9-Year-Old Boy Suspended For Sexual Harassment After Calling Teacher ‘Cute’

emanyeah lockett cute sexual harassmentChiquita Lockett, a North Carolina mom, says her 9-year-old son Emanyea has been suspended from school after calling a teacher “cute.” Wait, it gets worse. The principal of Brookside Elementary in Gastonia is calling the incident a form of “sexual harassment.”

Lockett told WSOC TV that a substitute teacher overheard Emanyea tell another student a teacher was cute and was suspended as a result (he’s spent the past two days at home).

I’m a firm believer in boundaries, especially when it comes to teacher-student relationships, but if this is in fact the entire story – i.e., if there’s not more that went on aside from a 9-year-old thinking his teacher’s cute – then this is totally ridiculous!

Just earlier today, we mentioned a separate incident about a 7-year-old Boston boy being charged with sexual harassment for kicking his alleged bully in the crotch. I don’t take the idea of sexual harassment lightly yet neither of these cases, as reported, seems to fit the bill. To me, they sound like adults over-reacting. [tagbox tag="teacher"]

“It’s not like he went up to the woman and tried to grab her or touch her in a sexual way,” Lockett said. “So why would he be suspended for two days?”

According to the station, a district spokeswoman said she could not go into detail, but said the boy was suspended for “inappropriate behavior” after making “inappropriate statements.”

(Photo: WSOCtv.com)

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  • Rebecca

    Wow.how ridiculous. It wasn’t even like he said it directly to the teacher.by that logic if I saw an attractive man walking down the street and privately commented on his sexiness to my friend then that’s sexual harassment??? Umm i think they overlooked a vital point here. He wasn’t harassing anyone. And I really don’t think referring to someone’s “cute” is particularly sexual.

    • Rebecca

      Sorry that’s supposed to be someone as cute, not someone’s cute. My iPad thinks it’s smarter then me.

    • Erica

      How about some manners? He was at a school. He should be there to learn not comment on the looks of his teachers. But, with a mom who says “its not like he grabbed her,” instead of punishing him, its obvious he will only grow up to be a thug.

    • Erica

      He wasn’t walking down the street, he was in a public school setting.

  • Lindsey

    The problem with stories like this is that the school by law cannot comment on it and all we are getting is the boy’s side of the story. If you click through it says that the mom got a letter explaining that the boy “said a teacher was fine in a suggestive tone” and “had been warned about calling students bad words” and that “all of the comments are inappropriate and violate the student code of conduct.” Even with the little that is included in the story it is obvious that he made inappropriate comments about his teacher and classmates. Is it sexual harassment? Probably not. Suggesting that it was is where the school went wrong. However, the boy was only suspended for two days, which is not excessive for inappropriate comments. Also, the mother agrees that if what is in the letter is true that she understands the suspension. If the boy had been arrested this would be a news story; as it stands it isn’t one.

  • Rebecca

    Yeah, I totally didn’t get the whole telling his teacher she was fine and what not. From the little snippet here it sounds pretty innocent, but if he really did those things, then yes, that crosses the line a bit.

  • Roy

    Its High time that the women in this country came to grips with the fact that you do everything you can to make yourslef so “cute” that we men look at you and then dare us to say anything of the sort or it Sexual Harassment. This is so out of hand it not even funny or even right anymore. Your the ones that are sexual harassing us men and you should be chartged it. We say you ” cute or anything else.” This has become so blown out of content that you are the ones that need charging or getting expelled. A 9 yrs old charged for sexual harassment and I guess you want him to have to sign in with the Sheriff’s Department in that County as a sex offender next huh. You women are pethatic. You just made me sick to my stomach.
    Sincerely Roy

    • lissa

      Looks like you have some issues Roy. Please deal with them before trying to interact with the world. You sound crazy.

  • Justine

    And I assume rape is the victim’s fault as well? You should be ashamed of yourself.

    As far as the actual content of the article, this child being accused of sexual harassment for finding someone attractive is an insane overreaction.

  • Jen

    So, in the second story (the one that is linked to from the story you linked) his MOTHER admits that her son deserved to be suspended if the allegations made about her son’s behavior in the school board’s certified letter are true. That kind of tells you everything you need to know about this case.

    Oh, and telling a classmate you find your teacher “cute” isn’t sexual harassment…but it’s also NOT what the school said was sexual harassment. They claim he made suggestive gestures and comments to his teacher during class time, which would impede her from doing her job and could very easily make her feel uncomfortable, which would definitely constitute a form of harassment. AND if a nine year old is doing things like this it sort of makes me question the messages he’s receiving about appropriate behavior towards women and towards authority figures.

  • Mem

    Look, he called his teacher “Cute.” He didn’t walk up to her and say “Damn, woman, your tits be fine….”

    • Erica

      You are as bad as the mother. Justifying his behavior because he could have done something worse. Commenting on a teachers looks at school is inappropriate and poor manners.

    • Christine

      Dear Erica, seriously, you are stupid as hell..it is a child

  • kj

    could you imagine if every boy and girl who didn’t like the person who thought they were cute reporte4d it as harassment? I know when I was in grade 7, tons of girls were crushing on certain teachers, I guess that’s sexual harassment?

  • AAnn

    In today’s society, we almost don’t have freedom of speech. Everybody has an opinion on how somebody looks. Personally, saying somebody is cute shouldn’t be a threat. He did not make any sexual comments about the teacher, sound like they just wanted to get him out of school. I guess if he said she was ugly from head to toe he wouldn’t have got in trouble. WOW

  • Jen

    I’m BEGGING for people to actually read the two articles (the one Shawna linked to and the one that is linked through that). In the second article, the MOTHER of the boy clearly states that her son deserved to be punished if what the school board is alleging he did is true (they sent her a certified letter containing ALL the allegations of misbehavior, him being suspended for calling the teacher “cute” was his story, not the school’s).

    While the entire text of the letter was not provided, the school has alleged that the boy made suggestive comments and gestures to the teacher DURING CLASS and that he was inappropriate and threatening with fellow students. That behavior is harassment and the fact that this story is being reported as “boy calls teacher cute, is suspended” is incredibly misleading and wrong.

    PS: The Supreme Court has already ruled that schools have the right to police student speech if they find that it negatively impacts the learning environment; so no First Amendment pearl clutching necessary.

  • chelsea

    wow this is completely ridiculous! lately from the “sexual harassment” cases I’ve seen it would appear as if everybody has gone way overboard with the so called political correctness to the point where everything you say and do can be held against you. at this rate myself and everybody I know should be on the sex offender registry for something we did as kids. I guess i’m a sex offender as well for calling numerous people throughout life, cute,hot,sexy etc. where does this end the line has got to be drawn somewhere!

  • Eric

    The 9-year-old said he called the teacher “cute”. It’s a bit much to just take the boy’s word on his own suspension.

    The Principal was fired, but he cannot defend himself, for privacy of the student. He cannot publicly say what actually happened.

    According to the letter he sent home, the boy said quite a bit worse than he is admitting, and had been warned repeatedly over his profanity.


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  • Banquo

    It does not matter that he was in school. It was a private comment. And since when is “cute” sexual? kittens are cute…..