Awkward Family Photos: Mother And Daughter Model Lingerie Together

There’s something cool about mothers and daughters appearing together in ad campaigns (think Jerry Hall and Georgia May for H&M). But it can get a bit awkward at times, as proven by The Lakes & Stars‘ latest campaign. It features a lingerie-clad mother and her 19-year-old daughter posed in a way that makes them look more like lovers than tight-knit family members (there, I said it).

But Maayan Zilberman, co-owner of the New York-based lingerie and swimwear label, says she wasn’t go for shock value. Instead, she was hoping to spark discussion about how different generations of women relate to one another. “For our customer…to see these photographs, you’re confronted with this feeling of ‘Who’s the sexy one?’” Zilberman said in an interview with the Huffington Post. “Because there’s always someone who’s sexier and there’s always some kind of competition going on. There’s always a tenderness going on. There’s always a tension.”

In some bizarre way, I actually get what Zilberman is going for here. But, well, it doesn’t exactly translate onto paper. The photos are actually really creepy. And the last thing I’d ever think when looking at them is, “Who’s the sexy one?” or even, “Wow, I love this bra!” Instead, I just want to turn my head away and pretend I never saw them in the first place. (Note to sales team: not so efficient.)

The mother and daughter featured aren’t actually models but rather Zilberman’s next-door neighbors in Brooklyn, who happened to catch her attention. “They’re always so loving and tender towards each other,” she said. “That’s what really drives the collection and what drives the photos: these women who are experiencing something that we’re not necessarily experiencing. I wanted to present portraits of them so that people would see the chemistry that they have.”

Uh, okay.


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  • Terri

    Obviously, you didn’t just want to turn away. You did the exact opposite and examined these wonderful photos. I don’t agree with your findings, but that’s ok.

    The thing is, you just don’t get The Lake & Stars. I’ve been a customer of theirs for the past two years, and I can say they are my favorite brand. I know everything they’ve done and I get everything they’ve done. They’re not shallow like most brands that just want to sell, and they are known for making cool, thought provoking campaigns. Lake & Stars is as much a culture as a brand.

    I have to say, this brand probably isn’t for you. You’d be offended by all of their ads.

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  • Jenny

    Hope they love each other like this for the rest of eternity.