Imaginative Children’s Furniture For Creative Bedroom Decor

This weekend, my daughter and I headed to the furniture store for what I thought would be a pretty mundane errand. Our soon-to-be four year old doesn’t fit in her little toddler bed any longer. She officially needs grown-up bedroom furniture. I remember kid’s room decor consisting of basic frames and desks in white, black or natural wood. It was about as basic as you could imagine. That’s what I was prepared for when I walked into my local Furniture Row.

Instead, I found bedroom sets resembling castles, fire stations and even classic forts. There were themed rocking chairs and toy boxes. Everywhere I looked, children’s furniture was inventive and exciting. It created a fun atmosphere for kids and turned their rooms into imaginative space. What happened in the last two decades?

My daughter was overwhelmed by all her choices. Suddenly, it wasn’t just sheets and a rug that demonstrated your room’s theme. Now, armoires have a special contribution to make to the room’s overall feeling.

I have to admit, kids’ furniture shopping just got a whole lot more exciting for me. So I thought I would share some of the great things I saw out there. Try to hold yourself back on redecorating your children’s rooms and at least consult them before you run out and buy this huge bedroom fort.

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  • Marjorrytaal

    Like it wish I could give this kind to my twins

  • Rachel

    this article brought to you by furniture row. gimmie a break.

    • Lindsay Cross

      I so wish that I would’ve gotten paid advertising dollars to write this. Unfortunately, I really just liked the new, fun children’s furniture out there. Maybe I should hit them up for back payment though?

  • Elle

    Good way to perpetuate what rich parents can afford to get their children. When I was a child, my twin sister and I got our older cousins’ old twin beds, and as we got older and moved into a smaller house, we got their switched and they got our beds and we got their bunk bed set, complete with transformers sheets. We had hand-me down cribs and other things as well. These products would be great for rich parents, but why not include an article, that rather than selling a product, teaches parents to cheaply refurbish what they have to look great.

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  • Better homes

    you for sharing your creativity on kids bedroom.