Mommyish Poll: Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say Vs. Sh*t Urban Moms Say

Shit Crunchy Moms SayIf the “Shit People Say” meme wants to persist in the parenting blogosphere, I say so be it. Yesterday, we brought you the chuckle-inducing “Shit Urban Moms Say,” but STFU Parents has alerted me to another parody aptly entitled “Shit Crunchy Mamas Say.” Now, where there are wealthy urban privileged mothers pushing around their bugaboos, there are also crunchy moms complaining about another breastfeeding photo being taken down from Facebook and grimacing at the term “elective c-section.”

Although Urban Moms and Crunchy Mamas seem to be mocking two distinct corners of modern motherhood here, they clearly overlap in some cringe-worthy areas. So in this battle of the mommy memes, which one do you prefer?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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  • CW

    They are the EXACT SAME demographic for all I can tell…

    • Lori B.

      100% agree… not much difference between the 2:)

  • Lexigore

    I am an urban mom. I take public transit, walk past crackheads on my way to the doctor, could certainly never afford a Bugaboo stroller and I haul my groceries from the farmer’s market in canvas bags whilst juggling a pregnant belly and a big dog. These “urban moms” come off more as “yuppy moms” who will be moving to the suburbs soon or already live there and commute.
    How about a real “Sh*t Urban Moms Say” like “the damn bus is broken down and I’m late” and “honey, we’re out of dogfood, can you manage hauling that 40lb bag AND bring us home some apples too?”

  • Avodah

    It seems like they could just call it “Sh*t Spoiled, Middle-Aged Women With No Careers Say”

    • CW

      What makes you so certain they are SAHM’s? Most of the moms I know who fit the demographic are employed at least part-time. Most of the SAHM’s I know don’t have the disposable income to afford shopping at Whole Foods and the rest of that lifestyle…

  • Jennifer

    Having visited both respective sponsoring sites, it seems the “Crunchy Moms” video is less self-aware; I mean, the women on that website actually seem to *advocate* the things in the video. They’re making fun of themselves, but they’re not actually in on the joke, you know? Either way, it’s rich white lady entitlement all around!

  • Shannon

    I’m a full-time, tenure track professor and I’d say I’m a mixture between the two except I prefer to bike to the farmer’s market with my toddler in a jogger that converts to a bike carrier and then use a mai tei. I hired a doula, labored in water, cloth diaper, I actually do think elective c-sections are really dangerous for the baby, and only want to feed my baby foods I made that are as natural as possible. We’re considering second-language lessons soon. (We don’t have ipads though and I have never had a breastfeeding photo taken down – mine are pretty discrete) …

  • Shannon

    Hmmmm, I think they are similar demographics. I identify with both. I’m a full time professor who bikes to the farmer’s market with my toddler in a convertible jogger/bike car, but walk with her in the mai tei. I breast feed (though none of the photos have ever been taken down – mine are discreet), cloth diaper, hired a doula, labored in water, gave birth naturally, and agree that elected c-sections are putting undo risk and delivering a baby before she’s ready for no good reason. I make all my own baby food, and try to feed him as healthy as possible. We debate what sorts of things we want to make sure his preschool provides (mandarin would be cool).

    • Shannon

      Oops, I thought the other one didn’t load. I’m sorry for the duplicate

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  • SecurityGem

    They are both awesome. All moms are!