UK T-Shirt Company Encourages Your Son To Be A Rapist

I’m sure not too many mothers like what their 14-year-old chooses to throw on before heading out the door, but what exactly would you do if your boy came down the stairs wearing a t-shirt that advocated the rape and murder of women?

A British t-shirt company called clearly prides itself on being utterly ridiculous, but also racist and misogynistic. Other gems for shirts read “Feminists are big, hairy dykes!” and “Statistically, 9 out of 210 people enjoy gang rape” and “I beat cancer* and by cancer I mean my wife” and “I like Muslims how I like my coffee. I don’t like coffee.”

Just another t-shirt in a long list of them coming down the pipe in recent months, including ones that state girls are pretty to do homework (especially algebra) or that “boys” are a girl’s best subject. Although we saw  “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” being yanked from little girls’ shirts, don’t forget that young boys are also targets for this same nonsense.


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  • Jim

    It’s a JOKE……………

    • Lindsay Cross

      It’s supposed to be a joke, but it fails at that aim because rape and murder aren’t funny.

    • Jane

      I love how “It’s a JOKE” can be used to justify pretty much anything. The translation is, “it’s your problem if it upsets you.” Joke doesn’t necessarily get you off the hook. Plus, teenagers aren’t fully mature yet and don’t always know the line between joke and ‘kinda serious’.
      I saw one in the mall recently wearing “Pull the trigger, b*tch”. Did his mom not care, or does she not know he’s wearing it? Scary stuff for a kid whose brain isn’t finished growing.

    • John Paul

      Hey Jim! You’re a moron, and that’s a FACT……….

    • Cheryl

      dehumanizing someone is never a joke, especially when that “joke” is directed at an entire class of people who are already disadvantaged, as a class. Really honestly, it’s kind of obvious that these misogynists who try to minimize the harm aren’t minimizing because they’re too stupid or that they haven’t been exposed to reality “enough” times. They do it because they’re evil and they HATE women.

      And I wonder when we as a society are going to get to the realization that these kinds of nasty dominating people are a continued harm no matter what they do, and the rest of us would be better off if we could separate ourselves from them, permanently. I don’t need people like that around, period.

  • mel

    I get the joke…it’s just not funny. Maybe it is to some who have never been raped or never known someone who has. Even then, maybe those who have no heart would still find this humorous. Or maybe they’re just too stupid to realize that crap like this is unacceptable.

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