Beyonce’s Fake Pregnancy Rumored Once Again With New ‘Party’ Video

Beyonce Party VideoBeyonce just can’t seem to evade those pesky fake pregnancy rumors. In her new video for the single “Party,” the 30-year-old expectant mom prances about in mini shorts, low-cut swimsuits, and loose-fitting tanks. And although some women don’t “pop” until the second trimester, it’s worth noting that this video with J.Cole was filmed in August — right before debuting her big baby bump at the VMAs.

Beyonce Baby Bump VMAs 2011

Camera angles, careful positioning, and strategic wardrobe could all be factors here. But considering how far along the singer was by this point, coupled with that TV interview where her stomach visibly collapsed, it all reads a bit odd. Whether Beyonce is choosing a surrogate or enhancing her bump for appearances, she continues to keep us guessing.

Watch for Beyonce’s 25-year-old sister Solange at the DJ table, and even a little cameo from Destiny’s Child bandmate, Kelly Rowland.


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  • Abigail

    It’s worth noting that in every outfit, she’s wearing something baggy, poufy, or something is in front of her stomach (fanny pack, knees, ball, etc). That would go a long way toward hiding a bump.

  • Michelle

    @Abigail Exactly! I don’t know why some people are determined to find a conspiracy.

    • Dee

      They’re so determined because they have nothing better to do than write about–and spread–rumors. It’s like they’ve never grown out of high school. Or they just can’t stand the fact that someone is pregnant and happy.

    • DS

      Because if she’s a liar it changes some folk’s points of view about her.

  • mykie

    I can tell she’s thick in this video, can’t you people see the shadows on her belly and most the time you can’t even see her belly cuzz their covering it with her arm or knee hand.. In her other video she times to shows thin mid drift

  • James

    It would be one thing if she was actually honest,yet ever since the rumours started I questioned her from the start.Is she actually telling the facts or trying to draw attention her body as always.I really do not care if she is pregnant or is making the whole thing up.I have a life just like everybody else does.If it a fact then congratulations,yet if it is not then she is only looking like a idiot.

  • Sommilicious.

    Y’all should give the lady a break and quit speculating over something thats clearly false..

  • Amanda

    Ugh, groan..I’m actually due around the same time Beyonce is and I can tell you I didn’t start really showing until the end of September. People need to lay off..everyone’s body reacts different to pregnancy and I can’t imagine how horrible it would feel to have someone questioning if I was faking a pregnancy or not.

  • NoTimeToGaze

    women do workout during their pregnancy. I run a gym and I have seen my instructors gain weight. Instructors who are a stick compared to Beyonce. yes a baby is coming for them to call their own, but that baby is not coming from her belly. Why is this the only time Beyonce is not gaining weight ? why is the whole world speculating that her pregnancy is fake? no one did that to JLo, Mariah Carey, Mel B, Christina Milian, Jessica Alba, or Halle Berry to name a few. So why is the public so “jealous” of Beyonce Knowles ? Would you say she is the most successful than all the ladies I just mentioned ? Is she the most beautiful ? LIke what is it why so many people think she is faking her pregnancy. I think that the celebrity life has really got to Beyonce and she believes that she can say and do anything and we will be fine with it. Well, she is wrong. SO she can sport around that belly all she wants but WE JUST DONT BELIEVE YOU. WHoever believes that she is really carrying a baby is a damn fool. Beyonce must be sending you guys cheques. REmember , she is an entertainer. THis is her job. Would you defend the ceo of Walmart like this ? Beyonce and Jayz are just laughing at your dumb assess. Her fans are really stupid. Bout people work during pregnancies. Yah of course, because they have to. Ask them same people if they would continue to work if they had Beyonce money. That is the point here people pretend you are matlock and put all of the clues together. You just cant believe everything this fool throws at you. You guys are making her rich anyway, not me at all. I have never bought anything Beyonce. NOt her foolish nursery rhyme music, not her cheap ghetto, clothing either. CHeck it. JayZ doesnt even want to hear her songs and she doesnt wear her own clothing line.
    Beyonce is a freaking genius of conning all of you people.

    She is like the Music Industry’s Hitler. THat’s why she said her persuasion can build a nation. SHe is right. ALL You damn fools who believe she is pregnant when the baby bump folded right in front of your eyes.

    • SpicyCrispyPuppy

      I haven’t spent a dime on her either, but I can tell you the physiology behind the “mystery”. In a first time mom, the abdominal muscles are tightly connected. One can literally go from looking not-pregnant to “OMG did you swallow a whole cantaloupe?” overnight. Once the muscles loosen up and part, the belly “pops”. As for the “deflating” I think that was a combination of the dress hanging oddly, and her baby being in a strange position- possibly transverse. In utero, babies do all sorts of contortions. My husband and I used to watch for hours as my stomach undulated and feet and arms popped out, or a good baby stretch would make me look completely lopsided. There is nothing here that makes me believe this is fake. All you have to know is a little of the physiology of pregnancy to get this. Calling everyone who defends her names doesn’t help your case, it just makes us shake out heads at you, because you obviously know nothing about what it’s like to carry a child for 10 months. (yes, 10. 40 weeks = 10 months.)

    • DS

      You’re right. Beyonce has looked bigger in the past when she’s NOT pregnant. She has a tendency to gain like J-Lo.

  • Coco

    Compare the picture from the VMA’s to the video at 1:52…

    • Ashley

      I was just about to post the EXACT same comment!!!! good point! :-) This is weird. Especially since another article said she was 6 months pregnant in September…..

  • T

    You Beyonce fans are too much! The problem isn’t that she didn’t look pregnant in her video, the problem is that she looks so vastly different in the video compared to her VMA appearance which occurred virtually at the same time. And then there’s the video of her oddly deflating baby bump during her TV show appearance. It’s all very odd, don’t take offense because some people aren’t buying that she’s actually pregnant. Stars’ worth is in large part due to their appearance, and a woman who frequently appears in skimpy outfits with bared stomach isn’t likely to appreciate the after effects of pregnancy. If she has a surrogate because she doesn’t want to wreck her figure, that’s fine.

  • shannon

    Intent on finding a conspiracy? LOL Her fake belly collapsed in front of everyone….It wasnt that hard…I have been pregnant THREE times and I do not believe she’s pregnant…why?? Its not because Im trying to “find a conspiracy.”"” Its because I saw her five month along baby bump collapse before my eyes …sorry, but its true

    • Twitch

      I agree with you!!! I am currently pregnant with my third child and um sorry Beyonce’ but you are not bullshitting me with this one!!! I saw the obvious fake belly collapse too and almost lost it. Just to let her fans know, I can’t stand celebrities regardless and do not make them gods or goddesses in my life, I see them as wealthy americans and nothing more, I couldn’t care less, but do think that this is too funny!!!

  • Taylor

    I don’t know if she was or not, but it’s not my damn business, nor any of yours.

    • Ds

      If it’s none of your business, why are you posting here Taylor, you two faced piece o cr@p!

  • gemini

    keep pausing the video as she sits down & check out the terrified look on her face after she deflates. she knows damn well that something happened that shouldnt have…………….

  • Jess

    I don’t know if she was pregnant but watching the ‘Party’ video feat. J.Cole, I did notice she was covering her stomach alot. The camera also rarely showed her stomach, when it did, her legs were crossed to cover her stomach, she folder her arms over her stomach, she either had something covering up her stomach like the big yellow fur coat or she had on a big shirt like the leopard print, which camouflaged her stomach. Even when she had the red swimsuit on, her stomach did looked slightly bigger. Beyonce is a person that loves to show her body and her signature stomach. I think she was a little reserved in the video which leads me to be she was pregnant. I say just let it be. I think when the media puts out a story it is so exaggerated, people try so hard to believe it and most times stories are not true, just speculation.