My Grandmother’s Dos and Don’ts For Raising Well-Rounded Young Ladies

All grandparents usually have opinions on how their grandchildren should be raised, and mine were no exception. I’m very fortunate in that I had the joy of having living grandparents as a kid who were very invested in my upbringing. And my grandmother, who had always wanted a daughter according to my father, had very particular ideas about how little girls should be raised.

Good posture and enunciation are a couple you have probably heard before, but would your grandmother rather you wear a mini-skirt than a knee-length skirt?

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  • Leigha

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with young adult literature. People like to read books they can relate to. Which is most relatable to a 14 year old girl about to start high school–a children’s book about an 8 year old who wants a dog, a classic about a woman who is looking for a husband, a book about a man trying to take care of his son on his own after the death of his wife, or a book about a 14 year old girl about to start high school? This is the purpose of young adult fiction. Further, many young adult novels (particularly ones like the one you have pictured) prompt far more thinking than many adult books I’ve seen.

    The Giver forces you to consider the importance of individuality and the definition of humanity. How does that compare to, say, a frolicking romance between a British woman and her new boss (not a romance novel, mind you, just an ordinary adult book)?

  • Megan

    Young adult literature has a lot of really good thinking in it, the same as adult literature.

    Sure young adult literature has “The A List” and such, but it also has “The Giver,” Scott Westerfeld’s “Uglies” books, and anything Jerry Spinelli ever wrote. Just off the top of my head.

    I think the point is more to read good stuff, not crap. I can easily find crap in adult-themed books, too.

    (And my mother-in-law stoops. She’s self-conscious about being tall. Her family coddles it. Drives. Me. Crazy.)