Five Reasons That Still Have Me Thinking Beyonce’s Pregnancy Was Fake


Beyonce fake pregnancy Was Beyonce really pregnant? Beyonce fake pregnancy rumors are far from extinguished even though she and Jay-Z have welcomed Blue Ivy into the world. While there’s no denying that a little girl was born in Lenox Hill Hospital on Saturday night and that such a commotion kept parents out of the NICU, there exists videos, photos, and multiple theories suggesting that Beyonce was not carrying her. Although there was speculation for awhile that Beyonce was enhancing her baby bump for public appearances, certain tidbits suggest that a surrogate was involved — which is a perfectly viable route to motherhood as far as we’re concerned. But the way Beyonce’s carrying on, it’s obvious that a stigma for surrogacy lingers for contemporary mothers.  So from that infamous video of her belly collapsing to certain details of Blue’s birth, let’s review all together now.

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  • Aeva

    Beyonce never gave birth to that child, she is obviously posing. Why she thinks surrogacy is taboo, I don’t know. I feel that she should be proud of how her child came about, she is in the world. Additionally, all babies are born with straight hair people. It disgusts me to see the media so in awe of her having did so. “Beyonce bounces back after baby” sure she did, it’s easy to do when somebody else has carried the child for her.

    • Tanni

      All black babies are born light skinned though! Didnt use know Lol. Especially those of carribbean and brazillian backgrounds. People need to educate yourselves for real.

      Blame the white man who tampered up peoples genes from slavery.

    • Cora

      Even if she didn’t carry the baby.. Why would it matter? What if she couldn’t have a baby because of medical problems..? Why does it matter if she had it or not? Just be happy that she doesn’t give her baby up like these other trash moms out here.. I wouldn’t think of her any different either way.

    • Elisa

      I don’t know about all babies being born with straight hair… when my baby was born, even the doctors and nurses were admiring how long and curly hair was…which was a surprise since my husband and myself have straight hair. Afterwards they showered her and placed her hat on, hair got semi straight. Now at 1 year old, she has gorgeous Shirley temple curls :)

  • Tanni

    All black babies are born light skinned though! Didnt use know Lol. Especially those of carribbean and brazillian backgrounds. People need to educate yourselves for real.

    • Asilee

      Tanni, please shut your face. I’ve raised my younger siblings who are much, much dark than and I they weren’t born “light skinned”. Just sit down some where.

  • DCR1

    If we question the baby by hair and skin changes, caucasions babies hair and eyes change also! The woman had her own damn baby, they are that babies parents, we have no right to ask for more evidence or otherwise of them to prove that fact no more thatn they have the right to ask the same of us, what makes people feel because they buy an albulm or more, or concert tickets that this act gives them the right to enter into a celebritiy’s personal and private lives, how insensitive of the public to continuously bring up this couples miscarraige, how many of you out there who’ve had this unfortunate thing happen to you want it rehashed over and over again? Thats sick ., this isn’t science class its someone’s life! On and on you people don’t shut the hell up about people’s tragedies., The reason why she could champion out the pregnancy, bounce back healthy, not be as big, dance while pregnant etc… is because her excercise routine is feirce, had anyone bothered to look it up you would have known, her personal trainer is no joke, which is why she employed him, from her leg workout to the upper body workout, look at her in her videos, thats not a body double standing in for her doing those rigorous moves its hers from years not in the moment training, hell how many people can go down on one knee and put their toe to their heads yeah right you can lie i doubt it, but i know one thing, she can!

    • jack sprat

      Who’s demanding anything? This is gossip, girl; where you been?

    • Donna Robinson

      Nowhere in my comment did i state anyone demanded anything, a word makes a diffrence, be careful with that, offtimes gossip may be fun for the gossipers, but damaging and hurtful towards whom its directed at exspecially when done in huge groups, i liken it to bullying, its for silly little girls where you been?

  • DCR1

    I also forgot to mention both my mother and sister didn’t have to buy maternity clothing when pregnant.

  • sangfroid

    oh please, what does it matter if she did or didn’t carry? As you say yourself, you don’t mind this modern woman’s approach to pregnancy. So why make a post scrutinizing every moment of the pregnancy with the eye of skepticism? ugh.

  • Angelika

    Just because she kept in shape and stayed attractive instead of becoming a big whale like Jessica Simpson does not mean she did not carry the baby herself. People love to try and find fault with this woman.

    • PJ

      Was is necessary to be so rude and insulting in your reply? Try not being so judgemental

  • ellemck1

    Forgive me, but how does this matter? She did or she didn’t, life still goes on either way. And it really doesn’t affect most of us…

  • Ddrhl

    Soooooo…she WAS pregnant (see bikini), lost it (just as lots of us have), but was too famous to admit it at this late date and was lucky enough to be able to adopt the baby of another. Cool!

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  • PJ

    Just when I thought the levels of stupidity and ridiculousness couldn’t shock me again… they do.

    Dear god people, get a LIFE.

    • Jamie

      I agree with PJ. I read this article, just like everyone else, for the sake of entertainment, but a lot of people are actually getting emotionally involved and passionately forceful.

      And I think all of the name-calling and insults are a little over the top. It’s unnecessary and hurtful and serves no purpose at all.

  • Marcia

    That ugly ass bitch gave “birth” after five months when she announced she was “pregnant” uhhhh hello ? Every 3day appearance or interview her belly was small or too big?? Yup that’s not her kid biologically she would earn more respect just telling the truth!! Yrs from now the truth will come out I guarantee it!!

    • Vanessa

      wow lady you care waaaay too much

  • Lee

    Really does all this gab matter? At least she cares about the baby….lets talk about more important events in the world that are certainly out there but nobody seems to discuss.

  • jack sprat

    #6. The plastic surgeon didn’t shave off enough of her Adam’s apple to make “her” convincing.

  • meme

    Surrogacy is illegal in New York! If she were going to have a baby via surrogate she would have gone to a state where surrogacy law is clear like all the other celebs who have had children through surrogacy.

    • mommyG717

      Surrogacy isn’t “illegal” in NY, it is illegal to pay someone for surrogacy services. Many people do this by having the “surrogate” become pregnant and then making arrangements through an adoption lawyer. Even if they did do this through surrogacy (who cares, its none of our business) they could have started the process in another state, or another country for that matter they are millionaires.

    • Ivey

      Surrogacy IS legal in New York.

  • Donna Robinson

    Its a ridiculous discussion, the woman carried her own child, no she would not be sprawled out anywhere because as is said beyonce has one of the roughest excercise regimes around, its definitely not for the faint at heart and that picture with them on the beach definitely shows a pregnant beyonce, that is not a weight gain picture thats a baby belly look at other pregnant woman and you’ll see it! They blocked no one from seeing thier babies, more like they blocked people from trying to get off on the floor they had no business on, trying to sneak pictures and autographs to make a couple of bucks, and people need to stop with the jealousy over the private treatment which they PAID for which helped the hospital update some things, they could afford it so why should’nt they have it and purchase what they want with thier hard earned money? and perhaps her reasoning for not being sprawled out on that yacht showing off her belly is because they wanted this to be private, they’re allowed it, people need to shut this crazy mess down, and stop being ugly, its thier baby she’s young as he, there is no plausable reason for a surrogate but people have to throw a wrench when people are deleriously happy, its simple, and it certainly isn’t going to change the digits in thier bank accounts so move on!

  • Roxann Richards

    That collapse Belly is not real

  • jellybean

    so because she decided to keep something very intimate and personal under-wraps, she wasn’t pregnant? because she didn’t flaunt her belly, bare belly, she was never with child? tell me, did you flaunt your bare belly while pregnant? i wore as much clothing as possible while pregnant!!! i didn’t gain a ton of weight and likely could have pulled off a bikini at 8 months pregnant but there was no way in hell i felt like sharing that much of my body with the world. this is the DUMBEST thing i have EVER read.

    • vanillacocacola

      Agreed .

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  • Daxx

    Does it really matter? This is a private thing between her and her family. Women become mothers in all different sorts of ways sperm donors, surrogates, adoption etc. Does it really matter as long as they are happy and have a healthy baby? They have the baby they always wanted and so who cares how it got here and if she “carried it” and really what business is it of anybody’s?

  • susanna

    anything is possible, of course, but none of the “evidence” you give proves much of anything, so i would imagine in this case the simplest explanation is the most likely – that the woman was actually pregnant! as for the “collapsing baby bump” the australian news show aired this footage that definitively shows it was just her dress floating up and then in

  • 1me

    Throughout all this curiosity and chaos it was very much so obvious that she faked her pregnancy. But the point are seeming to make is they had a lot more respect for more beyonce til she lied even though it’s her business. It’s just when you look up to someone you would hate to find out they lied pt.blank. If and being noticed that 9x out of 10 she did I don’t blame her because of all the miscarriages she so happened to say she have had. I mean how many times do you want to keep losing your child. None at least I hope. It’s just that more than likely a lot of her fans and people would’ve supported her reason on understanding why instead of lying. Because the truth shall set you free. And yes she is a media freak so why would she not want to do a beyonce pregnant interview including a picture of her stomach, hell she stay wearing outfits and performing shows with a lot of parts of her body showing so it don’t make sense. And with her being a media freak she always seem she want people in her business and now all of a sudden she don’t. As long as I can remember, jay z has always majority of the time been private since he been in the business however it won’t change their bank accounts none what so ever. I wish them the best with their child and may they be great parents. Unfortunately, I can’t say may GOD bless them because their illuminati in which I hate they are and anyone who is because it shouldn’t take all that to be rich and famous regardless and no matter what.

  • Mista

    I think a very big point that someone of you are missing is that pics of Beyonce’s newborn child were going to be sold to the highest bidder from the first photographer who got the chance to get them. We don’t know the circumstances which lead to the aggressive nature of these parents for privacy. Sometimes they are faced with threats for being in the public eye and they wanted to make sure they were protected. Let’s ALL be real. If we had their vast financial wealth and were in the public eye we would each spend crazy money for the protection of our children. Anyone who says otherwise is not being truthful. When bringing a child into this world you would sell your own soul to make sure they had life.Parenthood is one of the greatest blessing given to us. Why are so many people interested in tarnishing that memory for them by thinking the pregnancy was fake. You can CLEARLY see the weight in her face and what we in the African American community call the “Nose Spread” THAT lady was pregnant. No questions about it. If you don’t like her music or her style thats another question. But to excuse her of going way out to convince people she was pregnant …Come on..

  • Laura

    TO ALL OF YOU WHO THOUGHT SHE WASN’T PREGANT: If only you had bothered to REALLYYYYYY GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH “BEYONCE PREGNANT”, then you would have found these PICTURES OF HER,AT THE BEACH,GROWING BELLY UNCOVERED,AND PREGNANT!! like in this pic: AND this was only found by googling : “BEYONCE PREGNANT AT THE BEACH”. Like,if people did their research instead of mindlessly venting like some jealous people with serious issues…geez

  • Amber

    She faked the pregnancy. It was so obvious. Her baby “bump” or whatever she wants to call it folded. No pregnant woman’s belly folds! There is no way in hell she carried or gave birth to that baby. I don’t hate Beyonce. I am just upset that she continues to lie to everyone and pretend that she is innocent.

  • GIP

    The bikini pic: fake belly, fake belly, fake belly!!! It is amazing all the special effects and makeup that Hollywood experts can accomplish. Have you seen Cameron Diaz’s baby bump on the movie What To Expect When You’re Expecting? It looks way more realistic than this for sure! Can’t fool me!

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  • daizy

    lets just say she did have blue by surrogate….can YOU BLAME HER ?REALLY….every damn time people talk about Nicole kidman they ALWAYS HAVE TO MENTION THE FACT SHE HAD HER FIRST DAUGHTER NATURALLY AND THE 2 BY SURROGATE I kid u not google it… everytime damn time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! same thing with the law and order SVU chick Olivia IS HER CHARACTERS NAME well they ayways in magazines and the like always have to let you know her son august came out her Kooch and the little girl was adopted! why cant they say marishka so and so was seen at the park with her adorable children august and whatever her name is of 8 and 2 on a lovely sunday after noon! noooooo its marishka was seen at the park with her son she had with husband so and so of 8 ys and her recently adopted daughter from Africa which just turned 2.

  • daizy

    what the hell there moms period by which ever means they turned too to have a child but the media dosn’t seem to care, they label this women and this kids! you think Nicole kidman daughters any different cause one was carried in her belly and one was not …no there siblings that’s that .. sarah Jessica parker is another one that’s always publicly reminded how she carried her son and not her twin daughters….that’s some fuckery ! I tell you if beyonce faked it she had a damn good reason now thell say umm beyonce was sighted at a birthday party with her daughter blue ivy this weekend of instead BEYONCE AND DAUGHTER BLUE BIRTHED BY SURROGATE WERE SIGHTED AT……

  • SMH

    I don’t really care.
    but deception is deception.
    and proof is proof.

    and the proof is in the picture/video.

    that is not the stomach of a pregnant woman.

    how do i know?
    i googled it.
    oh! and that fact that since the beginning of time, if a woman is pregnant, her stomach doesn’t deflate when she sits down.

    there’s no logical explanation for this picture.
    just uneducated sheeple in denial who can’t see what’s right in front of them.

  • Nicole

    I’ve always believed that her pregnancy wasn’t real. I just read a lot of the comments, and they’re not trying to bash her name or her husbands. They’re just putting the pieces together. It’s so hard for Beyonce fans to believe it because she’s so perfect in their eyes -___- which is annoying. I know how anal they are about privacy and blah blah blah, and not everyone gets the same pregnancy affects. But a lot of celebrities have done photoshoots of their bare belly and talk about being excited for motherhood. Like COME ON, if fucking Amber Rose did it, why can’t the great and powerful Beyonce do it

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  • gu

    never pregnant. as a mother of five I can tell u she does not look pregnant, at all. in her face, ankles, skin, nada. she’s walking in that interview like how she thinks a pregnant woman would walk and why is she constantly holding her “stomach”..possibly to make sure it doesn’t lose its shape? the way she sat down and the look on her face is priceless. why is it so hard for ppl to believe that a mega famous celebrity wouldnt get a surrogate because, get this, they don’t want to ruin their figure. celebs lie about their plastic surgery even when its obvious, they’d lie about their hair color if boxes of dye weren’t available to the public. I don’t care if she wanted or needed to use a surrogate, even if it was to preserve her body..just be honest about it

    • Dee Wall

      I don’t know if her
      pregnancy was real or not, but I also have 5 kids and I never had a swollen face
      or ankles and never even got stretch marks or walked funny since I only gained
      around 20 pounds for each pregnancy, so your argument is

  • kjwrite

    Nothing in Beyonces and Jay Zs life is real. Just for show and money.

  • idontbelieveit

    I so agree. I do not believe she gave birth to blue. it is ok to be honest in having a surrogate just don’t lie about
    it, I think this is a real shame

  • sarah

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  • Jennifer Mitchell

    What a selfish woman to close down an entire hospital and kick parents out of the NICU who has babies they may never see again. I have never hated someone so much as I have just reading that.

    • M. R.

      That never happened though. Did you read that and stop paying attention because that was proven by the hospital itself to be a fake story.

  • Evee

    I think this is stupid. She carried her baby, her face and body did get bigger and her shoulders got wider. If you have nothing better to do than bitch about someone’s supposed faked pregnancy you need a life. Just because Beyonce and Jay-Z wanted privacy doesn’t say anything other than they wanted to be with their baby without flashing lights and cameras and people screaming “what’s the baby’s name?” I’m sure anyone who goes through child birth just wants to rest afterwards. So stop saying things you don’t know. Also the deflating belly? If you wear a baggy dress, and you sit down the way she did air can go up and flare put and make it look like that. I’m sure anyone at her stage in pregnancy can show a simple example. So that proves nothing, also there’s tons of photos of her belly naked, explain that! And a plastic movie belly wouldn’t look real with muscles and stretching like her bikini photo, so again you’re all just searching for fake so you’re seeing fake, when nothing about her pregnancy was faked, you all need to grow up.