Back To School: Stylish Looks For Girls That Don’t Make Them Appear Like Adult Women

I spend a lot of my time on Mommyish critiquing clothes and products that sexualize young girls or fetishize them in some way. Given that I can find something wrong with a lot of what is marketed to girls, I think it’s important to point out what I do think is appropriate when it comes to clothing.

It may seem daunting for parents sometimes, but there is clothing out there that doesn’t make your four-year-old look like a tween. The looks I’ve pulled are free of suggestive t-shirts images or sexist slogans à la “I’m too pretty to do math.” From classic stripes to simple cotton dresses to polka-dot tights, here are a collection of looks that give your daughter style — not padding.

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  • Lindsay Cross

    So I have to admit, we have three of the things on this slide show. The Gap and J. Crew dresses and the cable knit tights. And that bow tee at the end might need to be next!

    • Koa Beck

      You and your daughter have excellent taste Lindsay!