Khloe Not A Kardashian After All

khloe kardashianI never thought I’d be defending a Kardashian – or non-Kardashian, as it were – but the latest gossip is that Khloe is not really a Kardashian after all. Apparently her mom, Kris Jenner, was cheating on Robert Kardashian around the time that Khloe was conceived (she even writes about it in her book – surprise, surprise). So while Robert raised her, Khloe’s biological dad could be anyone, really.

Shit happens and such is life, but what’s really getting to me is the way a whole whack of grown women are blabbing to the press about Khloe’s identity without considering that this is a 27-year-old human being they’re talking about. They should know better!

The rumors started thanks to Robert Kardashian’s ex-wife and widow, both of whom revealed to Star magazine that the late Kardashian expressed his doubts about the paternity of Khloe. “Khloe is not his kid – he told me that after we got married,” said ex-wife Jan Ashley, 63.

Ellen Kardashian, 63, who dated Robert for nearly six years and married him mere months before his death in 2003, seconds that notion. “Khloe brought it up all the time. She looked nothing like the rest. She was tall, had a different shape, light hair, curly hair. Didn’t look anything like the other three children,” she said. “Robert did question the fact that Khloe was his. Any normal man would if they knew their wife had cheated on him.” [tagbox tag="The Kardashians"]

So assuming that this is all true – it’s not like Star magazine is known for its investigative journalism is all I’m saying – I truly feel for Khloe. Yes, she has chosen to maker her life public along with the rest of the klan. And, yes, there’s a chance she’s always known about her lineage. But even so, all this gossip is a dishonor to Robert Kardashian and a huge blow to a seemingly sweet 20-something who no doubt has enough issues to deal with as is.

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  • Darrah

    Really?! Who is stupid enough to actually believe this? Khloe doesn’t look anything like Kris, she looks just like her dad! Not to mention that she and Robert Jr. look very much alike. *Note* I am not saying that Khloe looks like a man, just that she has a lot of her father’s traits, as does her brother.

    • Brooke

      If you look at the childhood pictures, Khloe does not look like either of her sisters or Rob. Without the assistance of cosmetic enhancements, she’s pretty fair skinned and haired.

      She, however, would not be the first kid to pick up a couple of recessive genes.

  • Avodah


    You stated that Star is not known for investigative journalism, but you choose to disseminate their ideas through your blog. I don’t see how spreading gossip makes you any better than the Star.

    On a side note, you may not want to call them a “klan”. That usually refers to something very different.

  • Holly

    “Shit happens and such is life”…really? Umm no infidelity doesn’t just happen.Rain and thunderstorms just happen…this whole family is a Jerry Springer episode-complete w/white trash galore.Oh and she does look like a dude :(

  • Steph

    I’m guessing the ex-wives are
    A. jealous they’re not famous like his kids are
    B. have run out of whatever money they got out of him after in one case a divorce and the other his death and whatever she was willed

    Thus they needed the money they got for selling their BS to Star magazine. In the process they are hurting a young woman and dragging her through the mud. I’m not a Kardashian fan, never seen a single second of any of their shows, but of course know who they are. As a mother I find the first comment on this thread to be extremely distasteful and I hope no one ever says her child looks like a “dude” or calls her family “white trash”. Good Lord. Regardless of what they do or don’t do, whether they are in the public eye or not, they are still human beings with feelings and should certainly not be expected to be immune to such negative comments left about them on internet sites. Imagine if you had to read the hate directed at you all of the time that they do, and now to have it come from their own step-mothers who were most likely well paid for it. What a crock.

    • Frances

      Well, one of them is dead. These are things she said years ago, so I don’t quite know why her name is being dragged into it now. As for the other woman, you are totally correct. She sounds like a jealous cow who can’t stand that fact that this poor girl is more successful than she is.

      As for everything else you said, bravo! I agree wholeheartedly. I would love to see what this “Holly” looks like. She must think herself a real prize since she’s deigned herself gorgeous enough to judge someone else.

  • It doesn’t matter who Kris might have been sleeping with

    A child’s legal father is the man who is married to her mother at the time of her birth. Who is her biological father is irrelevant, legally Robert is her father.

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