If Male Superheroes Posed Like Wonder Woman, Here’s What They’d Look Like

Comic book geeks fans can finally set their eyes on the latest Justice League comic cover. It features six popular characters including Wonder Woman, the lone female, clad in little more than her underwear (you can view it here). I know nothing about comic book heroes except that my five-year-old is obsessed with them and that, much to his dismay, I can’t name a single character excluding Superman and Wonder Woman (wait, can you?). Nevertheless, you don’t need to be a comic book nerd to notice that the male heroes look like, well, superheroes, while the sole female hero looks like a tramp (she’s not even on-trend!).

The folks over at Bleeding Cool have offered up an artist’s rendition of what these male superheroes would look like if they were posed like Super Woman (in other words, sexually). See below and weigh in!


(Photo: bleedingcool.com)

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  • Chris

    You make it sound like male superheroes aren’t sexualized. Did you miss the big muscles and bulges? I enjoyed the artist’s renditions though.

  • BJ

    Seriously? Yawn. How would you prefer Superwoman to be posed? Biceps bulging like Superman? Like a frumpy every-woman? As others have pointed out, the male characters are just as tightly clothed and bulging – that’s the style of the genre. Everything’s a nail for some.

  • MP

    Thank you Shawna for your post.
    You have hit on a very deep and disturbing problem in comics. Usually marketed to boys, comics are often degrading to women. Female characters are given skimpy outfits, huge unrealistically firm breasts that don’t require bras, and very sexual poses. They often have less cool powers than their male counterparts too, and there are less of them.

    I find it interesting that you comment on this cover though, as it is pretty mild. What Wonder Woman is wearing is essentially her real uniform, plus it looks like she’s wearing a bra and there is not really any cleavage to mention. Her pose could be construed as powerful as well. The cover is better than a lot of what I’ve seen.

    Chris and BJ mention that male comic book heroes are sexualized too, and they are right to an extent. They forget though, that male heroes are muscular so that boys will think that they are cool. If male comic characters were as sexualized as female comic characters they would have naughty poses, be silently flirtatious all the time, and part of their clothing would probably be left open to reveal some part of their body.

    • ER

      You forget as well that females look at females in comic books. IF they look ordinary, it’s not interesting.

  • ER

    Always making a big deal out of nothing. It’s a comic book super heroes are suppose to look good beyond how ordinary people look. Don’t take things so seriously! Good grief. BTW I am a woman who enjoys reading comic books and manga

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  • GaryAH

    REAL women wear low cut tops, high heals etc. In other words REAL women like to look sexy. REAL men like to be thought of as protectors..many of us even hold in our bellies when we put on a few pounds, to try to look more robust. Dressing the male superheros like transvestites is a sick and wrong exersise. please re-evaluate your values.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kumori.shinkan Kumori Shinkan

    Ah yes, another female who knows nothing of the genre getting her
    panties in a twist because she is upset that she doesn’t look like the
    characters in the comics. Please keep your insecurities to yourself next
    time and stop trashing a really great industry. Thanks!

    P.S.-Most women want to look sexy, and Wonder Woman is wearing more than most “real” women do when they go to the beach in their swimsuits.