Bethenny Frankel Is The Top Earning Celebrity Mom, But I Still Can’t Stand Her

Do you have an irrational hatred for a celebrity? They didn’t do anything horrific, you simply cringe every time you hear their name? Oh come on, you have to dislike someone! The Queen of GOOP? The real life Betty Draper? How about Bethenny Frankel? No? Well she’s mine.

I’m not quite sure when I began to detest this woman. I watched the very first season of Real Housewives of New York. Back then, I didn’t mind her so much, not when there was Ramona Singer to roll my eyes at. And at least she wasn’t trying to put out a horribly auto-tuned single. She was the blunt and brash businesswoman trying to make a name for herself. In fact, I almost liked her.

Then came SkinnyGirl margaritas, Skating with the Stars and Bethenny Ever After. I was on Frankel overload. Suddenly, she seemed more self-centered and rude, instead of merely confident and straight-forward. I didn’t like the way that she talked to her fiance, or to anyone else really. And seriously, who agrees to Skating with the Stars? That’s just desperate for attention, right?

Listen, I told you that this was my irrational celebrity enemy. I realize that I don’t have very good reasons for despising her. But I do. So when I read that Bethenny Frankel was the top earning celebrity mom according to Forbes, all I could do was say, “Oh Lord, I’m going to have to hear about her even more now.” The former-housewife beat out Gisele Bundchen, Judge Judy, Danielle Steel, Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker, who rounded up the upper echelons of celebrity mommyhood.

I’m not quite sure what this list is suppsoed to tell us, other than, “Look who made lots of money!” I don’t think a $30 million paycheck makes a woman a better role model. I don’t think it makes her a more admirable mother. These ladies could be amazing or awful, as far as parenting goes, and it doesn’t really change the amount of money they bring in.

I have to admit it’s interesting that the woman at the top of the list became famous for selling her own personal story, as opposed to women who have a more concrete talent that they’re paid for, like acting or writing. Frankel is a business-owner, but her company has succeeded because she made a name for herself in reality television. Bethenny isn’t just a celebrity mother, she’s a mother who sold her story, her family and her life to a cable channel. Apparently, it paid off to the tune of $55 million.

Congratulations Mrs. Frankel. Please take your millions, buy an island and disappear there for a while.

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  • fit vs fiction

    I could not agree more! She seems so incredibly SHALLOW!
    Interestingly….I was in a liquor store last weekend and overheard the gentleman who works there tell someone how DUSGUSTING her Skinnygirl drinks are! he said that several people have brought it back to the store to complain. Not surprising..what IS surprising however, is how she became so damned popual…YUCK!

  • Katie

    I actually love Bethenny Frankel! Mostly because she seems to own her neuroses, and is willing to admit she has issues, which is rare. I like watching her because it’s nice to see someone with her fair share of problems (anyone watch the Bethenny Ever After episode where she freaks out at her birthday party?) succeed in business and love. I just feel that she’s very relatable. She also sheds light on mental health issues and makes seeing a therapist seem normal.

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