It’s Not Shocking That 17-Year-Old Ali Lohan Had Cosmetic Surgery — Just That Dina Is Denying It

Ali Lohan is only 17 years old and after the many challenges that Lindsay Lohan has faced in the public eye, one would assume that mother Dina Lohan would encourage her daughter down a different path. Apparently not, as word surfaced not too long ago that little sister Ali was pursuing a modeling career. And now the teenager was snapped in Beverly Hills with an entirely different head — or face depending on how you look at it.

The director of Ali’s agency of course maintains that the little Lohan has not had any work done, playing up the whole rapid growth of teenagers thing. Alexis Borges, the agency director at Next Model Management, told E! News:

“As a young girl who is growing up, it’s natural for her facial features to change slightly, and we see this with many of the younger models we represent. Aliana is a beautiful 17-year-old girl who is growing into her face and body, as is the norm for someone of her age. We take pastoral care of our models very seriously and encourage the models to maintain a healthy lifestyle and body shape.”

Sight change is not what comes to mind when I see these photos and it’s quite sickening the way media people always try and sell blatant plastic surgery and enhancements to young people under the guise of kids simply growing up. Given the history of the Lohans, it’s sadly not at all surprising that this young girl has turned up with alterations to her face. But it is quite shocking that Dina Lohan continues to play coy about her rather transparent manipulation and exploitation of her daughters — and Mr. Lohan too for that matter.

Considering Dina’s willingness to offer her family up to the press, I’m surprised that she isn’t dragging her daughters before cameras pointing out each and every procedure with a felt tip pen. As long as it garners headlines, the mother seems to know no limits.


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  • xobolaji

    this is tragic. is ali too young to have a child protections services intervention? because something should have been done about this family a long time ago.

    altho it may be an unpopular POV, at some point i think we also need to relax the notion that mothers can’t be “blamed” and are somehow absolved from their daughter’s behaviours. i say this with conflicted feelings because i know that as a mother you cannot “control” what your child does, says and acts. at the same time we are here as role models of behaviour to ensure that our daughter’s [and sons] acquire self-esteem and achieve success.

    i’ve always wondered about the implications of having an emotionally fractured mother, and what young children do to overcompensate. one only has to look at the past behaviours of these young celebrities to know that somehow their mothers [and fathers] lost the ability to guide them. i don’t necessarily think it’s the case that the media exploits them–without question, they do–but it’s what these young “starlets” in turn do in the spotlight that creates additional drama and dysfunction.

    [have you seen pix of elle fanning recently? there is no face alteration, but they are really playing up the angelic girl child in a supremely creepy fashion].

  • DMR

    This is nothing but media hysteria. Ali Lohan has lost weight but had no plastic surgery whatsoever, she’s a victim of having a few unflattering pictures shown about and compared to pictures 2 years older. Ali Lohan is a girl the gossip press has been trying to turn bad since 2008 where claims where made she had breast augmentation that were not true and the nose job is nothing new but also is not true. This is the latest most forceful version of it. Ali does not drink, do drugs, interact with the press, have loud arguments in public or do anything inappropriate so they now are putting an anorexic/plastic surgery label on her to say she’s in a downward spiral and make claims about Dina’s parenting. This is nonsense. In a few days or whenever, pictures will surface of Ali looking like herself, the utter nonsense will blow over, and some other hysteria will be whipped up about another young woman in the public’s eye.

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  • Mary Ellen

    She looks deathly ill in the recent photo.

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