• Wed, Nov 23 2011

Woman Steals Ex-Boyfriend’s Sperm, Has Twins, Sues For Child Support

Brace yourselves, people: This is a long, strange tale about a woman who allegedly stole her now ex-boyfriend’s sperm from a used condom and then used it to impregnate herself with twins through IVF. She then went ahead and sued her ex for child support – and won! The baffled ex, meanwhile, is suing the fertility clinic that performed the procedure without his knowledge. You follow?

Here’s how it happened, according to Houston Press. Joe Pressil began dating his girlfriend, Anetria, in 2005. They broke up in 2007 and, three months later, she told him she was pregnant with his child. Pressil was confused, since the couple had used birth control, but a paternity test proved that he was indeed the father. So Pressil let Anetria and the boys stay at his home and he agreed to pay child support.

Fast forward to February of this year, when 36-year-old Pressil found a receipt – from a Houston sperm bank called Omni-Med Laboratories – for “cryopreservation of a sperm sample” (Pressil was listed as the patient although he had never been there). He called Omni-Med, which passed him along to its affiliated clinic Advanced Fertility. The clinic told Pressil that his “wife” had come into the clinic with his semen and they performed IVF with it, which is how Anetria got pregnant.

The big question, of course, is how exactly did Anetria obtain Pressil’s sperm without him knowing about it? Simple. She apparently saved their used condoms. Gag. (Anetria denies these claims.) [tagbox tag="IVF"]

“I couldn’t believe it could be done. I was very, very devastated. I couldn’t believe that this fertility clinic could actually do this without my consent, or without my even being there,” Pressil said, adding that artificial insemination is against his religious beliefs. “That’s a violation of myself, to what I believe in, to my religion, and just to my manhood,” Pressil said.

Meanwhile, it’s not as if Pressil is the only victim here. In February, he was charged for allegedly assaulting Anetria. According to her affidavit, the alleged incident took place when she found a text from one of Pressil’s “lady friends,” along with “obscene, nude” picture from her and other women. She claims she tried to kick him out of the house but that he punched her, chocked her and then dragged her across the room.

Pressil, who has since moved to New York, is now suing Advanced Fertility for accepting a semen sample without his knowledge or consent and for performing IVF, which resulted in twins. He’s also suing Omni-Med for holding onto the remaining frozen semen without his permission. According to the suit, the situation has caused Pressil mental anguish and “economic harm due to substantial child support payment.”

Can you really blame the guy?

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  • Array0

    Wow. The truly sad part is that this is not the most outrageous wrong child support story I have seen. The Internet is full of stories of men being forced to pay for child support for children that are not theirs. In one case the child wanted to get to know his biological father and moved in with him. His mother’s husband was forced to pay for BOTH the child and the biological father, as the judge ruled that the biological father was a deadbeat who could not properly care for his child. The right thing to do for this judge was not to decline custody for the biological father but rather to make the mother’s husband send a check to the biological father to support them both. Our ‘justice’ system is anything but just.

    • http://tycio.livejournal.com/ Ty

      Was the deadbeat dad a minor or something? I don’t understand how this could happen otherwise.

    • blitz4075

      How exactly is HE the deadbeat?

    • BigMobe

      I think the most outrageous case Iv seen so far was a 15-year-old boy who was raped by a 34-year-old woman, then ordered to pay child support with interest to her when he turned 19. Its nothing new that men can be punished for being the victim of a crime, but that takes it to another level.


    • Christina

      Omg. Literally speechless. I cannot believe that.

    • P3rf3ct_Zer0

      I think the double standard gender shit needs to die already. Woman should be allowed to be topless and men shouldn’t by default be fucked because a woman pulls something like this. I bet this is the next big law to pass right up there with legal weed and gay marriage.

    • BigMobe

      Women are allowed to got topless in many places. The places they aren’t allowed to go topless in is because little girls aren’t allowed to go topless.

    • P3rf3ct_Zer0

      I lost my daughter Sophia in a corrupt case where my psycho ex shook her. I was the one to report it yet I got fucked ten ways from sunday @.@

  • Imalia

    I’d like to call BS here. I find it very hard to believe that a used condom sample (presumably with spermicide) would have survived in any usable reproductive state, or been accepted by the fertility clinic. Someone needs to grow up and accept their responsibilities instead of trying to wriggle out of them.

    • lilmccray

      Now if he is not trying to be a stand up guy then I’m with you but it seems he has a little more proof than just he say, he may actually have a receipt and have verified the incident. Sounds like she is really CAUGHT!!

    • drockers

      not everyone uses spermicidal lube, and sperm can live outside the body for up to 4 days, and if she saved multiple samples and froze them she’d have more then enough for IVF

    • http://tycio.livejournal.com/ Ty

      Even in cases with spermicide, that’s not guaranteed to kill ALL of the sperm, just whatever contacts it.

    • Daisy

      well thats completley wrong she had IVF without his consent, that in itself is a crime and the clinic can prove that her due date was that matching of the time she had IVF (in which she would have avoided sex, to avoid tampering),and ive heard worse, 20% of teens between 12-18 want to be a mum, and 67% of pregnant teens annonomously admit planned it, and one admitted on Tyra Banks Show, that she didnt have sex with this boy, but had oral sex and collected his sperm in her mouth, then went to the bathroom (boyfriend presumes shes spitting the vile stuff out, thinks nothing of it) and spat it in a ‘sterile’ cup, and then said she was going to the toilet, used a TURKEY BASTER for goodness sake, and sucessfully impregnated herself, and this boy doesnt shes even pregnant let alone with his child as they NEVER had sex, until she appears on Tyra Banks and admitted it all, so yeah some sperm in a condom (that can live in the body for 72 hours) can survive an hour to the sperm bank, and she wouldve been given a sterile preserving ”cup” from cyro that would keep the sperm teperature safe and alive, and thats why the bank wouldve accepted it, assuming he ejaculated willingly into the cup, so you should grow up and show some compassion, it is.. im sad to admit, thinks like this that make me ashamed to be a woman :(.

    • MRMRising

      Men are as responsible as the woman they lay next to. Her body, Her Choice, Her Responsibility.

    • blitz4075

      The company should have records, so it can be proven if that is what happened

    • MrImmoli

      Kill yourself. :)

  • Hobo Jack

    People like this are a cancer on humanity.

    Hope the kid ends up okay.

  • Cindy

    Wow. It’s horrible to read what women are capable of doing. Hopefully the suite will help provide for him and his children.

  • Me

    While I don’t doubt that it could be done, I still think it sounds pretty far-fetched. It probably wasn’t even his sperm- he should get a paternity test done, first and foremost.

  • MRMRising

    This is yet one more example why men need reproductive rights. She should be thrown in jail for her fraud and pay him for damages. This will help the Men’s Rights movement, change is coming.

    • Nancy

      Time for men to get their balls back and stand up to these bitches: http://goo.gl/obiC

    • WMDKitty

      MRA == Men are Real Assholes

    • David Davidson

      I feel sorry for your kids, I hope you don’t have any sons.

    • Numbersixx

      And women are so great (as shown in this article)

    • http://www.facebook.com/kelly.jessop.14 Kelly Jessop

      Thanks for leaving this wonderful comment on a story where a man has been betrayed by his ex and his country. You must be a wonderful person. Not like these “Real Assholes”, eh?

    • Dustin

      Why don’t you go make some sandwiches while the adults in the room talk?

    • some asshole from the internet

      I hope you out-live your children.

    • scm11478

      Most of us ‘assholes’ start off as Good guys. Then the good guy comes across girls like this hooker ‘Anetria’, and the likes of You, and inevitably we turn into assholes, realizing that ‘Ladies’ that would deserve our protective, loving, good nature, do NOT exist anymore..

    • P3rf3ct_Zer0

      They are out there boys you just gotta keep yourself open and ticking but they are fucking rare as hell!

    • MrImmoli

      Please go kill yourself.

    • Sean Farrell

      4 people think no lol imagine having a conversation with those people….

  • WMDKitty

    Tough. He should have ensured that the used condoms were secure. You can’t “steal” what has been thrown away, thus he has NO CASE.

    • Sam L

      Anything located within the curtilage of his home is his property. It does not matter if it is located within a trash bag/can or not. So unless he disposed of it outside of the curtilage of his home, which is unlikely, she wouldn’t have that right. Regardless, it goes beyond what any reasonable person would expect to occur by all parties. So even if she had possession of the sperm legally, good luck proving that one, the sperm bank has a clear duty to ensure that the actual donor of the DNA signs off on its retention or that the fertility clinic ensures that donor of the DNA is aware of it being used and is ok with it. Just because you show up at a sperm bank with semen or to an IVF clinic with some random sperm, it does not mean they should be allowed to do so.

    • Julie

      This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I can’t even really justify explaining myself anymore without forcing a few of my own brain cells to run screaming in the process. I.. can’t..

    • Ender

      Obvious troll is obvious.

    • blitz4075

      He dies have a case if it was used without his consent by the company that performed the procedure

    • Sameer Desai

      Your argument would only stand as long as you would support it by saying that he has no responsibility for it either. But after all isn’t that what caused the case?

  • randy

    Wow, WMDKitty, you can’t be serious. You’re trolling right?? Or are you really that ridicolous?

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  • Linda

    This man did not choose to be a father. He should not have to pay child support. The woman should be made to support the children herself even if that means working fulltime every day until those children can support themselves. She deserves hardship for what she has done. Personally I think she is an unfit parent. Anyone who can be so deceitful is not a fit and proper person to be raising children. This is one time where I hope the man wins big money against the sperm bank and then they may take better precautions.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=629806580 Erik LittleFin Schwartz

      And then mom is resented and hated because she will have to explain why their dad wants nothing to do with them.

    • FuckOffFeminists

      Ehh… yea. Because she stole sperm.

      It’s entirely her own fault, no blame whatsoever lies with him.

    • http://tycio.livejournal.com/ Ty

      Learning to resent their mother early is of benefit to these children, someone who does this will have cause to resent her later. Women continue cycles of abuse like this.

    • thethirdone

      So you’re saying anyone [especially these kids, whoever they are] who has this situation explained to them will automatically be inclined to resent and hate the mother. Great point!

    • Lancia Stratos

      Her kids should be taken away from her and they should find decent, fit, law-abiding, loving parents for the children (if he doesn’t want them).

    • BigMobe

      Government assistance for women who choose to have a child against the fathers wishes should be required to pay it back as soon as the child becomes and adult.

    • Lancia Stratos

      She should be in prison! She’s obvious out of control and a danger to others. The child should be taken away permanently and either custody granted to him, or they should find some new (fit) parents for the child.

  • NotThumper

    I definitely feel for this guy, his ex certainly wears the crazy pants. However, he DID have sex with her and anytime one has sex they run the risk of a pregnancy occurring, even if they use birth control since we all know nothing but abstinence is 100% effective. I’m not saying he should have to pay child support and he should definitely sue this clinic but I just can’t forget that this all could have happened anyway had the condom simply broken.

    • http://tycio.livejournal.com/ Ty

      “he DID have sex with her and anytime one has sex they run the risk of a pregnancy occurring, even if they use birth control since we all know nothing but abstinence is 100% effective”

      Irrelevant. Women risk pregnancy when they have sex if contraceptives fail. Yet they can use the morning-after pill or an abortion to terminate the pregnancy. Or they can give up the child after birth as another means of abandoning the pregnancy.

      Men do not yet share women’s legal right to abandon a pregnancy post-conception. That is the problem here.

      “I just can’t forget that this all could have happened anyway had the condom simply broken.”

      A valid observation, and why men need rights about procreation not just in extraordinary circumstances like this one, but more normal ones too.

    • blitz4075

      There is a company that performed the procedure top get her pregnant.

  • Dreah

    Sucks for the guy. I hope he wins his lawsuit and then some.

    • BilliBob101

      I don’t think he can, because in this situation the organized mafia Child Support Services is discriminating against the males…. how would they get paid?!?!? It’s a law made through the back doors enslaving single males for 18 years.

    • http://tycio.livejournal.com/ Ty

      Not just single males. Hypothetically if a gay guy was in a committed relationship with another guy (not single) a female roommate could theft his used tissues and get pregnant from them.

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  • BillyBob101

    This is where the government organized mafia called Child Support Services needs the boot, as they support stealing sperm and not seeing as a CRIME.
    Any single women that get pregnant, they do it by stealing the sperm from the males …and they (women) should be punished and considered a CRIME.

    • P3rf3ct_Zer0

      I am not sure I agree with that but the double standards should end. There are guys who knock a woman up and run and they should be held responsible but it just isn’t the case. All the systems of government would work if they would have better management. I mean the concept is correct but the implementation is rather skewed.

  • Jules

    While I agree that what she did was very very very WRONG, this is a very tough case to bring to a judge and also one that is very difficult to form an opinion on. Any judge of sound minds first reaction should be “what will become of the children and how will this effect them on a whole?”. The article mentions that the man is “not the only victim” but fails to even touch on the fact that there are two twin boys tied up in the middle of this as well. Bottom line, I feel that the woman is to blame for royally screwing up their lives, but if she is punished, sent to jail, or has the children removed from her custody- what will become of the boys when it sounds as though the father wants nothing to do with them anymore now that he knows the circumstances surrounding their birth. I see a future for two innocent children lost in a system that does not work, without the chance to live their lives in a stable environment. And that is the worst part about this whole thing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=629806580 Erik LittleFin Schwartz

      They should come to an agreement where dad will raise the kids but the government pays him a weekly check to cover their costs, hopefully taken from the mothers bank account.

    • Julie

      I had to reread the article before commenting since it’s been so long… why would he have agreed to raise the kids? They were conceived without his knowledge and against his will. Although I agree that they do need a parent with a sound mind and mom doesn’t sound like she fits the bill, I can’t be so sure he’d be willing. He wasn’t a willing participant up until this point… I don’t know, though. They are his kids and hopefully he will do the right thing. And when it comes to the government paying him a weekly check coming from the mothers bank account… that’s called child support. They could just order her to pay it. If she doesn’t they can garnish her wages, but they don’t have to automatically jump to that step. Bottom line is, I don’t really care what happens to the adults in this situation. I’m worried about what will become of the twins, growing up to know that this is how they came into the world and feeling like no one wants them.

    • http://tycio.livejournal.com/ Ty

      The problem here is that the only way a man can avoid paying out money for this is if he adopts the kids, in which case, yeah he gets a little support from her, but it could still end up costing him more.

    • Nova

      Just because the mom is a bitch who conceived children without giving the dad a choice doesn’t mean the dad is obligated to hate the children. I think it’s much better that the dad can get past this and treat his kids right. How dare you imply that this makes him less innocent? This man didn’t purposely try to have these kids, and it shouldn’t be thought so just because he finds it in his heart to care.

    • http://tycio.livejournal.com/ Ty

      “what will become of the children and how will this effect them on a whole?”.

      This shouldn’t be the business of raped men. Society has concerns about this with orphans too, and we cope.

      If a mother can’t care for her kids alone, the government should take them away and charge her child support, but not the father unless he consented to procreate.

      Don’t pretend that living with this rapist woman would be a stable environment for the twins, it would not be.

      If the system does not work, we should fix it. We have a greater likeilhood of doing that then making these rapist/raped parent into good providers.

    • some asshole from the internet

      I don’t like the idea of forcing a man to father children that were made against his will through lies. If you must have a man paying child support for the kids, why not just grab someone off the street? After all, they have as much to do with the conception of the child as the biological father in this circumstance.

  • Goshdarn

    I feel bad for this guy…the woman really is a piece of work and he was clearly swindled….but, I do find the line a bit humorous where he is complaining about IVF being against his religion. I’m curious which religion rejects IVF but is ok with sex outside of marriage…..

    • http://tycio.livejournal.com/ Ty

      Don’t act surprised that people take bits and pieces from religionjs liberally GD

  • callmeishmael

    if this woman is so unstable that not only would she stick with a man who allegedly beat her that bad, but steal his fucking sperm to impregnate herself to keep him around – i would say she is unfit for parenting. can you imagine the values she’d pass on to the poor bastards?

    • http://tycio.livejournal.com/ Ty

      While they are bastards, you say it like that’s the one of the reasons they’re poor =/

  • http://tycio.livejournal.com/ Ty

    “chocked her” strong editorship Mommyish

    • Sean Farrell

      A man should NEVER hit a woman…. BWAAHAHHAHAH sorry i couldnt contain it..

  • Invicturion

    wait… SHE tried to kick HIM out? f**k that bit*h.. ‘MURICA… the land of the unfair and the only place you can defraud someone AND get REWARDED for it…

  • some asshole from the internet

    If some broad stole my sperm and then sued me for child support, I’d kick her ass, too. That bitch deserves it.

  • wollstonecraft31

    Here’s the point I can’t get past: Anetria and the boys were staying at Pressil’s home at the time that the domestic assault allegedly occurred. Anetria claimed he attacked her when “she tried to kick him out of the house.” As in, she was trying to forcibly displace someone from their own home. Their are several felonies that describe this activity, and actions that are undertaken to resist it are about the most unimpeachably legal exercise of force imaginable. Reverse the roles and see if it’s easier to understand- if Pressil was Anetria’s houseguest, and for whatever reason tried to force her out of her home, she would absolutely be entitled to fight back (and then have him arrested.)

    I don’t like seeing these stories of rare outliers as they can lead to generalized misogyny. However, I think it’s even worse that both the officers involved and the authors of all the stories that addressed this situation found a way to interpret Pressil’s alleged actions criminally because of his gender. And that may be evidence of a greater sexism than this story could ever possibly generate alone.

    • P3rf3ct_Zer0

      Fucking, right!? How is it his fault he doesn’t want to be kicked from HIS home.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephenson-Billings/100001366922231 Stephenson Billings

    Woman can be so insanely untrustworthy these days but I guess they feel like it’s an “anything goes” society when you have a Socialst in Chief.

  • Squid

    My ex who swore up and down for years couldn’t get pregnant without spending thousands of dollars in medical assistance… just had a baby, she claims I am one of two possible sperm donors, but I was confused by how everything came to be and started doing some testing of my own, turns out I have low sperm count and cannot father a child naturally… so if this baby is mine, and conceived illegally against my will, I still have to legally pay child support against my will?

    • Barry Wilson

      Yup, welcome to the patriarchy. You know that invisible entity that grants certain privileges to men, particularly white men, except when it doesn’t…which means it might not even exist…except you can’t argue that point cause then you’re a misogynist. I would say good luck in court, but that might just be wishful thinking. I will say this though, if you are the father and forced to pay support, go all out and do everything in your power to get that baby away from this evil, conniving, disgraceful person.

  • http://twitter.com/DoctorDockMMD Bridgett M Dockray

    Whaaaat the fuck, that is the biggest crock of bullshit i have ever heard. What a cunt.

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  • BigMobe

    This isn’t the first case of a woman stealing sperm to get child support. In another case, just one of a few that made the news, an ex wife stole it from a sperm bank.
    Here is link to the story on this site: http://www.mommyish.com/2013/03/02/sperm-bank/

  • Neurotic Knight

    I suppose this is also due to patriarchy, i am waiting for a feminist to make that link

  • VictoriaColleen

    One woman does something absolutely horrible, and automatically the rest of the female population is tagged the same as her?? Really, people?

    • Sameer Desai

      The problem isn’t the “rest of the female population”. It is the incentives given to women like these and the complete denial of such issues when they are raised.

    • Barry Wilson

      One woman with the full support of the legal system…are you starting to see the problem? And no body is tagging the entire female population with anything.

  • Maureen

    I saw a comment saying that a man who does not choose to become a father should not have to pay child support, amongst other equally-hurtful comments directed towards women. Let’s think about all the women who have been sexually assaulted, which inevitably led to a child. 9/10 women choose to keep the child, ‘against the ‘father’s’ wishes.’ Or how about the women trapped in a marriage, who become pregnant by their husband who doesn’t want a child? Stop being selfish, men. Women can’t just walk away from a commitment of a child as easily as men can. Get your heads out of your asses!

    • Jen

      That’s why the taboo against abortion really needs to go away. Becoming pregnant shouldn’t entail pressure to have a baby.

    • Barry Wilson

      What kind of ignorant cunt are you? No body is saying what you are claiming. Show me one person who says that a man who rapes a woman should be able to opt out of child support because he did not consent to the birth. Only the most ignorant and stupid people could possibly believe that any rational person would advocate this.

      And to your example of the woman in the trapped marriage, firstly, women can and do walk away from a commitment to a child as easily as men, secondly, how can you argue that women should be afforded all the reproductive rights in a relationship with none of the responsibility. You don’t have to get pregnant if you don’t want to, and there are a myriad of ways to prevent this, and if a man forces you to that is still considered rape, and as such I defer my previous paragraph.

      Lastly, WTF does any of this have to do with the article above? The woman in this case STOLE this man’s sperm and fraudulently used it to get herself pregnant and now feels entitled to child support. She robbed him of his reproductive rights and is now being awarded by the courts, and your response is to bring up some non-sequitor about how men are being selfish. You really are just the worst kind of cunt.

  • https://www.facebook.com/ChineseGoddess?ref=tn_tnmn ChineseGoddess

    This bitch deserves the fuck beat out of her and then some.

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  • SarahW

    Something just does not add up about this story. Sperm doesn’t last long outside of the human body so how exactly has she supposedly managed to gather it up from used condoms and taken it to a clinic? My limited knowledge of sperm banks is that guy rolls up, is given pot, goes off into a room with a selection of erotic mags, pleasures himself and hands the pot back in. For this story to be accurate the clinic has accepted a pot from a man whom they have never even seen. What did she do to make sure the sperm was fresh enough? Finish doing the do, scoop up the condom and run off to the clinic with it? Errrrr how would that work as it would surely need to be a fresh sample to be correctly deposited?

  • Dani chante

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  • Stephen Bellinger

    Courts in this country just want someone, anyone responsible for child support… as long as its not the government.

  • andrew

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  • John YiYi

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