Teachers Call Transgender Girl’s Identity A ‘Distraction’

transgender girl TransIt’s a dangerous world for parents who, upon noticing that something is seriously hindering their child, are mislead by professionals. So was the case for the parents of transgendered little girl Danann Tyler, who were told that their daughter’s identity was just a phase. Even more disappointing were the reactions from teachers who accused the child of bringing bullying upon herself. 

The Southern Californian couple recently took their daughter to a taping with Anderson Cooper, as the child was recently a part of a documentary about transgenderism entitled Trans. Sarah and Bill Tyler had noticed that their biological son had demonstrated a consistent interest in princess gowns, pink sippy cups, and a preference for  female friends. Of course, the child was teased mercilessly by other children but even adults refused to exhibit any tolerance. Daily Mail reports that teachers refused to support the child, blaming her for her own antagonism:

Bill Tyler, a police officer, said: ‘They would say things like, ‘She has to stop bringing princess backpacks to school, lunch boxes. It’s confusing the kids, and it’s causing a distraction.’

By age four, Danann was speaking openly about wanting to be girl and disliking her genitalia. She was so unhappy at being perceived as a boy that she threatened to hang herself at age six. The concerned parents took Danann to their family pediatrician who called the child’s gender identity a phase. Yet, that didn’t stop medical professionals from diagnosing her with all kinds of other disorders including bipolar disorder, dyslexia and ADHD. The child was also put on a variety of medications for her unhappiness.

A therapist finally suggested that the child could be transgendered, and after Danann’s transition, her mother described her as a completely different child, like “night and day.” The now eight-year-old told Anderson that she is very happy living as a girl saying:

“I am who I want to be, and that’s well, how I want it.”

The idea that transgender children are somehow distracting in their gender identity surfaced yet again when a Bobby Montoya, a transgender girl in Colorado, was not allowed to join Girl Scouts. The troop leader humiliated the child by calling her “it” and suggesting that other children would be confused by the child’s gender.

From these stories, it’s easy to discern that the only people behaving childishly are the adults.

(photo: dailymail.co.uk)

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  • Jen

    It’s nice to see so many stories recently where children at least have the support of their families. We need to seriously reconsider how we train teachers and require significantly more discussion of gender, sexuality and body image in education courses. Any teacher who can not treat EVERY student with respect and who refuses to curb bullying on their watch deserves to be out of a job.

  • Mel

    Regardless of a teacher’s personal views (yes, they are allowed to have them; voicing or acting upon them in a classroom environment, however, is inappropriate), their job is to educate students and be a role model. Judgement and bullying have no place in the classroom, especially coming from an educator.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jen-Clark/100000568225513 Jen Clark

    Honestly if a little boy wants to have a princess back pack, it’s none of the teachers business nor is it any of her say, that’s what my parents told my teacher when she and the staff complained about my short hair and pokemon based school supplies, they followed it up with “shut your fucking mouth, we are the parents you aren’t, and I will pull her out of this school and take your job in a heartbeat if you continue to harass her” Of course, I’m not transgendered, but my father allowed me to be me, just as all parents should, and it really is none of a teachers business, unless a child is being abused.