Woman Steals Ex-Boyfriend’s Sperm, Has Twins, Sues For Child Support

Brace yourselves, people: This is a long, strange tale about a woman who allegedly stole her now ex-boyfriend’s sperm from a used condom and then used it to impregnate herself with twins through IVF. She then went ahead and sued her ex for child support – and won! The baffled ex, meanwhile, is suing the fertility clinic that performed the procedure without his knowledge. You follow?

Here’s how it happened, according to Houston Press. Joe Pressil began dating his girlfriend, Anetria, in 2005. They broke up in 2007 and, three months later, she told him she was pregnant with his child. Pressil was confused, since the couple had used birth control, but a paternity test proved that he was indeed the father. So Pressil let Anetria and the boys stay at his home and he agreed to pay child support.

Fast forward to February of this year, when 36-year-old Pressil found a receipt – from a Houston sperm bank called Omni-Med Laboratories – for “cryopreservation of a sperm sample” (Pressil was listed as the patient although he had never been there). He called Omni-Med, which passed him along to its affiliated clinic Advanced Fertility. The clinic told Pressil that his “wife” had come into the clinic with his semen and they performed IVF with it, which is how Anetria got pregnant.

The big question, of course, is how exactly did Anetria obtain Pressil’s sperm without him knowing about it? Simple. She apparently saved their used condoms. Gag. (Anetria denies these claims.) [tagbox tag="IVF"]

“I couldn’t believe it could be done. I was very, very devastated. I couldn’t believe that this fertility clinic could actually do this without my consent, or without my even being there,” Pressil said, adding that artificial insemination is against his religious beliefs. “That’s a violation of myself, to what I believe in, to my religion, and just to my manhood,” Pressil said.

Meanwhile, it’s not as if Pressil is the only victim here. In February, he was charged for allegedly assaulting Anetria. According to her affidavit, the alleged incident took place when she found a text from one of Pressil’s “lady friends,” along with “obscene, nude” picture from her and other women. She claims she tried to kick him out of the house but that he punched her, chocked her and then dragged her across the room.

Pressil, who has since moved to New York, is now suing Advanced Fertility for accepting a semen sample without his knowledge or consent and for performing IVF, which resulted in twins. He’s also suing Omni-Med for holding onto the remaining frozen semen without his permission. According to the suit, the situation has caused Pressil mental anguish and “economic harm due to substantial child support payment.”

Can you really blame the guy?

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  • BobDaggett

    This is why I have sex with only prostitutes. They don’t know who you are and, like Charlie Sheen said, you pay them to stay away. They’re a bargain in today’s society.

  • abe1983

    another day another dude getting sperm jacked by a woman and financially extorted under threat of imprisonment. Yep just another day in good ol murica!

  • Elijah Moses

    Hot sauce in tne condom always. They make some that you can order online that are thousands of times hotter than the regular stuff.

  • http://miesasia.blogspot.fi Miesasia

    This man should be payed min of 10 miljon dollars as compensation and the woman forced to pay this man all the childsupport back with interest + compensation for stealing this mans reproductive parts (sperm) with out hes consent !

    + This man should be freed from all obligations towards the children because they are not really “hes” because he never wanted them with this woman. Men must also have right to their own body and right to choose the partner they want to make children.


  • Matt

    this is absolutely disgusting, women should NOT be able to pull of this kind of shit and get away with it

  • http://shadesofgray07.blogspot.com/ Luna E.

    If I was a man, why would I be forced to pay for kids I did not want and took the proper measures to prevent from having?
    Women have a right to their bodies, they don’t have a right to mine and whatever comes out of it.

    And seeing how a manipulative and lying bi t ch the woman is, I doubt he assaulted her. Hope this guy wins.

  • TrevorLyman

    The clinic should pay the child support and the woman should go to jail. The end.

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  • USAPatriotSC

    The lesson here is “Don’t be in a relationship with a Liberal!”

  • Engineered Reality

    If some bitch did that to me, I’d fight for full custody of the kids with no visitation rights. How ya like me now ya stupid ho?

  • Mick Price

    “According to her affidavit, the alleged incident took place when she found a text from one of Pressil’s “lady friends,” along with “obscene, nude” picture from her and other women.”
    And she found them how? I can’t believe he voluntarily handed her his phone after all this shit.

  • Mick Price

    “if this woman is so unstable that not only would she stick with a man who allegedly beat her that bad,”
    He didn’t allegedly beat her until well after they had broken up and the kids were born.

  • satta

    Women get to choose.

  • Tatiana Covington

    However, argue though we may, the brutal biological *FACT* is that he is indeed the father. Science is not just the final authority, it is the only authority.

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  • AngelieVL

    If it was a situation where they had unprotected sex, and an oops happened, then yes, they both are responsible. If she stole his sperm, got pregnant, then he has the right to sue. That is such an invasion, and no one has the right to be violated like that.

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