Five President’s Day Fun Facts For Kids

Presiden'ts DayPresident’s Day to most kids may simply mean not having to go to school and maybe a playdate, but how about sprinkling in some fun facts with those cartoon marathons? Your kids may be getting some standard lessons in school about George Washington‘s legendary cherry tree. However, perhaps they should know what our very first president’s teeth were actually made of. Plus, ever wonder how John F. Kennedy‘s mother kept track of her nine children? It sure wasn’t just memory.  And how do you think Richard Nixon fared in his high school student body president election?

President’s Day may be the perfect day to find out.

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  • Jen

    There’s also reason to believe that Washington’s dentures had slave teeth which were pulled specifically to give him a full smile. Definitely something I’ll be sharing with my daughter when she’s old enough, but not something you’d want to broach when kids’ are still old enough to think donkey teeth dentures might be cool.