!

  • SMH..

    Same situation different person my kids dad do the same thing work for cash and collect
    RSDI/SSI of course i’m on welfare i need the help also work part-time $9hr that alone is not enough to cover $1200 in rent+ utilities+kids+fun for the kids+gas to get the kids to the fun+tickets to pay for the fun+clothes to cover the kids every time they grow an inch but does that make me less of a parent i think not. I knew that if me and my kids dad were to ever brake up he would not help me with our kids he told me his self on many argumentative occasions, that alone was enough reason for me to leave him after 11yrs of BS. Kids don’t understand that till they grow up and jump into a relationship-my problem is not the money now my oldest daughter due to not having her “DEADBEAT” dad is giving me hell because she “misses” him. But she forgot the last time i tried to let them see him this guy calls me cursing me out while my kids are at his house in the background hearing everything that he’s saying he had me so scared to the point i had to go get them and they never saw him again. When i bought our truck because well i needed it guess who tries to steal my truck u guessed it “DEADBEAT” pop my locks broke my steering column didn’t care that the car was for my kids as well there’s more but my question is what do you do about a kid that wants to be with a “DEADBEAT” that works under the table to avoid paying of that tries to start arguments just so he doesn’t have to see his kids.
    What if the very same kid you’re taking care of out of love turns to hates you for it what do you do????
    Now am i a bad parent for letting her go???
    IT’S so much more to it than money it’s emotional it’s visually seeing and talking to and hugging and receiving love from the other “DEADBEAT” parent the government is not helping the kids that just want see their “OTHER PARENT” if you take all the assets
    of the “DEADBEAT” they’ll just get more and continue to cause emotional havoc to these kids poor little hearts.

  • Lynne Thomas

    Were in a battle with my ex hiding behind his current wife of over 15 years. Yes hiding in the U.S.A. and yet still cries that he is poor but they have a new home, a new car and yet has an inheritance and refuses to pay his back child support yes he is a dead beat and were back to court again. They should pass new laws that make it illegal for a spouse to support a dead beat parent and if they are legally married then let them cough up the support. His wife knew when they got married that there were 3 minor children.

  • joe bloe

    What about the fathers who actually get hurt on the job and they physically cannot work? I fell from a roof and ruined my back so now I have been going to school and living on student loans. I have been paying support, whatever I can, from my student loans so that I don’t lose my drivers license. I have applied for Social Security because they can’t throw me in jail if I do that. I really really hope to have a job someday but my debt is making me a drain on society. Also the state is making me pay for her food stamps. ($13,000). With child support and food stamps, I now owe $31,000. Add my student loans and I owe about $80,000. This is PHYSICALLY impossible to pay back. We need a more realistic approach to this problem. Yes I know that there are jerks that don’t care about their children but I DO!

    • lalamom

      For fathers like you, I really wish the system can see it. I hope for the best for you and your situation. There has to be another way because you are right about some fathers and mothers who really are disabled or are trying to make ends meet and the other parent is just being a total prick.

    • jcharris

      I know how you feel joe, I was in the middle of fighting for social security disability when I was ordered to pay support. He doesn’t even have the kids and it racked up and racked up while I lived with my mom. During my 10 year fight , in the very last moments of it when I would finally be awarded, my lawyer screwed the pooch and missed a filing costing me my 10 years back ssi and future income….43k in debt from child support, kid in my house and I can’t even get life insurance to leave the kid anything if I die. Sometimes the hole is just too big to crawl back out of and when you have been out of work for as long as I have nobody wants to hire you and when they see you owe back support…..good luck getting a job at all they don’t want the burden of all that paperwork

  • rusty_armor

    Holy smokes! After reading these posts, am I ever glad that I never sired any children. Geesh!

  • Anonymous

    I feel that being a deadbeat parent should be illegal. Requiring that one parents pays child support isn’t enough. A mother or father should not be able to legally abandon their kid. I can’t believe that we live in an era when a person can go to jail for shoplifting but not for abandoning their kid. A single mother receiving child support to help take care of her kid/kids isn’t enough. A child needs the care of both parents. There are lots of kids being raised by single mothers these days. I am a single mother to a toddler. I do everything 100% of the time. This isn’t fair to me and to the kid. But there is almost nothing I can do about it legally because her father chose to abandon her and leave me with all of the responsibilities. The court could help me get child support, but not visitation in my case. But this is n’t about my situation. This is about a culture that allows dads to abandons their children and it is legal to do so. What an awful thing in our society.

  • anonymousmom

    These deadbeats don’t care if their children go without. My ex is a deadbeat who got tired of paying the arrearage and filed emergency custody saying my husband and I were abusive just so he could keep what he owes me and get support from me. Luckily the judge has not awarded him one dime but he still has my kids. Ive been put through hell trying to make him take care of his responsibility and now I am going through hell trying to get them back. It is a jacked up system and the dead beats should have no rights!

  • Deborah Wilson

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  • ThatOneGuy

    “the man could be losing all of his income to pay back a debt that wouldn’t go to his actual family.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! Not his actual family, how is his child not “his actual family”?

    Lindsay Cross, please explain?

    • kiki

      What the statement means is that if the custodial parent received any welfare or Medicaid the money taken from the deadbeat would be paid to the state for the Medicaid and welfare, not the custodial parent and children.

  • Aaron Keele

    I feel that one under spoken possibility is what if the Father is not a dead beat at all. He pays his child support on time each month in full and whatever expenses the Ex wife decides to tack on due to self inflicted circumstances. Chooses to workless so she can get government aide. Likewise the entire time the father has had Medical Insurance on the child and has in every way ensured the child is taken care of. I do understand he is covered by his insurance from Medicaid coming after him for a portion if the mother so chooses to go to the Dr. Yet, what about other assistance. She gets state assistance on the child because she is now low income. Will the father be forced to pay that dept. even though he has done everything in his power to assure his child’s future. Did the program just negate the possibility of creating a loop hole for people to exploit. Just like the fact that the Ex got Medicaid because she choose physically choose to cut her hours at work. Her live in boyfriend’s income doesn’t count unless they are married when determining eligibility. Yet, since she got it now I have to pay her more because my Medical Premium means nothing in the eyes of Medicaid and all state affiliated agencies. Yay for loop holes and for finding ways to screw over honest people. Yay for not understanding the true outcomes of what is and will always be the norm of the majority of the Human race being SHEEP. So to all this I say Wuff! Wuff!

  • olivia mike

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    No they should not be allowed to take all of it but it is not right that they can get away with not paying any thing at all if they get ssi so I guess once again the real bad ones let the other take all the crap for them and sit back and oh get a check for doing nothing his whole life and the real funny part is they can owe you 30 k back support and pay nothing but your taxes pay them a ssi check. What is that.


    found out i was not father of either of wife’s children. pay anyway or
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    Oh sorry, their real dad’s really want to know….