Sh*t Urban Moms Say Is Finally Here

Shit Urban Moms SayThe “Shit People Say” meme may have already seen its viral peak on the Internet machine. I personally enjoyed the “Shit New Yorkers Say” and “Shit White Girls Say To Black Girls.” But considering that everyone in the far reaches of the interwebs has a comment on the “shit” some type of person is saying somewhere, I’m pleased to report that UrbanSitter has now brought us all the famous modern one-liners from urban mothers — and do I recognize a few.

Some are of the standard “Get that out of your mouth!” variety. But with “Five more minutes on the iPad!” and “Tuesday we have Mandarin tutor,” I definitely recognize the stereotypes of my neighboring Brooklyn mommies. Bugaboo advocates will also appreciate a nod to their stroller of choice, and there is always the essential question of why Whole Foods has yet to hire nannies on the premises.

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  • Frances

    More like “Sh*t Rich Urban Mom’s Say”. If I could afford an iPad you know damn well my kids wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near it.

  • CW

    Yeah, I have to say that this is more stuff yuppie suburban moms say than urban moms. Let’s see: gluten- and dairy-free (check), Mandarin immersion classes (check), yoga (check), farmer’s market shopping (check), wearing the baby in the Moby Wrap (check), homeschooling (check). I don’t own a Bugaboo or an iPad, though.

  • raero

    Urban what? Urban Upper Middle Class Brooklyn? Yeah, no. This is sort of insulting.

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  • Lexigore

    I am an urban mom. I take public transit, walk past crackheads on my way to the doctor, could certainly never afford a Bugaboo stroller and I haul my groceries from the farmer’s market in canvas bags whilst juggling a pregnant belly and a big dog. These “urban moms” come off more as “yuppy moms” who will be moving to the suburbs soon or already live there and commute.
    How about a real “Sh*t Urban Moms Say” like “the damn bus is broken down and I’m late” and “honey, we’re out of dogfood, can you manage hauling that 40lb bag AND bring us home some apples too?”

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  • Hippiewitch

    Every mom I have met in Manhattan’s upper west side spewed that kind of crap. Back home in Queens we are real and it’s a pleasure.