Love & Sex Week: Pregnant Sex Was The Best Sex Of My Life

pregnant sex“Fuck me… I’m pregnant” was my reaction after watching the thin pink line creep across – and stay – on the urine-soaked test stick. But little did I know that would be my mantra for the next nine months! Hormone swings, swollen ankles and puking were, of course, well known side effects of being knocked up. But becoming a voracious sex fiend? Who knew?

I have three children and, while all three pregnancies couldn’t have been more different, two things were constant: they all yielded boys and they all turned me into a big fat horndog.

With a 50-pound weight gain, I was hardly in my finest form, yet I was insatiable. Piggy by day, peeler by night. I soon learned it wasn’t just me. One friend would plop her son in front of a DVD the minute her husband returned home from work. For them, Baby Einstein was the new Marvin Gay. Just hearing the soundtrack meant, “Honey, you’re home…. Now drop your pants.” Another pal confessed to being, ahem, roused in the night by her explicit and x-rated dreams. Some about her husband, others about mine, and still others about a FedEx driver she’d passed in the street.

I have no doubt there are those who couldn’t bear to be touched. But they weren’t anybody I knew. We may have been moody, with body-image issues and food aversions, but we were starting off our days with a bang. Eating for two only fueled the fire of our loins. Pendulous boobs, junk in the trunk – it was all up for grabs. I know sex begets sex, but pregnancy was a whole other story.

Top, bottom and side. Upstairs, downstairs, inside and out. The world was our waterbed. Naturally, there were times when my man simply wasn’t in the mood. But as far as I was concerned, if he was around, he’d better be up for it. Too tired? Too bad. My body was making a baby – what was his doing? [tagbox tag="sex"]

And no, it wasn’t all in my head – or pants. Science was on my side. As the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health points out, everything is more sensitive. While this can be a burden for some ladies, it’s a bonus for others. And in the second trimester, when most of the nausea has worn off, nature’s lube kicks in. Let’s just say the belly, boobs and butts aren’t the only parts of the body that expand. With increased blood flow to the nether regions, vaginal tissue swells as well and like it or not, it makes everything feel great. If you can get there. No wonder some friends have hailed pregnancy sex as the best sex ever. With arousal all round, what’s not to like?

Besides, once that baby comes, it’s a whole other story

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  • pritza

    It wasn’t just horny – I felt like a porn star – but not the first trimester, way too pukey. Once that was over, however, I was out of hand!

  • daniela

    i keep hearing other preggos say this… yet, at 20 weeks, i cannot relate.

    oh, well.

  • Nikky

    I’m 22 weeks now, and oh man can I relate! Sadly, we’re fixing up a gutted house and living with my mom and 5 (much) younger siblings in the mean time. This does not make for convenient sexytimes.

  • theboysmomma

    Oh that was so true for me. Can’t tell you how many family functions I made us late for!

  • Laurie

    This was true for me too. It went away after I had the baby though. Oh well!

  • Frances

    I was this way during my second pregnancy, but the complete opposite with the other two. That being said, this article made me literally laugh out loud. Love it! Anytime you have the words “pendulous boobs” and “the world was our waterbed” in the same piece, you know magic is happening.

  • bigbigmac

    I had sex with my neighbor pregnant wife. It was incredible. I had a fling for East Indian women. It doesn’t help when I moved into an apartment unit next to an Indian couple. The husband was a nice guy, but his wife was nicer and stunningly beautiful. She was super sexy especially when she was pregnant in her 6th month. I usually go to the swimming pool just to be around them especially to have a chance to talk to her. One day he asked to have a private talk with me. In that we talked mostly about having sex with her. He asked me to help him fucking her because he could not keep up with her sexual needs. I went to the clinic with him for STD test and a week later everythings were good. My first time together with them was a MMF threesomes. Seeing her in the traditional Indian sawar clothes and slowly stripping was the most beautiful sight to be seen. He and I banged the hell out of her. That was the best, no condom. Both of us ejaculated inside her more than 5 times. I slept with her on regular basis through her pregnancy. She was always hornied and wanted sex. We tried all sort to sexual things doggy, split roasted, titties fuck, anal sex, double penetration, and even double vaginal penetration. She swallowed his and my semens.The best of it was that I didn’t wear a condom and I squirted my loads inside her pussy. Her pregnancy turn her into a nymph. She constantly wanted to have sex. He and I were having trouble keeping up with her. We discussed about gang bang but we didn’t go through because the trouble of finding other men and the STD tests. After she had the baby we slowed down our sexual activities and I have to use the condom. I still get together with them now and then. The sexual experience I had with her when she was pregnant was the best. I want him to knock her up again so I can have sex with her without having to put on the condom.

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