• Sat, Nov 12 2011

Judge Seen Beating Daughter In Video Gets Restraining Order

When Hillary Adams, 23, posted an eight-minute video on YouTube earlier this month that showed her abusive father beating her with a belt, it went viral within days. People were both shocked and outraged to see Texas family-law judge William Adams lashing his then 16-year-old disabled daughter – repeatedly – as she begs and pleads for him to stop. No charges were filed against Adams because of the statute of limitations but, thankfully, he’s not out of the clear quite yet.

Adams has been slapped with a temporary restraining order against his younger, 10-year-old daughter. That means no unsupervised visits with her until a hearing later this month. We have Adams’ ex-wife Hallie Adams to thanks for this. She filed a detailed affidavit Thursday describing “a lengthy history of emotional, verbal and physical abuse, complicated by drug and alcohol use.”[tagbox tag="judge william adams"]

Hallie actually appears in the beating video, too, but Hillary said on the Today Show that she has since forgiven her mother and that they are “very close.”

It’ll be interesting to hear the ruling come November 21. We can only hope that Adams’ younger daughter is indeed safe, though it doesn’t change the past and what he’s done to Hillary. The worst is that he’s shown zero remorse. After the video was released, Adams told a local TV station, “It happened years ago… I apologized,” and, “It’s not as bad as it looks on tape.”

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  • Julia

    Perhaps If somebody gave him a good lashing with a belt he would understand more cleary what he had done,.. oh that poor girl !… Hateful Man! Grrrr….

  • Sue rosenorn

    Both parents are assholes. The wife probably didnt like it when he inflicted hurt on her tho. The poor kids probly picked the lesser of the two evils.