Mommyish Gift Guide: Big Ticket Items That Aren’t Worth The Price

When I saw the Justin Bieber Tour Bus and Concert Stage gift on this year’s “Must-Haves” list, I cringed. Not just because I’m intensely sick of hearing the pop sensation’s name. And not just because those Justin Bieber dolls look seriously creepy. I was cringing because this toy has a $80 price tag. (And that’s on sale.) This chintzy tour bus with fold-out stage isn’t very big and it doesn’t even include a Bieber doll. Its “bells and whistles” include a light switch, a small wheel in the stage that your sold-separately-doll can spin in circles and an MP3 plug-in. I’m sorry, but you can throw a mini-speaker in just about anything these days. It’s just not all that impressive.

Even if you aren’t scaling back your gift-giving budget, we all want to make the most of our money this holiday season. I just don’t think you’re going to do that with an $80 tour bus that doubles as the least exciting Transformer ever. At most, this toy should cost $30. And ya know what, Bieber’s “Backstage Experience” isn’t the only toy that doesn’t deliver for it’s hefty price tag. Here’s some other toys that Santa wouldn’t dream of sending.



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  • Abigail

    Uh… Not to be a geek, but “Trek” and Star Wars having nothing to do with each other. Might want to check your social references before you make fun of them. :)

    • Diana

      Don’t worry, I had the exact same thought when I saw that!

    • Beth

      I was going to comment and say the exact same thing but you beat me to it!

    • Lindsay Cross

      I appreciate you all for calling me out on that. I actually included the “Trek-obsessed” jibe to infuriate my brother-in-law. He owns that awesome Death Star Lego set and his son dressed up as R2D2 this year. I realize it’s a little immature to include personal jokes in my posts, but sometimes I do it anyways.

      It worked too. He called me last night to rant about it. And it made me smile. So yea. I realized what I was doing. So did one of our tech guys when I ran the piece and I had to explain the whole thing to him. I hope my BIL realizes the lengths I went to just frustrate him…

  • Frances

    This would be a great piece, except you make two huge no nos. One, Trek has nothing to do with Star Wars, you just made yourself sound like an out of touch grandma. And two, I HATE it when people write ‘Just Sayin”, it makes you sounds like a pompous, smug jerk.

  • Kim

    The Death Star isn’t a little kid’s toy, sorry.

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