• Fri, Jan 20 2012

Five Girl Models Who Are Being Photographed Like They’re Women

sexualization of girls

The sexualization of girls in advertisements and other professional photographs is unfortunately nothing new. It seems that although Brooke Shield‘s notorious Calvin Klein ad is the quick go to reference for how to inappropriately to photograph kids, girls in magazines these days are even younger. And although lots of makeup and styling are most often pointed to as the culprit in the situations, a much more subtle approach is frequently used when getting these girls to come across like woman. Sometimes it’s lighting and makeup, other times it’s wardrobe, but most of the time its getting these kids to pose like they’re grownups with sexy expressions and sultry poses.

It’s quite possible to capture girls as precisely that — girls — while still wearing these same outfits and big chunky shoes. But the theme that you’ll notice throughout all of these pictures is that there is no child-like playfulness, no giddiness of youth in the faces of these young girls. It’s all practiced, adult-like gestures that give the illusion that they aren’t kids at all.

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  • bl

    Bless them for looking fantastic at an age when I was desperately waiting to grow into my nose.

    I am completely against sexualizing young girls. Let kids be kids. But I also thinks this creates another problem. Most little girls probably aren’t seeing these pics and hoping to dress like this on a regular basis, especially if they don’t see women and girls wearing this at home.

    However, the women who look at these magazines are seeing more and more unattainable ideals. I’m still young, but I see the start of wrinkles on my fair skin and, while I’m in shape, I definitely don’t have the hips I did at 13. Now by the time women are able to afford high-end fashion, they are seeing it modeled by girls 15 years younger than them, further enforcing the idea that aging is a woman’s worst nightmare.

    (For the record, I know the one girls is in children’s ads; that 10-year-old w/the rabbits is clearly a child, and I’d recognize Elle Fanning and know she’s young. I’m saying the problem is more likely the 14-year-old models we don’t recognize.)

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