75% of Mommyish Readers Are Cool With Their Kids Texting Planned Parenthood About Sex

Sex education in the classroom may have some people in a tizzy, but apparently the cell phone is a whole new terrain. When it comes to Planned Parenthood’s ICYC-In Case You’re Curious texting service to answer teens’ sex inquiries, three-fourths of Mommyish readers describe themselves as “comfortable with the idea.”

Well aren’t we some hip, progressive mommies.

An additional slice of the Mommyish readership (14.3%) expressed their approval of the service as long as they had already enaged their kids in conversations about sex beforehand. But whether you interpret this data as a favorable attitude towards Planned Parenthood from parents or simply recognition for an effective way to reach kids, our survey more importantly reveals that parents want their kids to understand safe sex.

mommyish poll planned parenthoodAnd in a time in which accessibility to birth control is suddenly up for debate again, it stands among our mommies that more information for even their kids is in demand.

(photo: Hemera)

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  • Sue Berna

    75% of Mommyish Readers Are IDIOTS.

    Put your trust in Planned Parenthood where your kids can get an abortion without that 75% ever having to know about it. When your kid starts to act weird about stuff, you’ll only have yourself to blame!

    • Jen

      I’m thankful everyday for the existence of Planned Parenthood. They are the BEST resource for women in this country today and I will fight tooth and nail for their continued existence. Since having a daughter I have doubled my annual contribution to them and I am happy to know that they will exist when she is older and may need them.

      And, since I plan on raising my child in a loving, sex-positive environment where she feels safe around her parents I’m more worried about the people out there who will work to take away her reproductive rights than her “acting weird” around me.