Beyonce May Be Faking Her Pregnancy

Is Beyonce really pregnant? The superstar did a sit-down interview Sunday night with an Australian television show and a very odd thing happened. When walking to the interviewer and sitting down, Beyonce’s tummy collapsed revealing only a sagging dress. The bump then popped back into shape suggesting the belly to be prosthetic of some kind.
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The Grammy winner waddled out on HD, which is known to be unforgiving — but the high definition film doesn’t exactly deny pregnancy contours. The images are hard to deny but take a peek for yourself. There is definitely something not true to pregnancy about the way her tummy deflates.

If Beyonce is lying about her pregnancy, I would immediately link them with surrounding speculation for years that the star has been lying about her age. Those rumors have been following her for a good chunk of her career. Maybe there’s a surrogate — we don’t know. But if Bey is opting to not carry a baby, there is certainly no reason to be ashamed.

UPDATE: Beyonce appears without a baby bump in new J.Cole ‘Party’ video


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  • Keundra Hall

    If you examine how the fabric had folded, you could tell that there would definitely be no room for a belly in the small amount of fabric on the front of the dress. Also, there is a clear bend at the end of the belly area that would signify that there is something there. If you cut away the odd “folded fabric/fake belly” shape (put your finger over it), you can clearly see that there would be nothing else there but her own natural, non-pregnant stomach, unless she can mind-warp her baby at a whim :) Another thing, I have been pregnant, and the way in which she is attempting to sit down would be very VERY uncomfortable. If pregnant, most women would attempt to sit straight down with a belly her size, not bend over first. Or they would place themselves slowly and steadily into their seat, not abruptly like Beyonce did. Whether or not she faked is her own business to end this little (long!) post though. She may have reasons that are very legitimate and honest, but would not like the public to know about it for obvious reasons such as being in the lime-light always. Sometimes, not everything can be honest when you are as big a star and as wealthy simultaneously as she and Jay-Z are.

    • Diane Zo

      Some women do fake pregnancy when they are using a surrogate. Others just fake being pregnant just for attention but I highly doubt that would be her reason. Many buy there fake bellies at

  • myAnon

    people, this is so she can come out a week after the baby is born to show how perfectly flat her tummy is and how she is so strong and discipline to get right back into shape. Everyone knows it’s not natural to have six pack abs that soon after giving birth. She’s doing all women an injustice, but figure since she’s done absolutely nothing worthy with her fame, she probably couldn’t care less anyway.

  • myAnon

    they must have cut the film – where did that yellow blanket come from? I guess she had to have something to hide herself. Disgusting. But then I already knew that about her.