Video: Man Attempts To Abduct 7-Year-Old Girl At Walmart

A man attempted to abduct 7-year-old Brittney Baxter in the toy aisle at a Walmart in Bremen, Georgia, and the terrifying surveillance video is now circulating like mad. I tried not to watch it – who wants to watch an attempted abduction? – but I had to click play because, um, this is kind of my worst parenting nightmare realized. Fortunately, the girl kicked and screamed and managed to get away unharmed – thank god.

Brittney said the man started talking to her while she was looking at toys. Her mom, Georgeanne Baxter, was picking up groceries in a nearby aisle. Suddenly, the man put his hand over Brittney’s mouth and tried to carry her away. But the little girl squirmed, flailed her arms and legs, and made as much noise as possible until the man let go, ran away and drove off in his car.

A description of the man’s car led police to his home, where he was promptly arrested. Thomas Woods, 25, faces a charge of attempting kidnapping (though he denies the claims). Meanwhile, he was out on parole after being convicted of voluntary manslaughter, which makes the whole things all the more chilling.

Some people have already criticized Brittney’s mom, claiming it was irresponsible of her to leave her child unattended in the first place. But others have shot back with the fact that she was close by and that no parent can keep an eye on their child at all times. Either way, it’s not the mother’s fault this deranged man tried to kidnap her daughter, that’s for sure. I’m just grateful that Brittney knew what to do in this horrifying circumstance – a lesson we should all be teaching our children.

(Video: ABC News)

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  • WV Ellie

    Two things:

    The father thanked God that the daughter was saved. I wonder if he thanked God for the attempted abduction? If not, why not? Shouldn’t he be grateful that God set that up, too?

    The daddy-little girl dance is a nasty, sick, and incestuous ritual and it figures that the Christians would love it. It is disgusting to set a little girl up as a romantic dance partner with any adult man and when it is her own father it is twice as sick. It recalls the marriages between Warren Jeffs and the little girls that he was a spiritual father to. It also recalls the Christian hero Lot who got drunk and had sex with not one, but with both his daughters. And of course the Bible holds his daughters responsible rather than their father!

    What a sad message this child is going to get. The man you can act romantically around is your daddy! Disgusting!!

    • Person

      What the hell are you talking about?

    • Julie

      I’m wondering the same thing, Person- what the HELL? Where do people come up with this stuff?

    • Rose

      ok first off why are you “attacking” Christians? and how did God set up the attempted abduction?
      Second: there is nothing wrong with a daddy-little girl dance…how about when the daughter gets married and she has her father-daughter dance…is that a “nasty, sick and incestuous ritual”?
      Third: the Bible holds Lots daughters responsible because THEY got their father drunk so he would have sex with them because they knew that if he was sober he would never have sex with them and the reason they did that was because they didn’t think that they would find a man that would marry them and they wanted to preserve their family bloodline….
      And 4th I think that you have problems that maybe you seriously should go see a professional about if you see something nasty and perverse in something so innocent??? just saying

    • Darce

      Your post makes absolutely NO sense. None whatsoever. Idiot.

    • Elizabeth Button

      as an atheist, i would like to clarify that we are NOT all as hateful as this guy is. i think father daughter dances are wonderful, and in no way romanticizing their relationship. I may not believe in what the bible says, but I’ll support you in your equal right to believe in it.

      Again, we do NOT condone and support this person’s way of thinking. don’t judge us all from one bad apple.

  • Erin

    I work in retail and I see people leaving thier young children by themselves ALL of the time. There are so many 2 and 3 year olds left by themselves to play with toys that they do not own! If I see young children alone, I ask where thier parents are and we take a walk up to the front of the store to page them over the loud speaker. Most of the time, the parent gets the child and five minutes later, the child is off on thier own again.

    Yes, this mother shares the blame if something would have happened to her child. It is 2012, you can not leave your children anywhere unsupervised. We all know there are crazy people everywhere, and as parents we are to protect our children.

    That man should be put to death!!!

    • JOE


  • david

    yeah don’t blame the mother, seriously who hasn’t had their kid with then in the store – you know they want to go look at the toys, or the electronics, we consider a store like wal mart a safe place. obviously the cameras and the fact that there’s lots of people around helped the kid. and yes, kids these days are smarter, look at what elizabeth smart has been saying – you can’t let people scare you, it’s your life, you scream and fight for it.

    • Daddy

      but the little girl was Out of school because of strep throat, she should have been Home getting well…

  • icy.witkus

    It is now time for the law to allow leashes for parents to hold on to bec ause that is the only way we can keep track of our children. What’s wrong with the
    leashes as long as no one uses them as a whipping tool. Please law give
    these back to people to protect their kids. Kids are so fast they can be gone

    • Julie

      I have said this before and I will say it again. Children. Are. Not. Dogs. People do not belong on leashes. They are used for pets. I will never ever EVER be caught dead putting my child on a leash.

    • mommy4smartkids

      You can still use a child harness (also called a leash). It is not against any law that I know of. But with that little girl being in 2nd grade she was to old for one, and her mom left her in the toy isle not she wondered off.

  • Jeff Fitzhugh

    People have to take their kids more, because you had to move away from the parents. It used to be parents and grand parents lived in the same home and the little ones didn’t have to be taken to the store all the time. Now you got to put them in the child seat and watch them and it’s a pain in arse. The solution is to move in with the parents and leave the kids home.

    • Julie

      That’s the most ridiculous “solution” I’ve ever heard in my life. Child abductors and pedophiles will not “go away” if children never leave the house. I can take care of my child, and I’m an adult. I do not need to move back in with my mommy and daddy in order to take care of or protect my child. It may have been that way in the past, but I’m pretty sure you’d have a hard time convincing people these days that that’s what needs to be done. I take pride in my independence and I take pride in parenting my daughter. I’d much rather have her with me, experiencing things, than being sheltered away from the world because I’m too scared to take her out of the house.

    • mommy4smartkids

      I agree. It is not a good solution. Your children need to be out in public anyway so they can learn to deal with the real world.

  • mommy4smartkids

    I never leave my kids out of my sight at walmart or any store. It is to dangerous anymore. Though I know in small towns it is common because it feels safe. I know my parents let me do that and my nieces and nephews when they were younger were also allowed. But I just could not allow my kids do that. I am so thankful that little girl knows how to fight and was able to get away.

  • Darce

    Sooo is the mother going to be held accountable for leaving a 7 year old alone while she goes to a totally different area of the store and leaves her alone? The mother has a lot of the blame too. She basically put her child in harms way.

  • JB

    Lets think about this people. She wasn’t in the next isle over… if there were groceries its a super walmart which means the grocery end is on the entire other end of the store from the toys… The mother is completely to blame for leaving her daughter alone, she deserves to be charged with child endangerment.

  • Charlotte Marie Zumaya

    Uhm, idk if anyone realizes it or not, but there’s no way she was in a “nearby” isle, the toys are not near the groceries at any walmart..

  • chris

    Thank God the little girl is safe. Parents need to make sure their kids know what to do in these kinds of situations. It can happen so fast….sometimes with the parent just looking away for a moment! The book Stranger Danger – How to Talk to Kids About Strangers is a MUST READ for every parent. I highly recommend it! You can check it out here:

  • katie

    This is the mothers fault, No store is safe. You should never leave a child unattended. I have a 2yr old and a 10yr old and oh yes both of them will beg to go to the toy isle. I let my 2yr old hold the toy while I shop and I return it to the cashier when checking out, hey its better to do that then to listen to a crying kid while shopping.. My 10yr old is old enough to know better he don’t get to hold toys. if he cry’s he just makes himself look stupid …