Whatever Happened To The Blue’s Clues Guy?

So my husband stumbled across this rather hilarious video last night of Steve Burns talking about what it was like to be the host of a wildly popular children’s show. Yes, I know you’re thinking Steve who? Maybe “that guy from Blue’s Clues” rings a bell for you. In any event, Blues Clue’s won nine Emmys, was the highest rated show for pre-schoolers — well, at least among children’s shows that didn’t air on PBS — for years and is still in regular rotation on Nick Jr.

Anyway, Burns addresses what it’s like to be “Fameish” rather than famous. (At the height of Blue’s Clues fame, Burns was the subject of a bunch of weird rumors.) It’s interesting because Burns is no Fred Rogers. Unlike the Presbyterian minister who made his life’s work to help kids, Burns was just a hipster kid in New York who lucked into a pretty good, if unorthodox acting gig. Burns talks about what it’s like to struggle with balancing the more normal aspects of life with his desire to do right by the millions of kids who look up to him. This culminates in a rather hilarious story about how he leverages his Blues Clue’s celebrity to go out on a date with a stripper and Playboy model — but I repeat myself — who sends him a fan letter. Suffice to say, epiphanies are had. The whole thing is rather amusing and worth your time. The language is work safe, but I’d use your own judgement about the aforementioned content.

Anyway, Burns has moved on, but he seems like a pretty interesting and talented dude. He’s also a talented musician and even recorded an album some years ago with superproducer Dave Fridmann who’s produced records for The Flaming Lips, Sleater-Kinney, Sparklehorse and a bunch of other cool bands.

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    • Michelle

      I actually really enjoyed this, thank you posting.