Store Defends Carrying Crotchless Thongs For Girls By Saying They Also Cater To Teens

Thong polka dotErin French, a mother in Colorado, recently went shopping with her children at the Greeley Mall when she walked into a store called Kids N Teen. While perusing princess dresses and stuffed animal backpacks, the mother came upon a crotchless thong sized for little girls.

The mother quickly filmed a video with her phone and went to the media, which immediately resulted in Kids N Teen pulling the panties from the store. They quickly defended their merchandise however by saying that they also provide clothing for teenagers — as if a 13 year old picking out crotchless thongs for herself is completely appropriate. How desensitized are people getting towards the sexualization of children that a seventh grader picking out such garments is an acceptable line of reasoning?

I’m pleased to see that parents like Erin are not keeping such irksome moments to themselves and bringing crotchless thongs and lingerie for four year olds to the public’s attention. Creating a bigger conversation around these issues in which companies, advertisers, and retailers are held responsible for their products lets everyone know that parents aren’t just willing to throw down money for every padded bra their kids find while shopping for sundresses.

Kids N Teen also added that they are only two weeks old and are still figuring out what merchandise they’d like to carry. How crotchless thongs for seven year olds or 14 year olds ended up on their trial run list, we’ll never know.

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  • Cee

    Oh its for a 13 year old, not a 12 year old. I feel soooo much better knowing that the target is towards MIDDLE SCHOOL kids and above. That has got to be one of the stupidest defenses ever heard!

    • Beth

      I agree Cee! Is this really that surprising that some adults think its okay to sell crotchless thong underwear to teens or a 7 year old, when Walmart sells thongs to teens? This is that slippery slope coming into play. Thongs was sold to 10 year olds in 2008(not at this store,cant remember which one just read about it back then), some posts were made and basically that was it. This type of sick stuff will keep happening unless women and men stand up and say NO MORE!

    • Leigha

      Beth–To be honest, I don’t really see any issue in selling thongs to teens. People wear them for numerous reasons, not just sex. Most girls I knew in high school that wore them wore them mainly because they didn’t want panty lines with certain clothes, end story. Lots of those girls didn’t have sex until several years later. And even if they are wearing them to be sexy, the fact remains that most people have sex by 17, so that’s not exactly noteworthy.

      (Mind you, that was solely in response to the part where you said “when Walmart sells thongs to teens,” because I don’t see that as being an issue. I am completely not okay with the rest of it, but I don’t see how selling potentially sexual things to people who are by nature sexual–and biology can’t be disputed there–in any way relates to selling them to seven year olds.)

  • AKatC

    I’m not condoning this by any means but I am curious, where in the teens was their cut off age? Let’s not forget (or be naive) that 18 and 19 year olds are still teenagers and they might be interested in those, or at least the store thinks they might.

    • Just_P

      I’m in my mid 20′s and I still have to wear jrs in everything. Some people just aren’t build like “adults”. Forever kind of 21 caters to that though.

    • Dee

      I’m in the same boat as you, Just_P, but not even Forever 21 sells crotchless panties.

  • Rebecca

    Even if they were thinking of “older teens” like 18 or 19, crotchless panties shouldn’t be sold anywhere but fredericks of Hollywood or victoria’s secret! I’m not a prude, but any store that has the word kids in their name shouldn’t be selling stuff like that!

    • Mel

      My thought, exactly.

    • Leigha


      Have you heard of Aerie? It’s an affiliated line (don’t know what else to call it) of American Eagle, but it’s basically Victoria’s Secret for teens. To be honest, I would even be slightly concerned if THEY had something like this, and they ARE a lingerie store (lacy thongs, sure, but crotchless? awkward…the difference being that you can justify wearing one just because you like the look but the other is pretty much purely sexual, not something you really want outright associated with teens, whether they’re having sex or not).

  • sarah11

    ur seriously a bitchy women dont forget 19 is still a teen ….erin french just stay home dont go shopping ever if u dont know the meaning of teen..n watch ur kids if they ever watch teen mom,jersey shore or justin beiber holding gurls in open beaches…OMG it was not big o deal…

    • LoveyDovey

      You seem to have missed the part where the crotchless undies were sized to fit a 7 year old. Let me type that again:


      Who the hell thinks that’s a good idea?! And even the news report mentioned that only 25% of the store is aimed at teens, meaning the remaining 75% is for KIDS.

    • John Knoefler

      Sarah missed a lot of things. Like reading and comprehension. And writing skills. I’m sure she will not miss STDs at an early age. Possibly she will also have the thrill of at least one or two abortions before she ever gets married. That’s assuming any reasonably intelligent man will want to live with her and attempt to raise a family and trust her with his home finances. So more than likely she will enjoy a varied adult life as well. Trading marriage partners and enjoying the modern “blended” family. Oh yes, young Sarah is most likely going to enjoy a very exciting future.

  • brittney

    there is no way in HELL this store should be selling those!!!! if a ‘teen’ (18-19) wanted to go buy that there are stores like fredericks not a store with ‘kids’ in the title. its just sickening……..

  • Cari

    So for the people commenting that 18 + is still a teenager, and they have ‘the right’ to purchase items such as crotchless panties if they choose to, you are right, they do have that right. However, would they really be going to to a store that is called ‘Kids and Teens’ and sells (according to the above story) ‘princess dresses’ and be looking for CLP?

    • AKatC

      They might if they already knew the store sold them. I’m willing to bet they are cheaper there than in Vicky’s or Frederick’s.

    • Jen

      @AKatC: I don’t think I’ve ever seen crotchless panties at Victoria’s. However Fredrick’s is pretty affordable, even for a teen. In fact a quick search tells me you can purchase all the crotchless panties you want for $6 bucks a pop on clearance.

    • AKatC

      @Jen, Even at $6 the other store could be cheaper, who knows. Personally I don’t think I’d pay $6 for 1 pair of panties but maybe that’s just me…

    • Jen

      Not sure where you shop, but even kids’ underwear tends to be about $3 or $4 a pair and that’s the plain cotton kind. You want fancy panties you gotta pay for fancy panties and $6 for lingerie is CHEAP.

    • AKatC

      LOL, clearly I don’t care much for the fancy then. I like my plain cotton, suits me fine. Besides, why bother with fancy or crotchless when my husband prefers nothing anyway? ;)

    • Jen

      Not saying you should buy the fancy panties, AKatC, simply pointing out that children’s underwear is no less expensive than adult so the idea that crotchless panties would cost less in a kids’s store is silly.

  • Kayla

    saying that teens shop there too is no excuse! I am 16 and when I showed it to my friends they were shocked none of us even knew that such a thing as crotchless underwear even existed! That’s like somthing some old pervert would buy for you if he stole you! its sick and wrong! It’s like this one time when I was in a teens clothing store I found some super cute hellokitty panties but when I turned them around to look at the front IT WAS SEE-THROUGH! It was soooo disappointing! why do grown-ups have to ruin stuff like that it’s gross! keep the adult stuff in the adult stores!

    • NotThumper

      I have to wonder where you and your friends live Kayla…

    • John Knoefler

      Kayla, It’s great to know that not all kids have been sexualized at such early ages. Perhaps spread the word in your school and start a school group that opposes the sexualization of teens.
      It’s true that everyone matures at a different rate, and questions should be answered when kids are aware enough to ask. But to impose children with details to things they have no need to learn at such an early age is at very least sad and worse could be tragic. There’s just no way I can accept that children need to learn about homosexuality, or other deviant sexual things at an early age. Introducing teenage girls to inappropriate adult style personal clothing is just one more aspect of what I see as a determined push to sexualize children at younger and younger ages.
      Keep up the good work. I hope young ladies with your attitude are the majority rather than an exception. Thanks.


      I totally agree with you…. up until you mentioned homosexuality. I think that young children can be brought up to believe that it’s normal! They don’t have to learn to make a big deal out of it…

    • John Knoefler

      So it’s not ok to sexualize kids at an early age but we should teach them that anal sex is ok and normal? How will you do this?

  • Jen

    So, according to news reports the panties that Erin French saw while shopping with her daughter were sized for a 7-8 year old. So saying they also sell to teens is moot since the panties were sized for children.

    • AKatC

      Right, and stores never screw up sizing…
      It’s most definitely wrong to sell these in a children’s store but let’s not ignore that even if something is sized for a 7-8 year old doesn’t mean that’s the age the makers intended.
      Having worked in an extremely ghetto discount women’s lingerie store run by 2 men I can tell you that some people are just that stupid and have NO CLUE about sizing, let alone what is appropriate.
      It’s sad, but true.
      I’d be curious as to who runs this store…

    • AKatC

      I just realized my last comment seemed argumentative and that wasn’t what I intended at all. My apologies, I’m a little sleep deprived. Just wanted to clarify…

    • Jen

      It’s a KIDS’ CLOTHING STORE. The people who run in know what sizes kids are because that’s who they are selling–in their own words–75% of their merchandise to. You don’t order crotchless panties for 7 year olds (and 7 year olds are a heck of a lot smaller than 16 year olds) by mistake and you certainly don’t put them on a table in the children’s section after having looked at them and realized how small they are by mistake.

    • AKatC

      You’d be surprised how many retailers have no idea about sizing. Granted kid’s clothing should be a bit easier to determine, still what someone deems the right size for a 7 year old might actually be closer to that of a 4 year old. Consider how society makes women think that teeny tiny is omgthebestthingever, it starts with the kids. Retailers have been sizing things incorrectly for years, making women think they need to be a certain size at a certain age or to wear a certain style of clothing…same thing with kids. The styles these days make these little girls grow up too quickly so while crotchless panties in a children’s store is SICK, sadly I’m not all that surprised.

  • Just_P

    I don’t know why -anyone- wears crotchless panties let alone a teen. The only thing that I see with this is that I have to wear a Jrs size in a lot of things, and it is annoying that I basically can’t get “adult” clothes for people who are built like me.

    I can see where the market would come from, but that’s still gross lol.

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  • danielle

    I find this stupid .:…..TEENS of all ages wear thongs…. I’m required to wear things for dance…is much rather wear a thong than none… And anyways no one likes a panty line…free country madame

  • dannielle

    And you dumbass teens who prob live in Amish country don’t know what thongs are…HAHAHA SAD.

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  • John Knoefler

    So it’s not ok to sell sexualized clothes to children but it is ok for schools to teach them about anal sex, Homosexual sex, fisting, oral sex (in detail!) and all things perverted? Obama said that sex education for 5 year olds should be done. NOW it is.

  • Barbara Rojas

    My thought was some sick pedophile thought of this idea just to get his jolly! In my belief clothing should be age appropriate. As the child grows and matures you upgrade a little to match the age. Thongs, and especially crotch less do not belong on a child.

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