Katherine Heigl: ‘I Am A Better Mother For Having Something In My Life And Not Just My Children’

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Katherine Heigl, adoption advocate and mother of one, brought a different topic to your screens today as she described the plight of working mothers: whether to stay home, do part-time, or just hit the gas and go full throttle.

Women with babies on the way or in the home may chastise themselves for having jobs or passions that take them from their home as the guilt that overcomes a mother not solely preoccupied with comparing diaper brands can leave many feeling selfish in motherhood. But Katherine told the ladies over at The View that her interests outside the goings on of her three-year-old Naleigh actually make her a better mother.

The actress took to those teal couches running the obligatory gamete about mommy guilt and her abilities to adjust her work schedule once she adopted her daughter from South Korea. But giving up her career completely, she told the audience with her daughter at her side, was never something that she considered — primarily because pursuing her career positively impacts her ability to raise her daughter:

“I just ultimately wanted to be a mother. I love children. I still want more children and I feel like I am the best mother I can be because I have this passion, because I have this job I love so much. I am a better mother for having something in my life and not just my children.”

Katherine also shared a bit about her decision to adopt, citing her own upbringing as the biggest influence as she also has an adopted sister from South Korea with whom she is very close. She told the ladies that she very much wanted to create a family that “resembled” her own, and that included adoption.

The actress and mother has not only been candid about her own family and childhood experiences with adoption, but has also spoken in favor of the practice encouraging others to adopt. But when not speaking up about the gift of adoption, it appears Katherine is also speaking up for mothers who thrive from their work.

(photo: dailymail.co.uk)

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  • Firesparx

    I’m expecting our first and I’m tired of people telling me I have to give up dancing and being involved in theatre once I have kids. I’m not naive, I know this is a game changer, but I don’t plan on stopping being me once I start sharing my life with a wee one.

    My mother worked full time and had many creative hobbies. My fondest childhood memories are of sharing in these hobbies with my mom. And never once did I doubt that my mom put her family first. My mom is one of the most interesting people I know, and it’s because she stayed true to herself.

  • Lisa

    Some women thrive as mothers in part by pursuing careers about which they are passionate. Others thrive by focusing their energy on running their homes and not having to deal with the stress of juggling. The same is true for dads – I know some great SAHD’s, and some great full-time working dads. When will society realize that one size does *not* fit all?