Mommyish Gift Guide: The Best Teachers Gifts Under $25

Fact: Teachers love gift cards. Grabbing one from Starbucks may seem like a cliché holiday gift idea, but get over it. My sources tell me it’s an awesome, totally fool-proof, hugely appreciated holiday gift. If you’re still striving for originality – or something slightly more personal – check out some of our cool options below. They’re colorful, practical and a thoughtful way of saying thanks to that special teacher in your child’s life.

For extra points, include a handwritten note. Every teacher I spoke with told me they cherish the ‘thank you’ cards more than anything – knowing they’ve made a difference in a child’s life is what they’re really after. Though a special gift never hurts, either!

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  • Sarah Edwards

    It can be hard for teachers to accept/decline gifts. However, a charity gift made in their name is a lovely touch that can add value and not be re-given in the next raffle. The packages we provide at Must Have Gifts are varied so your teacher could have a goat or chickens donated.