15-Year-Old Kendall Jenner Being Exploited Once Again With Sexy Swim Suits

Kendall Jenner‘s mother and manager, Kris Jenner, recently consented to her daughter modeling bondage high heels and it appears she wasn’t even getting started when it comes to sexualizing her daughter. Kendall is photographed here modeling suits for White Sands, an Australian swimsuit company.

Teenage girls, of course, romp around the beach in bikinis and I’m in no way suggesting that girls should wear shapeless burlap sacks well into college. But there is a profound difference between your 15 year old begging for a bikini  versus making her the face of a swimsuit campaign. Aside from the sick component of asking grown woman to idolize the figure of a young teenager, Kris is marketing her daughter with sex appeal.

We’re not looking at string bikinis here. In fact, I think the suits are quite tasteful compared to what’s on some of the racks I see. But the viewer is nevertheless being given permission to study the body of an underage girl — and an explicitly underage girl at that. Looking over the nameless young girls sprawled out in the pages is Vogue is ambiguous, but everyone who is familiar with the Kardashians knows how young this girl is and that is part of the intended draw.

(photo: people.com)

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  • Abigail

    I think people are wigging out about something that doesn’t matter. This is no different than her wearing a bikini at the beach, and honestly, I don’t understand why people keep saying she’s being “exploited”. She’s being paid for her time and work, fairly, and she’s not compromising herself, otherwise she wouldn’t be doing it. If she’s comfortable and her family supports her, people need to leave her alone. The only reason people write articles like this is to illicit a response and to distract themselves from their own lives.

  • Jen

    This family seems to be all about compromising themselves (and their children) to maintain the spotlight. I agree that the suits are actually quite tasteful, but it still seems icky. For one, your point about presenting a not even fully through puberty body as “ideal” is a bizarre message, especially when you consider her most famous sister has anything but a pubescent body type.

  • Alle Malice

    Do you not realise that most of the models who are used to sell things to adult women are teenagers? Who’s clutching their pearls over that?

    This kid, like lots of other kids, wants to be a model. Unlike other kids, she’s lucky enough to have a powerful, well-connected manager and mother to look out for her interests. The modelling world is built on the backs of girls who aren’t old enough or savvy enough to speak out for themselves or realise when they’re being taken advantage of. Don’t worry about this Jenner-Kardashian girl. Worry about the girls who aren’t so lucky.

  • missy

    its not a big deal her parents sighned a paper for it so did she im sure she doesnt care so why should you

  • Lucy

    Kris Jenner is an awful parent, as it is reflected in her children. She has exploited them for fame and money while forgetting to teach values such as grace, true love, morals, and how to use and how not to use sexuality.

  • bill parsons

    Master promoter and pimp Kris Jenner, her trained monkey, Kim Kardashian and the whole dysfunctional barrel of lesser Calabasas monkeys have finally thrown one too many poo balls at the American people with the ultimate made-for-tv wedding. Having played America for years with their pseudo-reality shtick, the quick divorce plot line has finally opened the curtain to reveal the tawdry, scheming, spoiled, materialistic, one dimensional pieces of sh*t these people are!!… ruin a few lives, make some good money …and btw – now pimping the 15 yr old Kendall Jenner in bikini picks or the occasional fetish heels!!… nice – mom. It’s time to pull the plug and let the networks and sponsors know about it. Boycott every and all products they sell or use…tell the companies why and demand they stop selling products endorsed by these disgusting media whores. !! Now THAT’S reality!

  • Patricia

    Kris Jenner does seem to be a shallow, vapid woman with equally shallow vapid daughters. Okay. We get it.

    However, how is she being exploited? Are all the other teen models being exploited? So this criticism shouldn’t be aimed at one particular mother, but all mothers of all teen models.

    I do agree that using teenagers to advertise adult products is wrong both for the teenager and the adults who seem them. However, this is not exploitation. Easy on the big words perhaps?

  • ray

    My only question is why is Kris so insecure that she is living her life vicariously through her daughter, and why do her kids put up with it?

    It’s time for someone to teach Kris’ children that they don’t need their 15 million minutes of fame to validate their self worth.

  • Gemi

    She’s 15, she’s not a child. It’s not like the day she turns 18 she’ll magically be mature enough to have a sexuality. I personally wouldn’t be to fond of my daughter (of any age) posing in a bikini on some magazine, but she is KK daughter…it’s expected.

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