Hard Balls Banned At School Thanks To Ridiculous New Safety Rule

A Toronto school is banning students from playing with soccer balls, footballs, volleyballs or tennis balls on school grounds. Yup, you read that right: Hard balls are a no-no. That’s because they pose an extreme danger to students, according to school officials. You know, like someone could get hit by one of these flying objects of death (just imagine the horror!).

“Any balls brought will be confiscated and may be retrieved by parents from the office,” said a letter issued to parents and students at Earl Beatty Jr. and Sr. Public School in the city’s east end. “The only kind of ball allowed will be Nerf balls or sponge balls.”

School officials apparently made the decision after a parent complained about being hit in the head by a soccer ball.

The ridiculousness of such a rule goes without saying. Talk about an overreaction! I mean, really – are we supposed to wrap our children in bubble tape each morning before leaving the house?  I’m a pretty neurotic person but this ban on balls takes neuroses and craziness to a whole new (disturbing) level. Let kids be kids!

Not surprisingly, parents and students are outraged, too, and they’re not taking this sitting down. They’re meeting with school officials in hopes of coming up with alternative ways to keep the schoolyard safe. Once thing’s for certain: banning sport balls is not the answer. Besides, what happens when snow hits the ground? I guess snowball fights are out of the question…

(Photo: Hemera)

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  • Rachel

    While I completely agree the school-wide ban is a bit over the top, I kind of feel bad for the school officials. You know that the one kid who got hit, whose parent completely OVER-REACTED, probably threatened to sue the school (because people always want to make an “easy” buck for any random life occurrence). And now the school is running scared because they don’t want to get sued for any bumped head or scraped knee.

    • Bill

      You have got to be kidding!

      How many Wrongs does it take to make a Right ? ? ? ?

  • Mel

    I’m assuming they banned them in sports as well? You know, because soccer, football, field hockey, tennis, softball, baseball, lacrosse.. et cetera.. all have those pesky hard balls… I guess the only sports they allow now is cross country and select track and field events (because the shot put and discus are right up the hard ball alley)?

    How ridiculous..

  • Nancy

    I agree that it totally ridiculous. But these schools have Phys. Ed., right? Maybe they should only be used in that class, or whenever a teacher is there to supervise…a good teacher. When I was in junior high, whenever we played soccor some of the guys would just kick the ball as hard as possible whenever we played, and I got hit by it MANY times, including in the face, it was awful. And the teacher never did anything! Also, my mother got hit in the chest with a baseball while playing and it created a lump; she had to get surgery on her breast to get rid of it. I got hurt from balls a bunch of other times, but nothing too too serious. Oh, but I did know a few people who got nasty cuts on their faces from snowballs that had ice in them….

    So, yeah maybe they just need better supervision.

  • Rachael

    I don’t know where you live (maybe one of those nice states where they think they have winter), but I have never attended a school where snowball fights were allowed, and I started kindergarten in 1996. We weren’t even allowed to pick up snow. I assume Toronto is like that, too.

    But the ball thing is over the top.

  • tobster

    what the ? let kids be kids so we get hit and fall over some times so what its part of growing up

  • Lilia

    Banning them is over the top, but you can get seriously hurt if you are hit on the head with one of those. It happened to me and I’ve never been the same since. It’s nothing to ridicule.

  • KS

    Those sponge balls can hurt more then a basketball. You Just Squish all the air out of it, then throw it as hard as you can when it’s deflated. That’s what my class used to do during dodge ball.